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Jornada 26: Atlético de Madrid 4 Barcelona 2

Posted by atleti on March 2, 2008

Pim, pam, pum… ¡Agüero!

Abbiati; Valera, Pablo, Perea, Antonio López; Ignacio Camacho (Cléber 67’), Raúl García, Maxi (Reyes 84’), Simão; Forlán & Agüero (Jurado 88’).

35′ (1-1) Agüero
41′ (2-1) Maxi (suberb combination with Agüero)
61′ (3-1) Forlán (spot-on penalty; Puyol pushed Agüero)
70′ (4-1) Agüero

Be back tomorrow with some general thoughts once I’ve seen the game with my own eyes. GolTV will replay it in the afternoon, thankfully.

As always, thanks to all the blog visitors who left comments on the game! Great commentary as usual.

15 Responses to “Jornada 26: Atlético de Madrid 4 Barcelona 2”

  1. Ringo said

    I am happy to confirm that atleti DID predict this win on another blog!

  2. Mohammed said

    I can’t imagine what would’ve haappened if Eller and Pernia played yesterday! I hope that Agiurre continues with this selection.

    Forlan needs to work on his control. He lost a lot of balls because of his hasty runs.

  3. Hal said

    Great win! :D

  4. baluarterojiblanco said

    Forlán had a good performance yesterday. He makes the invisible job for Agüero, and played well even in defensive tasks. It´s true, he lost some balls, but he´s the soul of this team.

  5. Grandisimo Agüero.

  6. thomas said

    This is why we love this game! When we have been kicked out of the UEFA, being unable to score one goal in 180 minutes to Bolton, 17th in the premier. When we have played like 15 year olds against Athletic de Bilbao and Osasuna. We overcome a one goal loosing against Barça, scoring 4 goals. Nobody had overcome a one goal loss against Barça since the 3 of March of 2007, against Sevilla in Sánchez pizjuán. Nobody had scored 4 goals against Barça since the 10 of April 2005, against Madrid in Bernabeu.
    Aupa Atleti!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ram said

    I like the photo…all youngsters and all hungry!!!

  8. atleti said

    UGHH! Impossible to do a wrap-up of this game, had to finish up some work I’ve put aside for a while, BUT I agree with you guys–saw the game and saw plenty of positives and hunger from the team. KUN terrorised them.

    I hope next week’s game isn’t on Saturday again.

  9. Willen said


    I don’t know, but despite all the Kun show, the major change in the team was Ignacio Camacho..

    how did he play?

  10. Long life to Atletico de Madrid!!
    Long life to Aguero in the Atletico de Madrid.

  11. Billie said

    At least, a great Atleti’s match. So important the protest at the “Puerta 0” access zero too. All together against the Cerezo & Gil Marín. Greetings from Spain.

  12. Mohammed said

    Maradona states the obvious. Our defence is a JOKE.

  13. day1star said

    I wouldn’t say it was a great match by Atletico, but it was a magnificent match played by Aguero who made the rest of the team wake up and fight back. On the second goal Pablo was rubbish, he was on the line and the ball went straight through his legs.
    Willen, Camacho was ok but he wouldn’t have almost single handedly won us this match, and you’re wrong the major change in the team was the return of Kun and Raul Garcia who worked their socks off up and down the pitch and turned the game around.
    Here’s an article for you all to read, i think it’s a pretty accurate summing up.

  14. Timo said

    Good desicion of aguirre was that Antonio Lopez wsa in starting 11. He is such good player. He play on higher level than pernia. But we need new blood in defense anyway

  15. Great macth of Atlético de Madrid. Agüero forever atlético.

    I’d like you write a post in my blog? It’s possible? My email is —


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