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Jornada 26: Atlético de Madrid v Barcelona

Posted by atleti on February 29, 2008

Under-fire Aguirre: “We aren’t the favourites, but we expect to give a surprise…”

Maxi, our often times non-existent capitan, on the game:
“…we need to worry about ourselves. We need to be calm and not leave ourselves exposed, because in one chance they can break the game…We learned that last season.”

Maxi continues: “We went through a bad time, but we’ll fight back. We’ll raise ourselves up. We’re out of the UEFA Cup and the Copa del Rey, so no cups are left. Our goal is clear now, so let’s fight. There’s no crisis – we just need everyone’s support.”

Here’s a mini-recap of our away game against Barcelona earlier this season. Click here & here.

So, have we learned from those mistakes? Not really. Our defence is still rubbish and we’re struggling to score goals at the moment. If this isn’t a recipe for disaster, I don’t know is. That said, I still hope that we get something out of this game. The players need it, the supporters need it. These are desperate times, my friends. We’ve dropped enough points in the past weeks. Will the abuse end this Sunday? For the love of God please.

STARTING 11: Abbiati, Valera, Pablo, Perea, Antonio López; Camacho, Raúl García, Maxi, Simao, & Forlán.

SUBS: Falcón, Cléber, Luis García, Zé Castro, Jurado, Reyes, Miguel, Mista, Perea.

The only major doubt is Agüero— he’s still recuperating from his midweek injury– Aguirre will determine if he’s fit enough to be included in the starting 11 tomorrow (Saturday).

Who is Ignacio Camacho?

An incredibly talented B/cantera team player. This kid won the U-17 European Championship with Spain (a team which he captained). Camacho is known to idolise Claude Makelele— he shares a similar midfield style to the Frenchman, by the way. Basically, he’s exactly the sort of player we need at the moment: a defensive midfielder. His presence will essentially allow Raul to take on a more attacking role.

STILL INJURED: Leo Franco, Seitaridis, & Motta (for the rest of the season).

Eller & Pernia have been completely left out (tactical decision of Aguirre). If this doesn’t spell the end of these two players, I don’t know what does.

Previous Results for this fixture (Atleti v Barcelona):
06/07 season: 0-6 loss for us– absolute humiliation.
05/06 season: 2-1 win for us.
04/05 season: 1-1 draw.
03/04 season: 0-0 draw.
02/03 season: 3-0 win for us.

Besides last season’s disaster, we have a fairly good record against Barcelona at home. Of course, that’s when we had Torres- who had a knack for terrorising Barcelona.

Barcelona’s previous five games away from Camp Nou (in Liga):
1-2 win against Zaragoza.
1-1 draw against Sevilla.
1-1 draw against Athletic Bilbao.
0-2 win against Mallorca.
0-3 win against Valencia.

Not bad at all. If I remember correctly, a few of their goals and/or victories have been as a result of dubious ref decisions…draw your own conclusions.

They enter the game unbeaten in 8 games.

Barcelona’s selected 18: Valdés, Pinto, Zambrotta, Puyol, Milito, Abidal, Sylvinho, Thuram, Edmílson, Xavi, Deco, Ronaldinho, Gudjohnsen, Iniesta, Messi, Henry, Eto’o & Giovani.

No Bojan, but this is still an incredibly strong squad.

Former Atleti coach Radomir Antić believes that Barça’s visit will revive our current slump: “Perhaps for Atlético, the visit of Barcelona is the best thing. A team in poor form must look for incentives. The motivation that playing Barça will give them can cause the talent that has been dull to arise. The Calderón also will be an added aid that the team needs to succeed.”

Antic has managed both teams (Atleti for longer stints) and hopes for an Atleti win: “I am with Atlético, even though I am not a supporter. I like the style in which football is played rather than the results. I like to see expansive play that takes advantage of the whole field rather than watching a team that defends for ninety minutes to get a result.”

Of course, he says our chances are increased if we have Kun & Forlán— which is a doubt at this point in time.



Anything missing? 

43 Responses to “Jornada 26: Atlético de Madrid v Barcelona”

  1. atleti said

    Addendum: Not losing possession will be key to this game.

  2. […] 26: Atlético de Madrid v Barcelona February 29, 2008 – 11:56 am | Nic Escribio un articulo buenisimo hoyAqui hay un pedazo del articuloUnder-fire Aguirre: “We aren’t […]

  3. Ram said

    We should stop running like headless chickens against them. Close the space for the midgets and we might be in for something.

  4. day1star said

    Everything depends on how our midfield play. WE must close down and keep possession and get the ball forward to Aguero and Forlan as quickly as possible on the break. Barcelona’s weakness is that they are susceptible to the quick counterattack as Valencia showed midweek, also Yaya Toure won’t be playing, must not give them room to play, and must break up their rhythm without doing stupid fouls and without losing any players.

  5. atleti said

    You guys hit it on the head: stop running around aimlessly (giving them open space) & solidify the midfield. I can’t wait to see how Camacho plays alongside Raul.

  6. Armon said

    I’m very excited. And im 100% sure camacho will do better than cleber!
    Only thing that worries me other than aguero’s uncertainty is pernia playing center back.. not sure i like that but then again i basically hate our entire defense

  7. Ram said

    pernia & eller is not even allowed to sit in the bench for this match :-)

  8. Ram said

    I also feel that Maxi should drop a bit and help the midfield and not be very out wide. Valera can make some surprise runs if needed. Maxi and Raul should work tandomly and release the balls to the forwrds and Simao as and when needed.

  9. atleti said

    Thanks for catching that, Ram! For some reason, I read that yesterday, but wrote down Pernia in the starting 11 anyway.

    I don’t think I’ll be home in time to watch the game live on TV, so I’ll have to call up someone I know, who will be watching it, to give me updates…

    I’ll watch it taped once I get back.

  10. Ram said

    You have not mentioned Pernia in the starting lineup and have made it clear that him and Eller have been left out in bold ;-)

  11. atleti said

    The power of the Edit button!!

  12. Mohammed said

    “I drink your milk shake” :)

    We either going to win or lose today, no draw, I guess.

    I’m not getting my hopes high. I’m only counting on LUCK today.

  13. day1star said

    Has the starting 11 been announced yet?

  14. Ram said


    Valera – Perea – Pablo – Antonio López

    Maxi (C) – Ignacio Camacho – Raúl García – Simão

    Forlán – Kun

  15. day1star said

    Is that official?

  16. Ram said


    Zambrotta, Puyol, Milito, Abidal
    Xavi, Iniesta
    Henry, Eto’o, Ronaldinho

  17. Mohammed said

    Let’s just hope things go our way.

  18. day1star said

    2-1, that’s more like it, that’s the Athletico we’ve been waiting to see for the last few weeks. Must come out in the second half and not let up, must keep the pressure on them.

  19. Mohammed said

    Some LUCK and some of Aguero’s MAGIC and we are on our way.

  20. Mohammed said

    Spectacular Goal by Ronnie by the way!! The goal being so beautiful made things easier for me to accept. Hell, I clapped in admiration.

  21. Luiz Pereira said

    Let’s hope that Cerezo isn’t wearing a Barca jersey today. A Recre jersey at the very least!

  22. Willen said

    Penalti for Atletí!

  23. Willen said

    Aupa Atléti!!!

  24. day1star said

    Yes 4-1, Aguero goaaaaaaaaaaaaallll!

  25. Mohammed said

    Aguero 4 Barca 2. At last, we did it. We’ve won.

  26. Ram said

    What a reply from the team!!

  27. Leivinha said

    Aguirre was ill today, he didn’t put in Mista. I give him credit though for playing Camacho who did well I thought closing the passing lanes and breaking up passes (two nice clean slide tackles in the midfield).

    Aguero gave Puyols fits today.

    Ronaldinho always scores beautiful goals when Barca loses.

  28. atleti said


    I’m angry I missed it, but so happy with the effort of the team.

    At one point 4-1? Wonderful!

  29. Armon said

    I believe it was me from the beginning that promised a win if aguero was fit. What can I say, for once my instinct was for atleti in the last week…

  30. Mohammed said

    Camacho showed great potential and mentality. Cleber came in and the team began to lose it, but thank God there wasn’t enough time for barca to come back.

    The REF was oddly fair today!!

  31. atleti said

    That’s awesome to read, Mohammed. It means that Camacho will receive more playing time. Higher quality player than Cleber and injured Motta.

  32. Ram said

    For his age and the importance of the match..he did pretty well. I am watching the first half now and he looks organized , not flamboyant but just does the job.

  33. Ram said

    I am also impressed by Valera…once he was undone by Abidal..apart from that he defended well and had good runs down the flank.

  34. day1star said

    After the Ronaldinho goal, we played really well with great thanx to Aguero. A full strength team makes a lot of dfference and Camacho was very good. This should be the turning point for our team.

  35. jonkon said

    why does no one mention simao putting it through zambrotta’s legs and almost creating a goal on the resulting free kick? that was brilliant. Kun is class.

  36. Armon said

    HOW SICK WAS THAT, simao’s move was GORGEOUS! I’m telling you, with a full strength squad, we are unstoppable! unfortunately we get injured all the time…
    and how sad is it that i honestly got scared we’d lose once cleber went in for camacho! and then the reyes addition didn’t help my nerves either, but luckily that was 86ish minutes in

  37. Ringo said

    Whoah! Where did that come from?
    Sorry I missed it.
    Well done y’all ,think you might have a good weekend now.

  38. atleti said

    Man, I can’t wait to watch the game tomorrow on replay!!!

    RINGO is my witness: before kick-off, I said I had a very good feeling about the game!

  39. Ram said

    Simao’ move was some 3 minutes before our first goal. Actually Cleber was not as bad…he just hung in there and was OK.

  40. atleti said

    I read that Cleber was booed when he got on the pitch!

  41. Ram said

    Quite bad then…I dont think he deserved that.

  42. Armon said

    I didn’t hear boos. Actually I was disappointed bc i heard lots of cheers for camacho and i was worried that stupid cleber thought they were for him ahha

  43. day1star said

    It’s true he did get booed.

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