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Squad Reconstruction?

Posted by atleti on February 26, 2008

A couple news sources have written about our purported transfer/clear-out plans for this summer.

Here are the highlights:

[WARNING: This is all speculation at this point in time.]

In terms of the defence, who’s definitely out of the club?
Seitaridis, Eller & Zé Castro. The club will listen to offers for Pablo, Pernía, and, to a lesser extent, Perea.

By offloading all of this rubbish, we can bring in the likes of Ajax’s Heitinga & Fiorentina’s Ujfalusi, both of significantly better quality. Plus, there are supposed plans to promote Dominguez to the top team.

Valera and Antonio López are expected to remain.

In terms of the midfield, the club is keen on keeping:
Raúl García, Simao, Maxi, & Luis García. It’s still unclear on whether the club will keep or let go of Cléber. Jurado’s situation also appears to be a bit unclear as well.

Who is definitely out the door?
Motta (hopefully he’ll be fit enough to leave in the summer), Reyes, & Maniche.

Ignacio Camacho, talented B team player, looks set to be promoted to the top team. Javi García at Osasuna is rumoured to be a target of ours.

In terms of goalkeepers, Leo Franco’s role in the club will depend on how well he recovers from his current injury. Abbiati looks likely to return to Milan, despite repeatedly saying that he’d like to renew his contract with us. The club still look to be interested in Liverpool’s Reina, and more recently, Mallorca’s Moyá.

Offensively,  Agüero & Forlán will remain our top choices. Mista will be shown the door. Will Braulio be afforded an opportunity to play with the club, then, or will be shipped out?

Any thoughts on any of this?

Keep in mind: Most of these changes largely depend on whether we secure Champions League action for 08/09– considering how we’re playing now, it would be an absolute miracle.

Then again, we have recovered quite a few players from injury and suspension, so perhaps this will change things for the better in our upcoming games…

19 Responses to “Squad Reconstruction?”

  1. Dani said

    “Valera and Antonio López are expected to remain.”
    Both are backup players. And Valera is a midfielder, check the official site. So, I don’t trust the source.

  2. atleti said

    Yes, backup players.

    Valera plays as a fullback more than any other position.

  3. Armon said

    ive probably appreciated Antonio Lopez’s performances more than any defender in this year’s campaign, so if he stayed and started I wouldn’t mind. If this source is true though, there’s absolutely no excuse not to do extremely well next season once our future acquisitions mesh w/ our current players. And by the way, I’m pretty sure we’ll be at full strength this weekend FINALLY, so it should be one hell of a game!

  4. atleti said

    The players that are mentioned to be leaving seem completely spot-on to me. I definitely think the club will let go of many of them– if they don’t, then they’re blind.

    Ya, I’d rather keep Antonio than Pernía.

  5. Ram said

    The next question…who is going to buy these crap players??

  6. thomas said

    Very good question Ram! Motta doesn’t have to be fit so we can kick him out, we only signed him for one year in a surprisingly “smart” decision. We definetely need a very good central midfielder and another top striker, we miss too much Aguero and Forlán when they are out!

  7. Ram said

    Going by how much the guys have performed this year we need

    2 CBs
    1 LB/LW
    atleast 1 DM
    1 Striker

    Please tell bye bye to Pablo, Eller, Pernia, Motta, Maniche (already done), Mista..maybe Cleber( nobody will buy him)

  8. atleti said

    That’s the million dollar question, Ram!!!

  9. Mohammed said

    Man, I’m feeling really disapointed and the fact that the exams are coming makes it worse. I hope those clowns do something against Barca next week or I’m going to commit suicicde.

  10. atleti said

    I honestly don’t think I can take more disappointment either. It’s like having a loved one stab me repeatedly all the while apologising.

  11. atleti said

    Justttt wonderful…KUN injured himself during training. It doesn’t seem too serious.

  12. Amigo/a rojiblanco/a:

    Este sábado hay una convocatoria a las siete de la tarde en la puerta 0 para protestar contra la directiva (Gil y Cerezo). Protestar es algo lícito y legítimo y se hace para mejorar las cosas, independientemente, de que luego no sea así. Protestar es algo propio de culturas avanzadas y de sociedades libres que saben que aceptarlo todo no es aceptable.

    No convoca ningún grupo para que nadie se sienta excluido, convocamos todos y lo único que pedimos es asistencia pacífica. Convocamos a todos los que sienten lástima por nuestra situación deportiva (12 años sin ganar un título) y nuestra situación económica (más de 300 millones de euros reconocidos). A todos los que sienten vergüenza de que nuestro presidente salga en primera plana de un diario deportivo con la camiseta del Madrid, a todos los que quieren que nuestros dirigentes nos escuchen en vez de hacer lo que les da la gana (véase la venta del Calderón)…

    Hemos convocado a los medios de comunicación y a todos los atléticos/as de todas las formas posibles. No se trata de buscar la eficacia de la acción sino la acción misma. Se trata de hacer lo que debemos hacer, independientemente de si somos 50, 100, 200, 500 ó 1500.

    Medita, piensa, reflexiona… y si este no es tu Atleti, si este no es el club que quieres: Ven, grita, exprésate, si no lo haces ahora ¿porqué crees que lo harás después? Sé valiente, el club te necesita.

    Gracias de corazón a toda la gente que está dando su apoyo a esta iniciativa y a todos los atléticos que aman a su club sea cual sea su ideología.

  13. day1star said

    From what i’m reading Aguero won’t play, he’s got a first degree muscle pull. I think we should play defensive and play on the counter, at this point even a nil nil draw would do, a win would be great but i can’t see it happening.

  14. atleti said

    The odds are stacked against us, so I’d be happy if we can get anything from this game.

  15. Armon said

    ‘Aguero will be fit, 100% as long as he takes it easy the next couple days’
    ladies and gentlemen, get ready for one hell of a game this weekend, so long as no one else gets hurt beforehand

  16. Leivinha said

    Motta is in Colorado seeing Dr Steadman. He has articular cartilage damage in his knee and is weighing surgery, which I am sure would be microfracture (Steadman’s specialty and one that I had which ended my days as a player). If he has MF, he is done for the year and probably for his career.

  17. Ram said

    Interestingly Aguirre has Camacho lined up alongside Raul in the midfield in today’ practice session.

  18. Armon said

    Ya, I like the sound of that. Anything’s better than cleber, and it’s about time our high performing reserves get the shot they deserve. Now if he ends up sticking w/ cleber, I will kill myself, no questions asked.

  19. Ram said

    He might end up playing Jurado also since this being a high profile match. But if Camacho impresses, and I heard that he is training with the first team for quite some time, then he might actually get a starting chance in this match itself.

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