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Jornada 25: Osasuna v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on February 23, 2008

Our final game against Osasuna this season. We played them at home back in September (2-0 win for us). Click here for that wrap-up…Happy days. How long ago was that? Seitaridis was fit and Maniche was still playing for us. Yes, that long ago.

Anyway, here’s Sunday’s STARTING 11: Abbiati; Antonio López; Eller; Perea; Pernía; Luis García; Cléber; Jurado; Reyes; Maxi; Forlán.

SUBS: Falcón, Zé Castro, Valera, Miguel, Camacho, Mista.

Eller replaces suspended Pablo. This is a lose-lose situation, hm? They both commit horrendous tackles and challenges. We can only hope that Eller doesn’t screw up too much. 

Aguirre‘s only doubt at the moment is whether to play Luis or Miguel.

Osasuna are currently #17 with 26 points.

Their Most Recent Five Liga Results:
2-1 away loss against Levante.
1-0 home win against Zaragoza.
1-0 away loss against Barcelona.
2-1 away loss against Sevilla.
2-0 home win against Athletic.

Their home record is rather inconsistent: some wins, some draws, some losses. Estadio Reyno de Navarra is far from a fortress.

Then again…

A bit history on this fixture (Osasuna v Atleti):
06/07 season: 1-2 win for us (and we were fortunate to collect 3 points).
05/06 season: 2-1 loss for us.
04/05 season: 1-0 loss for us.
03/04 season: 1-0 loss for us.
02/03 season: 1-0 loss for us.

Dreadful record. It doesn’t help that we’ll be without Kun and Raúl, both suspended.

Nevertheless…I hope for a victory…my faith is hanging by a thread. A very thin thread, invisible to the naked eye.


41 Responses to “Jornada 25: Osasuna v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. Ram said

    We are going to win 2-0 there.

  2. atleti said

    Preach it, brother.

    We need it badly.

  3. Armon said

    What about simao? I thought he was match fit according to the last entry Also, why can’t it ever be miguel instead of cleber or luis garcia instead of reyes, instead his only doubt happens to be between 2 people who are both more capable than those losers

  4. Ram said

    Think Simao is not 100% fit to play.

  5. atleti said

    Yep, what Ram said.

    It’s too bad we don’t have a top-notch holding midfielder, that would give central midfielders like Raúl & Miguel more freedom to attack more.

  6. Ram said

    Anybody from the youth team who can do that job?

  7. Mohammed said

    May be Mario Suarez (loaned to Celta Vigo). He’s OK. The problem is that we have good talents in our youth system but we don’t give them the chance. David Rodriguez, Batres, Camacho, Suarez are just examples. There are many others.

  8. Ram said

    Camacho is in today’ squad. Hope he gets some minutes.

  9. Willen said

    Great.. 1 minute played:

    Gooooooolllllll de Osasuna!!!!!!!!! Plasil peina para el desmarque de Vela, que se mete como Pedro por su casa por medio de los centrales y le deja el balón a placer a Kike Sola, que cruza a las mallas de Abbiati.

  10. Willen said

    Getting better: 5 minutes played:

    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Gooooooollllll de Osasuna!!!!!!!!! Vendaval rojillo. Perea se lleva por delante a Plasil, pero el balón le cae en la frontal a Vela, que solo ante Abbiati, la cruza por debajo de las piernas de Abbiati.

  11. atleti said


    Yes, we’re officially in full-crisis mode.

  12. atleti said

    I’ll be surprised if we end this game with 11 players– according to the live text, we should be down to 9 after a few wreckless tackles.

  13. Willen said

    really incredible..

    Marca placed Perea as in Attack together with Forlán….. it does not make any sense……. right?

  14. Willen said

    Tremendo error de Alvarez Izquierdo.
    La entrada de Eller es de roja directa…

    only yellow card.

  15. Willen said

    heheheh the game is really good… Why the referee didn’t send off Eller? We should be better by now..

    “Tremendo error de Eller al controlar un balón que sólo la falta de Kike Sola sobre el brasileño evita que se convierta en una jugada de peligro.”

  16. atleti said

    25th minute: 2-1


  17. day1star said

    I just got in, i take it we’re not playing very good, hopefully will improve in the second half, both Espanyol and Villareal are losing, won’t be any good to us unless we win.

  18. Ram said

    Does anybody think that Aguirre will be given the marching orders?

  19. Willen said

    We do have great defense players..
    ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡Goooooolllllll de Osasuna!!!!!!! Qué jugadón de Kike Sola y qué banda de defensas. El delantero se lleva un balón en el vértice derecho, encara dentro del área a Perea y Zé Castro, los deja sentados y le da una asistencia tremenda a Héctor Font, que machaca a Abbiati viniendo desde atrás.

  20. Willen said

    I think Aguirre should quit. that’s what I think..

  21. day1star said

    This is too much, where’s the passion? We need to fire Pitarch. Even though we’re gonna lose, we’ll still be in fourth place.

  22. Ram said

    For how long..a week? Next week it is Barca and Sevilla is going to move forward.

  23. atleti said

    Anyone up for a 0-10 against Barcelona next weekend?!?

  24. atleti said

    Aguirre will resign or get sacked after this. I’ll eat my hat if he remains.

  25. Ram said

    hats are becoming your food these days!!!

  26. atleti said

    Sweet, sweet hats. Haha.

    I honestly have no more faith left. I can’t take this anymore. I hope for the best, but really, I’m disappointed and angry with all of this, and have no more expectations. Nil.

    Champions League? What a joke! It’ll be a miracle.

  27. Ram said

    I will eat my hat if we qualify for CL~~~

  28. Mohammed said

    There’s nothing to be said. With this, Aguirre must leave.

  29. day1star said

    Everyone blames Aguirre and that’s an easy way out, what about the players who just don’t bother turning up for the match? If, anything it’s the buying policy of the club that’s at fault, the manager has to make do with what he has available, this whole turn of events is sad.
    The only thing that i think Aguirre got wrong was his rotation policy because that let things slide, but, the current events over the past two weeks the players are responsible for. In certain positions our players were very weak, take out Raul Garcia and Simao and our midfield becomes crap. Reyes is good for nothing, the worst signing of the summer, ahead of Santana, no decent DM and we’re paying the price.

  30. fernando said

    Una vegüenza más. Two goals in only five minutes. Atleti very bad. And the next match against the Barcelona

    un abrazo.

  31. Mohammed said

    Quote (day1star): “what about the players who just don’t bother turning up for the match?”

    That’s exactly why he should leave in my opinion. He can’t motivate the players and he just doesn’t know how to act in such situations.

  32. Lamentable a donde ha llegado esta institución.

  33. Luiz Pereira said

    We’re still in 4th place. This means that Aguirre will stay at least for the short-term . . .

  34. Armon said

    I’m gonna have to agree with day1star. True the manager needs to motivate the players, but the bottom line is with raul garcia and aguero out, our remaining players just don’t have the talent to do it alone. True, the player’s should show up in these big games, at least the players w/ the most talent like luis garcia, but a) the good ones dont get nearly enough playing time, and b) honestly, a couple of the players simply don’t have any talent, and this is unforunately the most they’ll ever show up (im looking at you, cleber, you filth). With such an injury and suspension stricken squad, and against an Osasuna team that is just having a bad season, but have always had talent, especially at home, what more can Aguirre do? Obviously he’s not the greatest coach, but if we want to make good long term progress, cerezo gil and pitarch must leave. They are the germs behind this 10yr+ plague. And to all you Atleti faithful, it is looking absolutely dreadful right now but I PROMISE you, once we have our full squad together again, which for the most part hasn’t happened in the entire second half of la liga, we will be much, MUCH better. Keep in mind, both times we played real madrid, we played (I thought) very impressive football. And don’t forget how good our full strength midfield and forwards are. This is a long, depressing winter for us, but it’s almost march, and brighter times will come, I promise. If I’m not mistaken, we’ll probably have a full strength squad against barcelona, and to be honest, a full strength squad vs barcelona I would take over half strength squads against teams like osasuna. Now hopefully, I won’t be embarrassed come next week’s result

  35. Ram said

    I wanted to blame Aguirre…but chk this status of the squad:

    Pablo out due to he is with Eller and Ze castro just came back from injury for this match…so no good cover in the center of defence

    Seitaridis & Valera out injured..Valera coming back for this he played with Pernia as left back

    Simao is injured…so he played with Reyes

    Raul is injured…so he has to play with Santana and Jurado…still no good

    Aguero is he has to play Maxi behind Forlan. Maxi is not playing well ..say what for the last 8 months??

    So is the coach to be blamed…or somebody else???

  36. Rojiblanco quedamos una hora antes del partido contra el Barça (sábado a las 19hrs.) en la puerta 0 para protestar pacíficamente contra la gestión de Gil y Cerezo. Tu club te necesita. ¡Acude!

  37. day1star said

    The bottom line is right now we still have a good chance to salvage something from this season, but if we get rid of Aguirre now we will end up with nothing, the team will totally fall apart.
    The problems that Atletico have are less to do with Aguirre and more to do with the calibre of the teams that we are fielding. If u think back to pre-december we were playing great, so, it’s not that we can’t play and beat these teams, the problem lies with injuries, rotation and suspensions and the fact that since the new year we have only played with a full strength side twice, both times we won. Now, that we are no longer in UEFA or the Copa Del Rey, hopefully, in the remaining games we should be able to field full strength teams.
    Also, it would help if Aguirre would stop playing Raul Garcia defensively, coz as you can see it’s not his forte and he keeps picking up silly yellow cards and suspensions.

  38. day1star said

    The Barca game will be very difficult, they are just starting to hit form, but, even if we don’t win, we must try and get a draw and play good, that way it will give our morale a much needed boost.

  39. atleti said

    Everyone is definitely to blame: from Gil & Cerezo, to Aguirre, to Pitarch, to the players.

  40. atleti said

    Our next five games:

    2-March: home to Barcelona
    9-March: away to Real Zaragoza
    16-March: home to Levante
    23-March: away to Sevilla
    30-March: away to Villarreal

    Incredibly tough.

  41. Ram said

    Good time to show character and heart!!!!

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