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Moving forward…hodgepodge entry

Posted by atleti on February 22, 2008

Firstly, I just want to say it’s snowing A LOT over here.

Just a brief summary of things after yesterday’s disaster: Aguirre & just about every player interviewed by the press have said the same thing– that we will concentrate on securing a Champions spot. If we don’t, we stand the chance of losing our best players over the summer, namely Agüero, and we’ll fail to attract quality talent to replace the current rubbish.

Do we have what it takes? I honestly don’t know.

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

In terms of Aguirre, it appears that the club are set to keep him until the end of the season: “I have this job until 30-June. My contract will continue until then.”

Is this the best decision for the club? Again, I honestly don’t know. I hate Aguirre and await the day that he, Gil, Cerezo, and Pitarch are out of the club.

In terms of players:

Motta is on his way to Colorado to see the highly-rated Doctor Richard Steadman…this means, of course, that he won’t play for the rest of the season. Seriously, why did it take him this long into his injury-riddled career to visit this doctor? This is something he should have done two years ago. What an absolute waste of a player.

SUSPENDED for this Sunday’s away game to Osasuna: Agüero, Pablo & Raúl García.

Recuperated from their respective injuries: Simão, Zé Castro & Valera.

Still injured:  Motta, Seitaridis & Leo Franco.

For anyone unfamiliar with Sergio‘s “¿Hasta cuando?” comment (in the below entry), here’s a video with an origin of it (with English subtitles):

There’s a strong, ever-growing movement of Atleti supporters who want to force Gil & Cerezo out of the club.


7 Responses to “Moving forward…hodgepodge entry”

  1. Mohammed said

    I think we need a manager who has a strong personality, is not rigid in ideas and knows what he’s doing like capello, Lippi, Mourinho..etc. Or we could keep Aguirre for a long time untill he figures out how to build a good team that can compete.

    Changing the manager + the whole team is not the solution. We should know better because we have changed managers and teams for almost every two seasons.

    I say let’s either keep Aguirre or get someone who’s “BIG”. Anything else won’t work.

  2. atleti said

    I agree: strong personality + skilled tactician = our ideal manager.

  3. fernando said

    Goodbye Giles y Cerezos!Fueraaaaaaaaaa del CAlderón!!!!

    un abrazo

  4. atleti said

    I agree with that comment, too!!

  5. Armon said

    ESPECIALLY with that comment

  6. Armon said

    btw could someone refresh my memory? why’s aguero suspended in our league game this week? does the 2nd uefa suspension that he have transfer over to liga since we’re out?

  7. Ram said

    He is suspended because of yellow card limit..he collected yellow in the last match. UEFA is different.

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