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Goodbye, UEFA…

Posted by atleti on February 21, 2008

…goodbye Cerezo. Goodbye Aguirre. Goodbye Pitarch. Goodbye Reyes, Pablo, Pernía, Motta, Seitaridis, Maxi, Zé Castro, Mista, Perea, Valera Leo Franco. GOODBYE.


So, what’s left…?

Our Goals for 07/08 Season:
Win the League.
Win the Copa del Rey.

Secure a Champions spot.

Considering how things are going, I’d be surprised if we maintain a top 4 finish.

17 Responses to “Goodbye, UEFA…”

  1. Ram said

    Might be coincidence but after Seitaridis got injured we are playing badly …

  2. ¿Hasta cuando?

  3. thomas said

    I agree Ram! Seitaridis is not the best right defender in the world, but he has played in that position all his life, and he knows what he has to do! He knows how to pass the ball, not like Perea, and he is not out of place like Antonio Lopez! I believe that all the positions in the field are equally important, except for the central midfielder, who has to be special and make the other team mates better! Let’s be realistic, we would not have won the UEFA cup! The elimination can be positive for the league! I hope that if Pablo concentrates in what he is doing, Raul Garcia is the Raul we had in the first ten league muatches, maxi becomes MAXI again and Kun gets a little more mature, we will have a champions spot! Aupa ATLETI!

  4. atleti said

    It’s been way too long since Seitaridis played– when he did, he was average at best. He came to the club with Costinha, two players who failed to impress in the Russian Premier. Seita didn’t play much over there, so signing him was a gamble. That said, I definitely agree: the injuries haven’t helped us at all. The departure of Maniche hasn’t helped either.

    Everything is a total mess, as usual. Nothing has changed. Same crap over and over and over again. I don’t know why I thought things would be better this season; typical delusional hope. The truth is, Atleti will go nowhere until CEREZO & GIL are out. At this point, the least they could do is sack Aguirre.

  5. Ram said

    I did not mean that Seitaridis is the main man…i was just going through the players that you have mentioned that should go out of the team and felt that Seitaridis is actually not that bad to be cleared out. He is quite a good asset. The team is clueless and it actually lacks a leader..somebody who shouts and backs others to perform well.

  6. tippo said

    I think this gives Atletico a chance to just concentrate on the league. Sometimes that can be an advantage.

  7. Pete Barlow said

    “I think I’ll go mad if we get knocked out of this competition by the likes of Bolton.” Well let’s hope you enjoy the journey to insanity. It’s always nice to hear the inane drivel of supporters of supposed big teams who spend fortunes on useless dross like Reyes, Garcia and Forlan (All Premier League failures) when they are humbled by the mighty Wanderers. Remember, Football is a team game and a bunch of over-priced, over-expensive misfits are never going to win everything. Enjoy being Madrid’s also-rans and try not to spit on any officials. have a nice day now.

  8. day1star said

    Pete, Bolton will lose in the next round, are very close to the relegation zone, whereas we will finish in the top 4, hmmm, i think i’d rather support Atletico than a crappy Bolton team that went to the dogs after Allardyce fortuituously left.

  9. day1star said

    And Pete just so as u know, Bolton didn’t play a full strength Athletico side, had they done so they would have been chewed up and spat out like the bile that they are.

  10. vicente s. said

    Same shit, different year.

  11. day1star said

    U know we were playing really well until Aguirre started to rotate, ever since then we have played very unevenly. In games where both Aguero and Forlan started together we played really well, in games where we played with either one or the other, we have looked disjointed.
    I don’t understand why managers try to establish good partnerships between players if they then are going to start rotating and playing them separately, because then the team loses rhythm and cohesion.
    The loss to Bilbao though had more to do with what happened at Bolton and the disgraceful refereeing. Also, what doesn’t help is that when decisions keep going against you it affects the mindset of players, so when in the next game a decision goes against you it makes you percieve that no matter what you are going to lose and that affects your performance. The players need to be mentally tougher to deal with these situations.
    Looking at the next game, we’ll be playing with pretty much the same team as we did yesterday, let’s hope the players get their heads sorted, we must try to win, or at least get a point.

  12. vicente s. said

    By the way … Goodbye, Miguel Angel Gil Marín, the main responsible.

  13. day1star said

    Defo, the sporting director needs to go.

  14. atleti said

    ‘THE MIGHTY WANDERERS?’ Hilarious.

    I don’t know why you’re getting worked up over the slim win, Pete. You’re going to get knocked out by Sporting.

  15. Leivinha said

    I don’t follow British football all that much these days but a few Brits at work in my office consistently repeated to me how much of a joke of a team that is Bolton.

    Pete – you guys lucked out this time due to poor refereeing and an injured Atletico side. You might consider bringing in some foreigners so you can play something other than the infamous “cross every ball in to the box” game that the entire English League played so consistently up until 15 years ago when the league was opened up to foreign players. You might get close to playing something called “football” then. If you make the trek to Lisbon, go for the cod fish because anything else you might see in the stadium from your Wanderers will produce serious indigestion making for a long flight home.

  16. jonkon said

    Is Seitaridis not our best defender?

  17. atleti said

    He’s OK. I think ‘best’ might be too a strong word (considering how badly that backline is!).

    It’ll be interesting how well he plays once he’s deemed fit enough for league action.

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