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UEFA: Atlético de Madrid v Bolton Wanderers (0-1)

Posted by atleti on February 20, 2008


I don’t have much to say about the game except the obvious: we must win it. 0-1 is a terrible first leg result, but it isn’t the end of the world. I have some hope that we’ll do enough to progress to the next round in UEFA.

STARTING 11: Abbiati; Antonio López; Pablo; Perea; Pernía; Luis García; Cléber; Jurado; Reyes; Maxi; Forlán.

SUBS: Falcón; Eller; Zé Castro; Dominguez; Álex Quillo; Miguel; Mista.

SUSPENDED: Raúl García & Agüero (Kun, for two games, which is ridiculous).

STILL INJURED: Motta, Leo Franco, Seitaridis, Valera & Simao.

Bolton’s squad list: Jaaskelainen, Hunt, A O’Brien, Cahill, Meite, Guthrie, J O’Brien, Giannakopoulos, Nolan, Campo, Taylor, Diouf, Davies, Samuel, McCann, Al Habsi, Alonso, Teymourian.

Aguirre on the game:
“We must remain calm with the referee, with the supporters, with our opponent…be cautious and intelligent. Tomorrow, we need to be patient and intelligent, and play good football […] We have 90 minutes to stay alive in Europe.”

Luis García on the game:
“We know what we are playing for against Bolton.  It could be one of the most important games of the whole season […] We will treat it like a real final and we are confident that we can succeed.”


I think I’ll go mad if we get knocked out of this competition by the likes of Bolton.

A few items have been in the media: Salcido,PSV/Mexican defender, is ‘flattered’ with the interest of Atleti & Valencia. Then there’s a major rumour about us ‘monitoring’ Rafa Benitez‘ situation at Liverpool, perhaps as a possible replacement for Aguirre.

Anything missing?

28 Responses to “UEFA: Atlético de Madrid v Bolton Wanderers (0-1)”

  1. Javi said


    Podríais agregarnos un enlace hacia nuestro foro del Atlético de Madrid?

    La dirección es:

    Si queréis nosotros podemos poneros un enlace también hacia vuestro blog.

    Un abrazo!


  2. atleti said

    Te he añadido a mi lista (Foro Atlético).

    un saludo!!

    Vamos Atleti, coño!

  3. atleti said

    Don’t you just love the arrogance of Kevin Nolan ahead of the game?

    “I’ve been spat at in European games before…People react in different ways to it but it’s the lowest of the low when they do it. You have to try not to see red and remember where you are. I’d rather get a smack than be spat at. We know what to expect, we know what we are going into and that it will be tough. It will be a hostile crowd. Their players will want to upset us and try to influence the referee. But we have to rise above it. If we do, we’ll get the job done and go into the next round.”

    I hope we thrash them today.

  4. Armon said

    Any chance of viewing it online? I usually use but for whatever reason it doesn’t even show up!

  5. atleti said

    Not sure. It’ll be tough for me to watch it online, if it is available. I’m hoping I’ll get a few minutes here and there to see how it’s going.

  6. Armon said

    apparently reyes missed an absolute gimme on 31 minutes in…..useless

  7. atleti said

    We’re playing really poorly, disjointed, at the moment.

    Luis missed a great opportunity in the 30th min.

  8. Mohammed said

    I think Agiurre should go for it now.

  9. day1star said

    Luis Garcia off Miguel on.

  10. day1star said

    I don’t think Aguirre has got that many options.

  11. day1star said

    Mista’s come on for Pablo.

  12. Armon said

    mista on for pablo, sorry to say but i dont think adding this particular forward for a defender improves our attacking much, and I wish miguel went on for reyes or cleber

  13. atleti said

    This is absolute torture.

  14. Cesar said

    Good luck and beat Bolton!!!

  15. day1star said

    Can’t blieve we’re going to go out to a shit team like Bolton.

  16. ~lara said

    I’m glad I can’t see it. I’m nauseous just following the commentary.

  17. day1star said

    Braulio just scored for Getafe in the UEFA cup, nice one, shame we didn’t keep him and loan out Mista.

  18. Mohammed said

    If you have players like Pablo, Pernia and Cleber, I think its obvious why a team like Bolton is going knock us out.

  19. day1star said

    I’m too pissed off for words.

  20. Leivinha said

    2 minutes left in stoppage

  21. Leivinha said

    Aguirre to Chivas USA

  22. ~lara said

    ^ Today please.

    Another miserable game.

  23. Armon said


  24. Mohammed said

    They blew it like always. Now we have nothing !

  25. day1star said

    To tell the truth, i thought this might happen, we have too many players who r prone to injury, and we have players who because we don’t have enuff cover are having to play in positions which don’t really suit them. And we lack discipine, we do stupid fouls when they’re not necessary and pick up silly yellow cards and henceforth we end up with suspensions which we can’t afford. What’s really lost us this game though is the loss of Aguero, Simao and Raul Garcia.

  26. atleti said

    This is bullshit.

    Our UEFA dream ends against Bolton. How embarassing is that.

  27. Armon said

    I agree with day1star though, I mean obviously we have more talent than bolton but in today’s games given the circumstances, a win would’ve been surprising. However, that just made me even more mad over what’s been going on w/ Atletico. But although this year is definitely full of disappointments like the last few years, I still believe we’ve come much farther than the last years, and our future will be bright so long as we make the right transfer moves and realize that, perhaps our team is so unfortunate because of the leadership that’s been in control for several years, and not necessarily the constantly changing roster

    I’m surprised that cerezo and pitarch have lasted this long w/o so much as a hint of their future’s being uncertain

  28. I just love soccer! I really want to get out and play again now.

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