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Jornada 24: Atlético de Madrid 1 Athletic Bilbao 2

Posted by atleti on February 17, 2008

Excruciating. Embarassing. Disgust. Disgraceful. Painful. Awful. Sickening.


Nothing more to say.

25 Responses to “Jornada 24: Atlético de Madrid 1 Athletic Bilbao 2”

  1. It´s a shame. All about the game was disappointing. It´s worthless to comment something about this game, this team, the club board, always the same history.

  2. atleti said

    Agreed 100%.

  3. Siempre said

    Like my dreams they fade and die

  4. Billie said

    It is the history of our life. This situation only will change when there is a change of director (Gil & Cerezo)Really, it is very sad. Greetings from Spain.

  5. vicente s. said

    There is no better way to summarize this shit “Atro año, otro timo”. Nothing more to say. Regards from Spain.

  6. Mohammed said

    Benitez to coach Atletico !?

    His history is more than enough to convince me (at least), but his style… well, not “attractive” really.

    Anyway, I say: welcome, Benitez.

  7. fernando said

    fuera los giles y los cerezos! Nefasta gestión de la directiva. Con esta gente no vamos a ningún lado.

    un abrazo.

  8. atleti said

    I had a difficult time logging in earlier today!

    I have mixed feelings about Benitez for the very reason you state (style). Other than that, he is OK in my book. The only way we would get him is if Pitarch left (they hate each other) & Liverpool get knocked out of the Champions League (the only competition they have left to play for)!

  9. Ram said

    The pressure is on the team and coach completly now. President showing his anger in public, new coach rumoured…let us hope that the team responds in the proper way to the criticism.

  10. Armon said

    What do you guys think of Albelda possibly coming to atletico? He’s been doin somewhat worse when he was playing this season, but judging from the fact that motta’s always injured and cleber sucks in every thinkable way, I’m thinking we should seriously consider him to link up with raul garcia

  11. Ram said

    Anybody who is a decent DM would be good. Raul is not so good in defending I suppose. He makes some rash challenges when not needed.He is more a box to box guy who can help in defense…not do that as a full time job.

  12. Albelda only has two years left with a decent performance (he was born in 1974). Atlético is not Valencia, if he comes to Atlético, i think he wouldn´t fell settled. Albelda was Valencia´s captain, in Atlético only one more, an old one too.

  13. I wanted to say “he wouldn´t FEEL settled”. Greetings.

  14. atleti said

    Albelda is a lifelong Valencia supporter– I think the next club that he plays at will be outside of Spain.

  15. Ram said

    Money will make people forget few things.

  16. atleti said

    Ya, which is probably why he’ll end up in England.

    I don’t think he’d be a good match for Atleti, though. I just can’t see it happening.

  17. atleti said

    The whole situation disgusts me. From the very top (ownership) to certain players (Reyes, Pablo, etc). I’ll have a new entry up soon!

  18. day1star said

    Any news on whether UEFA have rescinded the red card given to Aguero or not? Can he play against Bolton?

  19. Ram said

    Seems he is suspended for two matches. It is on the official website.

  20. Armon said

    Albelda was born in september of 77 so he’s still got a few good years left in him. And as far as him being a life-long valencia supporter, even he can be swayed after Koeman did what he did. However, I’m still not sure either whether he’d be a good fit, but then again anything’s better than cleber!

    and as far as Kun’s 2 game suspension: goddammit.

  21. atleti said

    Ya, I really think he would be a bad signing. Seems like more of a short-term decision than a long-term one.

  22. day1star said

    Are UEFA blind? How can they ban Aguero for 2 matches when he was facing in the opposite direction to Taylor who had already walked away when he spat, that doesn’t even make sense!

  23. Leivinha said

    If Pellegrini were to replace Aguirre, we can kiss goodbye to ever seeing Riquelme dawn the rojiblanco.

    Back in 2001, Telefonica almost bought Atleti from Jesus Gil, oh how I wish they had.

  24. Viva la Madrid!

  25. atleti said

    Pellegrini is a great manager– I’d much prefer him over Benitez.

    Get over the idea of Riquelme! It won’t happen!!! :) Great player, but he’s happy at Boca.

    New ownership would make a world of difference, I’m certain. If I won the lottery, I’d buy the club in a heartbeat…

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