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Pause. Colchonero Blogosphere Time.

Posted by atleti on February 16, 2008

(FYI: I’m still recuperating from the 1-0 loss against Bolton. Disgusted, angered, annoyed, demoralised, and yet not really surprised. Same shit, different game. The one good bit of news is that we’ll be appealing the ridiculous straight red given to Agüero…this is his third of the season, by the way.)

Things have been a bit hectic over here for me, but I have had an opportunity to browse through many blogs recently.There have been some very interesting, worthwhile entries written by fellow bloggers. They’re in Spanish, so I’ll share some of what they have to say to any English speakers out there.

Sergio’s (now at Reserva India) two most recent entries are about his experience in England as a traveler and away supporter. Photos included. Worth a look.

Jagsolla, a new addition to my blogroll, has discussed in his recent entry the unfair treatment that Kun has received this season. The title of the entry? “The referees spit at Aguero every game”- in reference to his most recent sending off, which was a complete joke. I’d also like to point out that, from what I’ve seen, the English media has overlooked this. Go figure?

At Baluarte Rojiblanco, c.ramone, ended his entry on the away loss with this paragraph (my paraphrasing):
If we considered 0-0 a bad result and 1-1 a not-so-bad result, then 1-0 is a disastrous result. We’re basically in the same situation that we were in when we played Valencia in the Copa– the only difference being that this team (Bolton) appears like a much weaker opponent and we have a very good shot at making it to the quarterfinals with a strong home performance.

On the other hand, Atletista at Forza Atleti blog is less optimistic, basically stating that we have once again complicated things for ourselves. He doesn’t feel confident with the way the team has been playing and without Kun in the home leg things seem rather grim. “Bye UEFA?”

JOSÉ I. FERNÁNDEZ shared his thoughts in one his many detailed entries. It’s difficult to condense as it is long, so I’ll share a couple points that popped out at me:
*That it’s sad that Maxi, a player who was such a crucial part of our previous campaigns, sometimes even moreso than Torres, is stuck in a web of mediocrity this season

*In terms of Mista, Jose’s spouse had this to say about rubbish Mista: “How did he ever score 20 goals at Valencia?”

Fernando at Sentimiento Atletico has focused on the cantera in his latest entry: that the underutilisation of the cantera is destroying the very history of the club. The very objective of a cantera system is to eventually promote the most talented  to the top team– in this regard, we have failed. In 10 years, Atleti have only promoted two players from the cantera…Antonio & Torres.

My thought: Why does management have so little faith in cantera? We have a few players in the system who are quite talented; with more playing time with the top team, they will grow in confidence, maturity and, who knows, probably play significantly better than the  rubbish players we’ve brought in from elsewhere….We’ll never know unless we give them a shot.

Be back later on with a Jornada 24 entry.

13 Responses to “Pause. Colchonero Blogosphere Time.”

  1. Luiz Pereira said

    The worst part about the Kun fiasco is that we will most likely see Mista again (unless his wife convinces him of a career change).

  2. atleti said

    Eh, don’t remind me. He should’ve transferred to his hometown of Murcia or some place else– I think they were interested in him during the pre-season.

  3. Ringo said

    Atleti – You wouldn’t like to translate that Reserva India blog for me ,would you?

  4. atleti said

    No prob! I’ll paraphrase it & post it up in this comment section!

  5. atleti said

    Part I– rough translation::

    Once they arrived, the first item on their agenda was to rent a car. Unfortunately, no one at that particular business spoke any Spanish &, “the English who are rather arrogant”, as he puts it, complicated things by pretending to not understand them. When all was said & done, they finally got what they needed. They drove from Gatswich to Brixton. At Brixton, they parked their car & took the underground to the heart of London to see the touristy sites.

    He was a bit surprised to find that most people he encountered didn’t immediately recognise the club scarves, something that was a bit revealing to him & his travel mates (still have a long way to go in terms of recognition). He found that Barcelona was the most popular/highly regarded Liga team with the Londoners he met. Real Madrid, to a lesser extent.

    After a full day of fun in London, they drove up to Liverpool (the location of their hotel). “We complain about traffic in Madrid, but it took us more than 3 hours to leave London. All roads blocked by cars– it was truly unbelievable.” The only positive was that they were able to see much of southwest London while stuck in traffic.

    No GPS in the car made it a pain in the ass to find the hotel. After asking many people, they finally found a couple that helped them find it (by getting in the car with them & showing them the way), which was a bit of an odd experience! But as he says, at least they helped them to the hotel.

    Once there, they called up other Atleti supporters that were already in Liverpool. They had dinner at a not-so-nice-looking Kebab place, owned by a Turk (supporter of Fenerbache). The Atleti supporters then went to ‘The Cavern’ (pub).

  6. atleti said

    They woke up early the next day (cloudy & cold) and despite feeling incredibly tired, they decided it would be best to have breakfast after the previous day’s meals.

    “4 English breakfast, please.” It was a filling meal. In addition to the typical English breakfast, the hotel provided cereals, toast, nutella. After that, they headed to Anfield, but were disappointed to find out that there would be no tours at that time. One of the things that impressed them most was the English’s way of handling merchandising at official club stores– countless products.

    They decided to see the touristy sites in Liverpool’s city centre. In truth, they thought Liverpool was a rather ugly city– many buildings had a dingy look. There were few attractions besides Anfield, a particular Anglican cathedral, and such.

    At about 14.30, all Atleti supporters formed a sort of caravan (6 cars) en route to Bolton. Everything was going well until– and I’m a bit unclear on what exactly happened– but apparently there was a girl who was in a state of a shock along the side of the road. They stopped & stayed with her until the police came– tried to explain in Spanglish what had occurred. After this bizarre incident, they continued their drive to the Reebok.

    After a bit of confusion at a petrol station (and car trouble), they ate at a nearby Burger King (since they were told it would take an hour to get to the Reebok). 3 Bolton supporters were in it, but they didn’t say a word to any of the away supporters. It took them quite a while to get to the stadium because of the car trouble. All in all, a bit of difficulty traveling with a language barrier– only a few had a limited understanding of English.

    Part III – not up yet.

  7. Ringo said

    Thanks Atleti ,I didn’t mean for you to go to that much trouble!
    When I saw the photos I had to know what they where saying.
    Sounds like Liverpool hasn’t changed much.
    And I’m sorry they where not made to feel very welcome.

    good luck this afternoon.

  8. atleti said

    No prob! It didn’t take long actually. The one paragraph that confused me was the one with the girl at the side of the road.

    I’m awaiting Part III!

  9. atleti said

    Oh, & at least they didn’t get robbed in Liverpool!! ;)

  10. atleti said

    Final Part

    At 19.00, they parked the car at Bolton’s rail station. The stadium is next to a shopping centre. With their water bottles filled with whisky & Coca Cola, they entered the Reebok…They were happy to find that Bolton supporters were very friendly & far from the hooligan stereotype.

    Within the stadium, there was very little excitement displayed from the home support. In terms of players, Simao was the best while everyone else seemed to struggle against, as he put it, “a very, very weak team”. Despite our performance, Atleti support was incredible, singing the club anthem loudly & rooting for the team. Many of the away supporters were a bit saddened & frustrated that after traveling so many miles to see the team– the players didn’t approach them at all. Only Maxi, Antonio, Jurado, & Abbiati applauded the fans from a distance at the end of the game.

    After the game, they decided to get a bite to eat- on the way, they met an Arab/Pakistani guy who said he was a supporter of Liverpool. He praised Torres, of course, but when the guys asked what he thought of our current players– he couldn’t even name one!

    When they said, ‘Forlan’– the guy’s response was, “yes, Villarreal.’ “No comment” he ends that paragraph!

    After not finding a single restaurant open, they went to the nearby mall. Since it was Valentine’s Day, the Chinese restaurant they chose was filled with many couples. The Chinese waiter seated them near a table with a lesbian couple who were putting on quite a show…”a spectacle of hugging and caressing, practically pornographic.” (HILARIOUS!)

    He ends with this: “I recommend everyone to travel more with the team because it’s a truly unique experience of singing our anthem in a stadium not our own.”

  11. elisa said

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Atleti really has to get used to playing in Europe and appreciating their away fans. Bolton is kinda in the middle of nowhere, but glad that Los Indios were treated well.

  12. Ringo said

    Good stuff!
    And they’re right about travelling away ,it was always better than home games ,no matter where it was ,home or abroad.

  13. Real Madrid…

    Hala Madrid!…

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