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UEFA: Bolton Wanderers v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on February 12, 2008


Our Round of 32 game against the always long-ball obsessed, ugly, physical Bolton Wanderers is only 48 hours away.

STARTING 11: Abbiati; Antonio López; Pablo; Perea; Pernía; Cleber; Maxi; Mista; Simao; Reyes; Forlán.

SUBS: Falcón; Eller; Jurado; Miguel; Álex Quillo; Domínguez; Agüero.

SERVING SUSPENSIONS: Raúl García & Luis García.

STILL INJURED: Seitaridis, Valera, Leo Franco, Zé Castro, & Motta.

A few words from Pablo:
“In England they exude an atmosphere that smells of football. It’s always nice to play a match with those characteristics […] It’s a team that finished last season in fifth place. This season they’re not doing as well as they expected, but it will be a very even game. I hope that we come away with a positive result […] Bolton is a very good team physically. They score well off set pieces and surely we defenders will have lots of work.”

Some pertinent bits of info provided by UEFA’s official website:

  • The two sides have never met in UEFA club competition.
  • Atlético have considerable more experience against Premier League opponents, having played eleven games against English sides over the years, winning five, drawing four and losing two. Their five games on English soil ended in a win, three draws and a defeat.
  • Bolton have yet to lose a home game in European competition, although four of their seven UEFA club competition home matches have ended in draws.
  • Atlético are unbeaten in all four of their European away games this season, having won three and drawn one.

Here’s Bolton Group F standing:
Crvena Zvezda

1 win, 3 draws, & no losses.

In terms of the squad, Bolton no longer have star striker Anelka— he transferred to Chelsea in January. What’s more, they haven’t replaced his spot. So, who’s their highest goal-scorer then, you ask? Kevin Davies with a 5 league goals. Diouf, back from the African Cup, is their second highest goal-scorer with 3 league goals. Seriously, they’re rubbish up front.

While they lack effective strikers, they seem to be playing fairly well defensively in the Prem (well, at least recently):

Bolton 0 Portsmouth 1
Reading 0 Bolton 2
Bolton 0 Fulham 0
Newcastle 0 Bolton 0
Bolton 1 Blackburn 2

Eh, 5 points out of a possible 15 against mid-table opposition. Our strikers are far more creative & effective than the crap teams they’ve played recently. Honestly, I can’t see their defence holding their ground against Kun & Forlán.

In terms of their midfield, ex-Madrid player Iván Campo & supporter favourite Kevin Nolan pose the biggest threat, I think.

Bolton boss Gary Megson:
“I do not think Atletico will play a defensive game as they don’t have those kind of players. They will play more on the counter attack.
“We do not want to get sucked into playing a style of football that is unusual for us […] When we have our strongest team we play in the right manner.”

Iván Campo had this to say:
“We’re not the favourites to win this round, but we do have our chances […]This is an English team in essence. We work all we can and we’ll try to make Atletico suffer. Even if they do well in Bolton, we won’t give up in Madrid. Bolton is an old-school English side, one that fights.”

According to Bolton’s officially website, nearly every area of the Reebock is sold out– so, at the very least their will be a great atmosphere– here’s hoping lots of Atleti supporters make the trip to England & cheer on the team.


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46 Responses to “UEFA: Bolton Wanderers v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. elisa said

    Atleti is my pick to go all the way to the final and meet Bayern. This is your chance! I’ve gotta a good feeling about it this year!

    Aupa Atleti!

  2. Willen said

    yeah.. vamos Atleti!

    does anyone know where I can follow the game? I mean, via text on a website? Marca?

    thanks people

  3. atleti said

    I have a very good feeling about this round of 32 clash as well!

    Check out El Mundo for live text, Willen. It’s the best there is.

  4. Leivinha said

    Cleber & Maxi will start as defensive midfielders with Simao and Reyes on the flanks. Looks like Forlan and Mista up front with Aguero coming off the bench.

  5. atleti said

    Kun on the bench sounds like an OK idea, Simao and Reyes on the flanks sounds OK, too.

    I’m not so sure about Maxi in the central midfield, but I think we’ll be alright.

    What do you think?

  6. day1star said

    It’s a mistake to start with Mista and Forlan up front at the start, it should be Aguero and Forlan, create as much chaos and damage as possible, then take one of them off in the second half and bring on Mista. Play Jurado and Cleber in the centre with Maxi and Simao on the flanks would be much better tactically, then you can bring on useless Reyes in the second half if necessary. It’s important that we get at least one away goal.

  7. day1star said

    I don’t believe it, Atletico are staying in Manchester, they’re in my city and i didn’t even know, i thought they would be in a hotel in Bolton. Damn!

  8. Rob El Pupas said

    I will be at the Reebok tomorrow amongst the home fans but supporting Atleti, albeit at the same time keeping a low profile!


    Rob – North Wales los Rojiblancos

  9. atleti said

    As long as we get away goals, I’ll be happy.

    Have fun, Rob!

  10. atleti said

    Hey, day1, will you be going to the game?

  11. Armon said

    hey rob get pictures if you could, share the experience w/ the atleti faithful!

    btw I definitely agree on starting aguero, bc it’s better to have aguero play in the start and make problems then come in as a sub and fix problems, which tends to happen when we play mista up front

  12. Ram said

    Aguirre has confirmed Christian Abbiati in goal, as well as Antonio Lopez, Pablo, Perea, and Pernia in defense. While Alex ‘Quillo’, Cleber Santana, Reyes, and Maxi Rodriguez will play in the midfield.

    Simao will play behind Uruguayan striker Diego Forlan,

  13. day1star said

    Unfortunately, no, i can’t go, but if we get to the final of the UEFA cup, then i will defo try coz the final will be played in the City of Manchester Stadium, about 15 mins from where i am.

    P.s. I’ve got the flu and haven’t recovered yet.

    Aguero won’t be playing, i’m not sure if he will even be on the bench, Aguirre says he’s got a bit of a knock.

  14. atleti said

    The game begins at 3.00pm, my time, I hope to be near a computer then.

  15. day1star said

    It starts at 20.00pm here, so there’s 5 hours difference between the US and the UK, or is it 4 hours?

  16. jonkon said

    depends what part of the states, it starts at three for me. im new to this forum, but i’ve been supporting atleti since 1996. I’m very excited as atletico is getting to be very well supported in Greece as well as the States. we are a big club, and bolton does not worry me. what do you guys think of recent reports of juventus givin us tiago in exchange for maxi? I’m against it, who will score goals from midfield if we lose our captain?

  17. atleti said

    What jonkon said, Day1.

    In New York (and the rest of the east coast), 20.00 = 3.00pm.

    In other news, made it just in time.

    Vamos Atleti!

  18. Luiz Pereira said

    Personally, I like’s play-by-play best.

  19. atleti said

    I read the same thing, too, Jonkon: that Juve are interested in signing Kun & Maxi this summer. It would be insane if the club let go of Kun. As for Maxi, I have mixed emotions on it. I’d prefer him to stay, but I hope that he improves before the summer.

    Meanwhile, doesn’t sound like we’re playing well…particularly in the midfield.

  20. atleti said

    The one good bit about MARCA’s live text is the side bar with the comments.

  21. day1star said

    You can watch the match live on Sopcast, Tvu player and TVants.
    We’re starting to get into the game now, Reyes has been crap as normal and Pernia hasn’t been much better.

  22. atleti said

    From what I’m reading, it sounds like Taylor is terrorising us on the left.

  23. day1star said

    We’re giving away too many freekicks around our penalty area.

  24. day1star said

    Yep, the midfield can’t keep hold of the ball, they keep giving away possession, we’re having a hard time at present.

  25. atleti said

    Half-time 0-0.

    Time to ring in the changes. Let’s see what Aguirre decides to do…

    All will be forgiven if they can get 0-1 or 0-2 in the second half.

  26. day1star said

    Santana also is not playing well. End of first half. Abbiati did a good job so far. We must change the midfield at half time. Bring on Jurado and Aguero for Mista and Reyes.

  27. atleti said

    Your first wish came true, sort of: Reyes out, Agüero in.

  28. atleti said

    Simao out, Jurado in.


  29. atleti said


  30. day1star said

    When did he spit and at who?

  31. day1star said

    I’m watching and i’m mystified, i didn’t see him spit at anyone.

  32. atleti said

    Check here:

    From BBC:

    Sergio Aguero fouls Matthew Taylor and Bolton earn a free-kick. However, the Argentine must have said something unsavoury -some are suggesting spitting – to the assistant referee because referee Nicolai Vollquartz has shown the star striker a straight red card on 74 minutes. Unbelievable scenes!


  33. atleti said

    According to El Mundo, the linesman believed that Kun spit on a Bolton player, but that’s absolutely untrue.


  34. day1star said

    I’ve seen that incident 3 times, the fucked up english commentator keeps saying you can see him spitting clearly, well i must be blind then because i don’t see any spit.

  35. day1star said

    I’ve seen that incident three times, this stupid english commentator keeps saying you can see him spitting clearly, well i don’t see any spit, am i blind or something?

  36. day1star said

    He spat on the floor, but not at either the linesman or the Bolton player, stupid linesman, what a twat! He cost us the game.

  37. Armon said

    what a horrible result. i guess it was a good choice to study for my final instead of watch the game. the only good result i can think of out of this game is if atletico challenge the red card and kun’s ensuing suspension would be revoked. absolutely disgusting

  38. day1star said

    Well they better challenge the red card, i’m getting really fed up with the refereeing these days, it’s pathetic, they card the wrong players, the ones who really deserve to be carded get away with nothing. Doesn’t it seem that referees are out to get Aguero or does it just look like that to me.

  39. Leivinha said

    Aguirre never learns:
    Aguero is effective as a starter, NOT coming off the bench.
    Mista has no impact on the game; Aguero is better limping on 1 leg than this clown at 100%.
    Reyes, once again, gave us nothing. We missed a chance at trying a canterano or Jurado for that matter as an attacking midfielder.
    ….and so on, and so on, and so on.
    I don’t think Aguero spat on anybody but he should of……on Aguirre.

  40. atleti said

    Couldn’t have said it better myself, Leivinha.

    I tried to believe that the lineup would work– oh well.

  41. day1star said

    Can someone translate Aguirre’s comments after the match, they’re on Atletico’s website, r we going to appeal the red card or not?
    Leivinha, i totally agree with you. I said b4 the match that his midfield was wrong, and that if you want to score goals then you have to play Aguero and Forlan from the start together, get your goals and then replace them, Aguirre does things back to front.

  42. atleti said

    Nothing was mentioned on appealing the red card…

    I can’t even bring myself to write a new entry.

  43. Luiz Pereira said

    Leivinha’s absolutely right.

    Aguirre, please don’t ever start Reyes and Mista again. One lacks heart, the other talent. However, we still needed a decent midfield to get the balls to our killer attack. Maxi’s not a playmaker. The closest thing we have to that now is Jurado (for Simao post-injury??). Miguel should have been given a try as well. Does Aguirre not have the cojones to take out Maxi? Thanks to “el Mister” for this pathetic outing. Because of him, we can change our name from “Atleti” to “Pateti.” With Torres and Reina together watching from the stands, I highly doubt that Reina would ever want to come here.

    Maybe we should have kept Maniche, and let go of Aguirre. If the rumours are true, I would welcome Villareal’s Pellegrini any day! Please, come save us from our futbol ratonero!

  44. day1star said

    OK, the good news, we’ve appealed against the red card, hopefully it will now be rescinded.
    Don’t worry we’ll beat them next week at home, and go through to the next round, the good news, we’ll have Raul Garcia and Luis Garcia back and fingers crossed Aguero too.
    Looking forward to Sunday’s match against Athletic Bilbao, we will win! Aupa Atleti!

    C’mon Atleti, cheer up it’s never over til it’s really over!

    To all Atletico fans make lots of noise and cheer them on next Thursday, I have faith in the players, we will win!

  45. atleti said

    OK, I think my 24-hour depression is just about over.

    Upwards & onwards!

    0-1 was disastrous, but not the end of the world. If we can beat them 2-0 or 3-0 at home, we’re on to the quarterfinals.

    We’ll have Raul & Luis back (and maybe even Motta), which should hopefully mean no Reyes and Cleber in the starting 11.

    The club should seriously sack Aguirre if we don’t make it through.

  46. Atleti made a new fool, now also in Europe.

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