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Jornada 23: Racing Santander 0 Atlético de Madrid 2

Posted by atleti on February 11, 2008

Happy days are here again…

Abbiati; Antonio López, Perea, Pablo, Pernía; Cléber, Raúl García, Maxi (Reyes 84’), Simão (Luis García 71’); Agüero (Mista 77’) and Forlán.

How many weeks did we have to suffer before this victory? Too many. Unfortunately, it wasn’t televised here, but I’m still very pleased with what I’ve read from other bloggers.

Strong, dominating performance (with the exception of the first 20 minutes)? Check.

Back to a Champions League (thank you, Recre, too)? Check.

Agüero & Forlán continue to terrorise defences (our dynamic striker duo)? Check.

Clean sheet (strong display by Pablo & Perea in the central defence)? Check.

[Some Bad News (or, maybe not…?): Cléber was injured. It’s unclear to me at the moment how long he’ll be unavailable. The good news out of this is that Miguel will probably play more in our next two games, well, hopefully.]

Above all, and obviously, the other great bit of news is that Forlán scored two incredible goals (56′ and 74′)– it’s a major boost for the Uruguayo (who deserved these goals after all of his hard-work)– not to mention the team– ahead of our upcoming fixtures:

14-Feb: away to Bolton (UEFA)
17-Feb: home to Athletic (LIGA)
21-Feb: home to Bolton (UEFA)
24-Feb: away to Osasuna (LIGA)

In all honesty, a fairly good set of games left in February.

Anything missing?

19 Responses to “Jornada 23: Racing Santander 0 Atlético de Madrid 2”

  1. Depende de la recuperación de Motta, que sea una buena o una mala noticia la lesión de Cleber. Hay que marcar al Bolton en su campo y no dejar los apuros para el Calderón. El sábado perdieron los ingleses, creo que es un rival asequible.
    Bueno, que estamos en Champions. Parece mentira que con la racha que hemos pasado, seamos capaces de mantenernos en la tabla.

    Un beso

  2. Ram said

    The UEFA cup match is going to be interesting. If I am not wrong, Raul is suspended…who is going to take his place in midfield. We are really short of players in the center of the field

  3. fernando said

    Victoria muy importante. Hacía falta tras tres jornadas sin ganar. Además, Forlán vuelve al camino del gol. Ahora a ganar en Bolton. Un abrazo.

  4. Willen said

    Good to see that we won after all this time!
    Good to see that the defense was strong without Eller!
    Good to see that we are going to see the team without Cléber(eck!)!
    Good to see that Forlan scored twice, I really like him…

    I see that the blog’s author really like Miguel… I’m expecting a lot from him now… :) hope he’s that good. I kind of started supporting Atléti in this season…

    Aupa Atleti!

  5. atleti said

    He’s very good! Definitely deserves more playing time to build his strength and confidence.

    Shame that Motta is out injured– maybe we should’ve signed him on a pay-as-you-play deal.

  6. atleti said

    Jurado is back from injury.

    Completely forgot that Raul is suspended for this upcoming UEFA, that definitely leaves us with few options.

  7. Ram said

    We need macho guys against Bolton….they would play the physical game.

  8. Leivinha said

    It’s hard to believe that we are in Champions after the bad run of games over the last month or so.

    I couldn’t believe the Villareal game on Saturday watching them score the victory goal in stoppage time. We would be tied for 3rd place with them (in total points at least).

  9. atleti said

    You’re right; it’s a miracle we’re in Champions at the moment.

    It’s been a season marred by a lot of inconsistency for a lot of teams, no? Who would’ve thought Espanyol would drop points against Recre (and a few other teams)? And Villarreal have also suffered through a few draws in previous rounds.

  10. atleti said

    I have a very good feeling about the upcoming Bolton game. 0-2 for us?

  11. Ringo said

    I hope they’ve been practicing their penalty taking.
    I can see that ending 0-0 on aggregate.

  12. atleti said

    Worst case scenario!

  13. Luiz Pereira said

    Fellow colchoneros, are they televising the game on Thursday in the U.S.? Or, can you watch it online? What happenend to It’s a totally different site now :(

  14. Billie said

    Have we revived? I hope so. Now we have two important matches to confirm our recovery. Greetings from Spain.

  15. Mohammed said

    I think Espanyol have lost a lot of confidence because they’ve been playing without their main man Kameni. Now that he’s back, I think they will put a lot of pressure on us, again.

  16. atleti said

    Yeah, I noticed that is no longer around. What a shame! It was my source for finding our when and where games would be shown. The Fox channels won’t be showing, but I also don’t think GolTV bought the rights to show UEFA.

  17. atleti said

    You’re right about Espanyol- I don’t know who their 2nd choice goalkeeper is, but he can’t be as good as Kameni.

  18. Ram said

    also Tamudo is missing for them…that is more important factor than missing Kameni i thinik

  19. day1star said

    Well we need to take advantage of the problems facing other teams by winning games and not dropping points. Bolton are not playing well over here, mostly they score on set pieces, and i expect they will play defensively, we must score away goals, i don’t see us losing this match.

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