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Pause for Hodgepodge

Posted by atleti on February 5, 2008

For one very <brief> moment, let’s get our minds away from the string of poor results…

The UEFA commitee have confirmed that Raúl García will serve a suspension for our next UEFA game against Bolton Wanderers. I guess this can be viewed as a sort of a mixed blessing, in a way. On one hand, the Spaniard is such an important, almost irreplaceable player for us; on the other hand, he has played many minutes this season, at one point almost non-stop. The suspension would allow Miguel to receive more playing time in this game, which is a good thing.

MOVING ON…There’s an article on AS that talks about how poorly we’ve played since Maniche’s departure to Inter Milan.

In 13 games, Aguirre has tested six different midfield pairings:
R. García-Cléber (5 times)
R. García-Motta (3)
Maxi-Cléber (1)
Motta-Cléber (2)
Jurado-Cléber (1)
R. García-Jurado (1)

We have yet to see a Motta-Miguel midfield.

MOVING ON….Some international duty coming up for a few players (Pablo, Raúl García, Forlán, Perea– I think that’s it).

And, in closing, Fernando at Sentimiento Atletico asked his blog readers today:

“Win the UEFA Cup or secure a Champions spot in Liga? If given the choice, which do you prefer?”

Four reasons for the UEFA Cup: 1) 12 years since our last silverware triumph; 2) Atleti have never won the UEFA Cup; 3)Secure a spot in next season’s competition; and 4)Pride and Happiness for Atleti’s long-suffering supporters.


12 Responses to “Pause for Hodgepodge”

  1. Billie said

    Hopefully, the dilemma was UEFA or go to Champions the next year. Greetings from Spain

  2. Ram said

    Why not both??

  3. gf said

    Of course, both would be nice. I think the CL spot is the biggest thing. It would have a bigger impact on revenue and help attract players.

  4. atleti said

    It’s purely a hypothetical questionRam!! :) Of course, hopefully, we can do both…given the way we’ve been playing lately, well, that doesn’t inspire much confidence.

    GF: That’s the allure of CL, revenue & attracting quality players. I’m afraid it’ll be another season of mediocrity if we can’t secure a spot.

  5. komazo said

    Both possible but CL spot is a more reasonable target. while rivals like valencia, sevilla and zaragoza stumble atleti should fight hard to cement a 3rd or 4th position. and uefa cup isn’t as easy as it seems. benfica, tottenham, galatasaray, bayern, fiorentina, bordeaux etc. they’re all great teams and playing semi finals would be nice.

  6. atleti said

    A CL spot should be the 1st priority. UEFA Cup would be icing on the cake– and a great achievement since it is, as you say, VERY competitive. Lots of solid teams wanting that Cup- especially the ones you mention, komazo.

  7. day1star said

    Maybe, just maybe, Aguero might play on Sunday, that’s what i’ve read so far.

  8. atleti said

    Ya, I just hope he is 100% fit and doesn’t try to rush his recuperation.

  9. Carlos Salinas said

    If we choked so badly in the Copa del Rey, I find it hard for us to go so far in the UEFA, but you never know . . . Also, Bayern is looking unstoppable lately!

    I think our objective this whole year has been CL. Obviously, with the team we have now, along with our current standings, things don’t look good for la liga, so it has to be CL. So, let’s get back into 3rd place and get ahead of our DIRECT rivals — Villareal and Espanyol.

    Aupa Atleti!

  10. If i have to choose, obviously i choose Uefa cup instead of CL qualify. It´s a title. It´s an automatic way to play in Europe. We could play CL winner in European Super Cup, which is very difficult to win due to it´s very difficult to play, (and however is more silverware if we are smart, in only one game..).

    Sadly, the club board sure wants a CL qualify.

    Forza atleti,

  11. I think Atlético must fight to obten both objetives. Atlético is a champion club.


  12. atleti said

    Hopefully, we’ll start playing like a Champions League club.

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