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Copa: Atlético de Madrid v Valencia (0-1 agg)

Posted by atleti on January 29, 2008

Brief entry.

Please, for the love of God, let us win this game and end the horrid three-game losing streak & goal drought! I don’t think I can take much more of this. It’s embarrassing enough that we enter the game with a goal deficit (against a Valencia team on an almost endless downward spiral)– not to mention the fact that we didn’t have a single shot on goal against Mallorca on Sunday…

I hope we win & advance to the next round of Copa (perhaps the final nail on Koeman’s coffin?). It won’t be pretty, but I think the pressure will motivate the team do just enough to knock Valencia out.

[UPDATE] STARTING 11: Falcón; Perea; Eller; Valera; Antonio; Cléber; Reyes; Maxi; Luis García; Forlán; Agüero.

SUBS: Abbiati, Pernía, Pablo, Miguel, Raul Garcia.


For US supporters, set your DVR: it’ll be on GolTV at 5.00pm (NY time, delayed viewing).

31 Responses to “Copa: Atlético de Madrid v Valencia (0-1 agg)”

  1. day1star said

    The bad news keeps coming, UEFA has given Raul Garcia a two match ban in the UEFA cup and Luis Garcia can’t play in the first match against Bolton. Can things get any worse?

  2. Ram said

    Jurado should be fine at that time I believe. Although he is not as good as Raul, he can definitely fill in the spot

  3. atleti said

    The one good news is that Raúl seems fit to play tomorrow. I hope he doesn’t reinjure himself after returning to action after 10 days.

    It’s upsetting that the club doesn’t seem to be motivated to replace the spot left behind by Maniche. A loan deal for a player like Tiago would be pretty good.

    It’s also upsetting Aguirre seems to have no faith in the cantera: Alex Quillo (very good left winger), Rubiato (13 goals so far this season), and Camacho (one of the better midfielders of the team).

  4. Cierto, Raúl García vuelve lo que es una gran noticia. Simao no estará. Lástima porque me vengo acordando esta semana del gol de fé que metió el día del Panatinaikos y que mañana vendría muy bien.

    Un beso

  5. fernando said

    Tenemos que ganar. No vale otra cosa. YO apuesto por un 2-0. Sufriremos, pero pasaremos. Espero lo disfrutes desde Estados Unidos.

    un abrazo.

  6. atleti said

    No hay excusas por qué no podemos ganar… Una pérdida sería lo peor para la campaña de 07/08.

    Simao es una gran pérdida para nosotros estas dos (or tres?) próximas semanas.

    A por ellos.


  7. atleti said

    Good news! Vicente & Silva won’t be able to play!

  8. Cesar said

    Please God, let US (Valencia) win this game so we can end this endless spiral down to the 2nd Division …
    Then again, a loss might propel Ronald Koeman out of here and someone with more coaching acumen can guide us to 16th place and safety … uggh …

    Good luck either way …

  9. Ram said

    You can win Copa and still go down to segunda…so better lose this one.

  10. atleti said

    Right! Valencia need to work on the league to PREVENT relegation! Forget Cup competitions for this season… Leave the Copa us. I’m desperate for some silverware this season. It’s been way too long.

  11. Cesar said

    I meant we lose and Koeman is gone and then we get a better coach that keeps us up!
    And we need the cup, too! :)

  12. atleti said

    “No Cup for you!”

    ¡Comienza el baile!

    Vamos Atleti!

  13. atleti said

    GOAL! (1-1 agg)

    -own goal Miguel 10′

  14. Cesar said

    Uggh … things couldn’t have started worse … I give up.

  15. Cesar said

    2-0 …
    Ok, I’m signing off. Congrats guys.


  16. day1star said

    2-0, who scored?

  17. atleti said

    GOAL! 2-1 agg

    Agüero 19′ — assist by Forlán!

    So far so good.

  18. atleti said

    Fucking hell.

    GOAL 2-2 agg

    — own goal, Cléber 28′

  19. atleti said

    Fucking hell again.

    2-3 agg

    -Mata 36′

    Eller’s fault, it seems.

  20. Ram said

    2 goals now…not impossible with this team

  21. atleti said

    3-3 agg

    GOAL Valera 60′

    Aguirre took out Eller for Raul a few minutes into the 2nd half.

    About 30 to go!!

  22. Ram said

    one more and we are through….

  23. atleti said

    Miguel is playing VERY well, according to the live text. The commentator says he deserves more playing time.

  24. atleti said

    Our one true shot at silverware this season just got flushed down the toilet…

    4th loss in a row.

    Aguirre to get sacked…?

  25. Ram said

    This is a win not a loss ;-)

  26. day1star said

    Atleti it’s not the 4th loss in a row, we won the match but went out of the Copa. Now, maybe we can concentrate on the league and the UEFA cup.

  27. atleti said

    Ya, but it sure feels like one. Another season, same old. At least we ended the goal drought.

    Time to watch the delayed viewing on TV.

  28. day1star said

    Atleti we might have gone out but offensively we were great. Great goal by Aguero and great play by most of the players, Santana very unlucky on the first goal conceded, but, he still is not a good passer of the ball.
    Why is it that the refs seem very quick to book our players and not our opponents? Did you see how many times Aguero was fouled, the club needs to complain about biased refereeing.
    I hope this kickstarts our campaign for a champions league spot, coz in the league we’ve been playing naff combinations, we need to play Aguero and Forlan together and beat Murcia. Maybe, now that we are out of the Copa we will.

  29. atleti said

    You’re right. It wasn’t that grim of a performance, but still, it sucks to get dumped out of the Copa by a rubbish Valencia side.

    Crap refereeing again.

  30. Ram said

    I think at home games Aguirre should adopt an all out attack policy. When we stopped that and concentrated on defence the goals stopped coming in and so did the victories. Now after 6 matches we have scored more than one goal in a match.

  31. Armon said

    cleber’s own goal screwed us, because valencia played extremely defensive after that. and HOW CLOSE was miguel’s shot, just a little lower and it would be a goal. I was admittedly proud of how many opportunities we had considering how defensive valencia played, but cleber, pernia, reyes, etc all disappointed once again. THE WORST PART was seeing those SONS OF BITCHES VALENCIA DEFENDERS BLATANTLY ELBOW AGUERO IN THE BACK AND DON’T CALL ANYTHING… meanwhile everytime we touch a valencia player, yellow card. every time they fould us, its an honest mistake. the worst part of this entire game was stomaching all the valencia players go to the ref at the end and act like they’re best friends, goddamn those fuckers.

    the game though was actually a sigh of relief compared to our last 4, the own goal was trash and the 2nd goal was poor defending but unlucky also, and the placement on the shot was flawless, if only falcon closed off that angle a little better bc perea closed off the far post angle

    apeurgher igueroe uigoaehiuoge rergoi;a

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