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Copa: Valencia 1 Atlético de Madrid 0 (1st leg)

Posted by atleti on January 23, 2008

I have very little to say except…

  • Pablo once again made a costly error. This guy is rubbish– mediocre, at best. He’s not Champions League quality. He’s not UEFA Cup quality. He needs to be shown the exit in the summer. End of story. (Same goes for the other defenders, in truth).
  • Clos Gómez is one of the worst referees in Spain and I’m almost convinced he hates Atlético. Among other things, he’s all too happy to give us cards. Motta‘s sending off was ridiculous. What’s more, his suspension comes at a time when we have such a long list of injuries.
  • Falcón and Valera both made key saves in the back. Falcón, in particular, has proven to be quite a good goalkeeper. When you think about it, if it weren’t for Leo‘s injury set-back, we might have never seen him play this season at all.

Overall, though, it was a poor performance by the team. Miraculously, Valencia didn’t kill the game, despite having the man advantage and holding 70% possession for long periods at a time. They’ll regret their inability to put the game beyond our reach when they had the chance.

Next up: away to Mallorca (Liga).

10 Responses to “Copa: Valencia 1 Atlético de Madrid 0 (1st leg)”

  1. day1star said

    Basically our squad for the Mallorca game will consist of 15 players, four subs only from the first team, so i suppose the other three subs will be from the b side.
    Does Motta get suspended for the Mallorca game or the Valencia game?
    We’re down to the bare bones of the defenders that we have, if Motta is out then we’ve got exactly four midfielders, and the ones that we have i can see us struggling to score goals with, unless Aguirre comes up with an inspired formation or we bring in a couple of new players. None of the four midfielders not counting Motta, but same goes for him, none of them are creative midfielders.
    One option is to pull Aguero back and put him just behind Forlan and Mista/Reyes, with Santana, Luis Garcia and Miguel/Reyes behind him, i think that could work out quite well.

  2. day1star said

    Obviously if Motta is not suspended for this game then i would play him behind Aguero in Santana’s place. It would be a 4 3 1 2 formation, as they say needs must and all that.

  3. Ram said

    Other option would be to move Maxi to the middle to play along with Santana and have Luis in the right wing.

  4. atleti said

    Ya- we’ll be without 8 players this Sunday. It might be a good idea to call-up cantera players, just to have one or two more options on the bench.

  5. atleti said

    Motta will be available, actually. For some reason, I thought he wouldn’t be.

  6. atleti said

    Armon, WordPress put your comment into spam again yesterday. I just checked the filter just now. I’ve no idea why it’s been doing that lately since it’s designed to do that with comments that have multiple links (real spam). I’ll check the filter regularly to make sure no one’s comments are missed.

  7. Billie said

    Really, is the Cantera’s time!

  8. Armon said

    Hey guys, apparently Atletico’s looking to sign defender Tomas Ujfalusi from Fiorentina for free this summer, you guys know anything about him? They say he’s very sought after but I don’t know much about him (as is the case w/ most italian players)

  9. atleti said

    All I know is that he’s a 29-year-old centre-back. Juande Ramos wanted to sign him when he was at Sevilla. Ramos might still be interested in him, actually– Spurs will probably focus on rebuilding their defence this summer, too.

  10. Derek said

    What I’ve heard about Ujfalusi, is that he’s very similar to Perea, and that it would be too much to have them both. Ujfalusi can also play as a rightback

    On Motta’s suspension. Direct red cards in the Copa or Liga, will mean a player is suspended for the next game, be it Copa or Liga. If a player has a certain amount of yellow cards, or gets a double yellow in a match, then the suspension only counts for the competition. Since Motta got a double yellow/red card, the suspension only is for the Copa del Rey.

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