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Motta is back. Again.

Posted by atleti on January 15, 2008

He has been included in the squad list for tomorrow’s final leg against Valladolid (Copa):

STARTING 11: Falcón; Valera; Pablo; Perea; Pernia; Luis; Raúl; Motta; Reyes; Kun; Forlán.

SUBS: Abbiati; Eller; Maxi; Cleber; Simão; Mista

A few words from Motta:
“I feel good after the final operation […] I have been training regularly and I’m happy that my knee has responded well.”

So, will Motta start or will come in as a sub? My guess is that we’ll have a Cléber-Motta tomorrow from the very beginning. And, if all works according to plan (in other words, he remains injury-free), he’ll be set to start alongside Raúl on Sunday.

A few words from Aguirre:
“I’ve said many times that this week is very important. We won Valencia, and now we have two other important key games, the Copa one and the derbi.”

Bottom-line: We must win tomorrow in order to progress to the Copa quarterfinals. Now is not the time to slip on a banana skin.

35 Responses to “Motta is back. Again.”

  1. Armon said

    i’m not sure id like motta to play tomorrow. I mean, I know raul needs some rest before the derby but I really want to make sure that motta is healthy for our crosstown bitches. He’s been injured so often and so easily I feel like having him play 90 tomorrow is a huge risk, but we’ll see what happens.

  2. day1star said

    I reckon he should only play half the match, so that he is ready for Sunday. Also, i think Aguero and Forlan should start the match, and be subbed out in the second half depending on how things go.

  3. atleti said

    That’s how I see it: that Motta will end up playing at least 45 minutes tomorrow.

  4. atleti said

    The 1st leg against Bolton will be played on 14-Feb…a win would be the greatest Valentine’s gift…

    It was so nice of Chelsea to buy their star striker this transfer window, hm?!

  5. Leivinha said

    Aguirre has stated that he will put all his resources towards winning tomorrow’s match since it is an elimination game. My guess is that he will start Raul & Cleber and sub in Motta by halftime. It’s rare to see an injured player come back and start a match right off the bat but I may be wrong.

  6. atleti said

    Good point– I can only think of a few instances when a newly recovered player is immediately included in a starting 11 (other clubs).

    Either way, I hope we establish a comfortable lead tomorrow and not ride our luck…

  7. Ringo said

    You’re welcome!

  8. I’m happy for the back to Motta. In my blog will find dates about Atletico-Real Madrid in the history.

  9. day1star said

    Atleti, what time is the match?

  10. day1star said

    Do you know who is showing the match?

  11. atleti said

    20.00 Madrid time!

  12. atleti said

    Thanks, JOSE! I’ll have a look at the blog entry!

    RINGO, now that’s what I call planning!

  13. atleti said

    Half-time 0-0…

  14. day1star said

    How are we playing? Looks like 0-0 at half-time.

  15. day1star said

    We’ve got to bring on Simao and raise our game, take off Reyes, as far as i can tell he hasn’t contributed much as usual.

  16. atleti said

    The usual Reyes. Falcón has been incredible. Kun has had at least two clear chances. Raul had an early opportunity at the very, very start of the game. Pernia has been dreadful.

    I agree…it’ll be a good idea to bring on Simao.

  17. day1star said

    Don’t worry i’m confident that we will win and go through.

  18. day1star said

    Goaaaaaaaaaal Aguero 0-1

  19. atleti said


  20. day1star said

    Simao on for Reyes, about time.

  21. atleti said

    They brought on a striker for a striker…Llorente.

  22. day1star said

    Maxi on for Luis Garcia, not to worry, even if they were to equalise which i don’t think that they will, we’d still go through on the away goals rule.

  23. atleti said


    We need to score an additional goal for morale ahead of the derbi.

  24. day1star said

    Oops, i spoke too soon.

  25. day1star said

    Were we trying to defend a 0-1 lead, don’t understand why we don’t go for the jugular and kill games off.

  26. atleti said

    It’s finally over!


    Quarterfinals here we come.

    Valencia v Betis…

  27. day1star said

    Well we’re through. Who do we play in the quarterfinals? Do you have a video of Aguero’s goal?

  28. atleti said

    Valencia v Betis has just started!

    I haven’t looked for video of Kun’s goal.

  29. atleti said

    It doesn’t matter to me who we face in the quarterfinals. I think we’ll do fine against Valencia or Betis.

    Anddd, Valencia 1 Betis 0 at the moment.

  30. day1star said

    Real are out of the Copa.

  31. atleti said

    Icing on the cake.

  32. Cesar said

    Us vs. You again … should be fun!

  33. day1star said

    Well we get a rematch with Valencia, actually 2 matches, no matter should be entertaining. We will win of course.

  34. Leivinha said

    Here’s Aguero’s goal for your viewing pleasure A beautiful goal but as one of the blogs stated “Casillas” would have stopped that one. We will have to be at our best to beat los Mandriles on Sunday but we shall!!!!!!!!!

  35. atleti said

    Bring on VALENCIA!

    Gorgeous goal by Kun! We’ll have to be 110% against Real, like you say…I’m feeling fairly good about this game.

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