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Jornada 19: Atlético de Madrid 1 Valencia 0

Posted by atleti on January 13, 2008

Los Colchoneros climb to #3 after another bizarre night at el Vicente Calderón– the final minutes were unbearable! Pure suffering.

Agüero scored the only goal thanks to a shocking error by Valencia goalkeeper Hildebrand.

Abbiati; Perea, Pablo, Eller, Antonio López; Raúl García, Cléber Santana, Maxi (Luis García 91’), Simão; Forlán (Reyes 71’) and Kun Agüero (Valera 93’)

Truth be told, it was another odd game: we went up before half-time as the better side, but allowed Valencia to dominate play in the second half (with Joaquín & Silva causing the most havoc). We played far too much in our own end — up until the dying minutes. Not to mention losing possession in the midfield all too frequently.

SERGIO at La Grada Blog makes a few points that I most definitely agree with: with the exception of Raúl & Agüero, the overall play & attitude of the team leaves much to be desired. That’s not to say that the team (as a whole) doesn’t play well. We’ve all seen them play great football with quick touches and fantastic combinations. It’s just disconcerting that they don’t MAINTAIN that same level of play for the ENTIRE 90 minutes…particularly when they score first.

Switching gears a bit…the sooner Cléber returns to the bench (or, leaves altogether), the better. He is NOT starting 11 quality. Hell, he’s not Liga quality. It’s an absolute shame that a class player such as Raúl has him for a midfield partner. Speaking of which, Raúl has been playing practically non-stop for us. Incredible talent, but I’d hate to see him burn out before the end of the season– or worse, suffer an injury. It’s driving me insane that Jurado is re-injured and Maniche had to act like a dick and get himself banished from the club. Our options are so slim at this point.

Defence looked good, for the most part. Antonio, I think, has proven that he deserves a regular starting 11 spot instead of Pernía. It’s good to see him receiving more minutes of play and proving that it was a tactical error to keep him benched during the early part of the season.

The thing that pissed me off was the substitution of Forlán for Reyes. What the hell? Did anyone else notice Forlán’s reaction? I was watching the game at a bar, so I couldn’t hear what the commentators had to say about it, but he looked rather peeved. Pernía had to settle him down a bit at the bench, it seemed. When I came home, I didn’t notice any online headlines about the outburst. Anyway, I completely understand and sympathise with Forlán, if that was the case. It seemed like an idiotic, risky tactical move by Aguirre, removing the Uruguayo when we’re only 1 up for rubbish Reyes. WHY DOES HE CONTINUE TO USE REYES INSTEAD OF LUIS OR MIGUEL? I will never understand this at all. He got the substitutions all wrong, again, but thankfully it didn’t cost us. A better manager wouldn’t make the sort of decisions that Aguirre makes on a weekly basis.

Aggravations aside (it’s been a day of mixed emotions, as usual), I’m very happy we collected 3 points today. 3 points AND we’re in #3 Champions spot. I’m loving it…suffering, but loving it.

If we play this way against Re*l, we won’t stand a chance.

Here’s our next 6 fixtures:
16-Jan: away to Valladolid (COPA)
20- Jan: at home, MADRID DERBI (LIGA)
27-Jan: away to Mallorca (LIGA)
3-Feb: home to Murcia (LIGA)
10-Feb: away to Racing (LIGA)
13-Feb: away to Bolton (UEFA)

Anything missing?

(Check out all comments on the game in the previous entry, if you haven’t already- lots of good thoughts on it.)

26 Responses to “Jornada 19: Atlético de Madrid 1 Valencia 0”

  1. john said

    Hey how about some comment on AGUERO on my blog

  2. atleti said

    Hey John! I’m actually a big fan of your & Seba’s blog. Will do.

  3. day1star said

    There’s a very interesting article on, it’s called Spanish Debate – Should Sissoko be Atletico’s priority?

    You should read this, because it’s very true our midfield is not supporting our forwards enough which is why we are not scoring many goals. I’ve always thought that Aguirre took the wrong option when we started conceding too many goals, he really should have started to look at bringing in at least two good defenders so that the midfield could create and support the forwards rather than spend most of the time helping out defensively, or play a system where we have 4 at the back with a defensive midfielder in front to help the defense. It doesn’t help that we signed Motta who has spent more time injured than in playing.
    This is something though that definitely needs to be rectified because you can see that the players are at times confused and not playing as they should be, because the balance is not correct.

  4. day1star said

    Let me try that link again: – Spain – Spanish Debate: Should Sissoko Be Atletico’s Priority?

  5. Ram said

    Think you missed the Copa match mid week.

  6. gf said

    Unrelated to Atletico – a Liverpool fan friend of mine sent me this link with the message “How Rubbish is Sissoko?”

    I’ve complained about Perea before, but it seems like he’s been a little better lately. Not good or anything but he doesn’t seem to be making the awful mistakes quite as often. I agree with the point that good defenders would help the midfield.

  7. gf said

    hmmm. I read the Pernia comment and my brain inserted Perea. I agree about Pernia…he hasn’t looked good. The announcer during the copa game said it was the worst game he had ever seen him play.

  8. day1star said

    I wouldn’t buy Sissoko, we need someone like Gago or Biglia, shame Banega went to Valencia but we need someone who is young, will fit in and grow with the club and who is a great passer of the ball unlike Cleber, who for a Brazilian is an absolutely crap passer of the ball. I can’t see Motta staying inury free so we need a good replacement and cover for him.

  9. day1star said

    It’s a shame Leo Franco will not be fit for the Real game, Abbiati has done better of late, but he does not fill me with a lot of confidence his goalkicks are not very good, always gives the ball to the opposition. Unless under dire pressure i think he should always pass the ball to the defenders rather than the long ball out. Since our forwards are not very tall doesn’t make sense to send in high balls.

  10. day1star said

    Atleti, Forlan wasn’t pissed off with being substituted, he was upset about the level of service he was being provided with.

  11. atleti said

    Thanks for that article, day1star! I agree with many of the points. We do lack a class centre-back and a true defensive midfielder.Perhaps a loan move for Sissoko would be a great idea.

    Also, thanks for the clarification on Forlan– it’s good to read he wasn’t upset at being subbed out by Reyes (although I still think it’s a poor decision). Can’t blame him for venting his frustration.

  12. atleti said

    Sissoko would be available to play for us in UEFA, I think, if a loan move is secured.

  13. atleti said

    I agree that Abbiati has been reliable for the most part, but there have been a few times that he made me nervous. Then again, I’ve felt the same way with Leo Franco at times, although leo was having a pretty good run of form before his injury.

  14. atleti said

    Thanks, Ram, added the Copa game!

  15. Marty said

    Agree about Forlan – he was annoyed about the service – every time he made a run the pass didn’t come – he had to check his run to stop being offside – and then the pass was made to no-one!

  16. atleti said

    Just read that Motta trained regularly with the rest of the team. I wonder if he’ll be in the starting 11 against Valladolid or come in as a sub.

  17. atleti said

    Surely Sissoko is better than Cleber? Or, is he another Luccin?

    I await the day that Arteta joins the club, truth be told.

  18. The team needs an attacking midfielder, not a new Luccin. And at least one defensive right winger, this would place Perea on the center again.

  19. Billie said

    suffering, suffering and suffering… Now Valladolid, I hope that we do not confuse thinking about derby. The Cup is more important too.

  20. atleti said

    But do you think Perea plays well as centre-back?

    (defensive right winger = ‘right-back’ como se dicen en ingles.)

  21. atleti said

    The Copa would be the perfect way to finally return to winning ways!

  22. day1star said

    I reckon that the rotation policy is not helping, because whenever the players get a good understanding going, the next game is rotation. I’ve always thought that it’s better to stick with the partnerships, then when you’ve got the couple goals cushion sub off the important players. That way the understanding continues to develope and you have less bad games, whereas every time you change three-four players in the next game you end up playing crap.

  23. Ram said

    Not exactly since we play in 3 tournaments and we need to have players free from burnout and injuries. If you see Aguirre uses more or less the same 11 for the Liga with changes only if there are injuries or suspensions. Copa games or UEFA games against lesser threatening opponents and not so pressurising match features the bench players which is good for the overall season as we wont have players complaining about lack of playing time and also help them gain understanding with others.

  24. #20 Perea played well as centre back in his first season, i see Perea as the best partner for Pablo, and i think he is better than Eller.

  25. thomas said

    Forlán was pissed of with himself, as far as I know, he missed a pair of good chances to score a goal! I think he is a team player, not the kind that get mad like a child when they are substituted. Nice to see international fans of Atleti. A por el Madrid!

  26. atleti said

    Ya, it would have been completely out of character!


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