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Jornada 19: Atlético de Madrid v Valencia

Posted by atleti on January 12, 2008

Let’s cut to the chase: Los Che are having a shitty campaign this season. Poor form, no Champions League, sacking of a coach mid-season, black-listed players, nightclub fracas, goal droughts, even a sex tape.  You name it & they’ve had to deal with it. Honestly, I can’t see them competing for a European spot this season, unless things change dramatically. Yes, Valencia have been that dreadful.

That said, I don’t underestimate them: they’re coming to el Vicente Calderón in hopes of ending their rotten streak of 6 winless games.

I’ll be watching the game with Cesar (a Valencia supporter & blogger) at Nevada Smith’s. I’ll try to be at my best behaviour. :) 

Anyway! Here’s some info:

Valencia’s recent away form in Liga:
2-2 against Zaragoza.
0-0 against Osasuna
1-0 loss against Racing.
0-2 win against Mallorca.

You have to go back to the first week of November for the last time they won away. Dreadful record– it’s no wonder they are in full-crisis mode.

Here are their most recent 5 results (in all competitions):
Real Betis 1 Valencia 2 (Copa)
Valencia 0 Levante 0
Valencia 3 Real Union 0 (Copa)
Zaragoza 2 Valencia 2
Real Union 1 Valencia 2 (Copa)

Not too bad, but you have to remember that they’ve played three Copa games recently, against weaker sides.

Here are previous results for this fixture in the past five seasons:
06/07 season: 0-1 Valencia win.
05/06 season: 0-0 draw.
04/05 season: 1-0 Atleti win.
03/04 season: 0-3 Valencia win.
02/03 season: 1-1 draw.

Only one win for us in the past five seasons.

“It’s a 6-pointer game” said Aguirre at his press talk today. And he’s right, for the most part:

1 Re*l M*drid 44
2 Barcelona 37
3 Espanyol 36
4 Atlético 34
5 Villarreal 32
6 Racing 29
7 Valencia 27
8 Sevilla 26

No official starting 11 has been provided at the moment, but Aguirre mentioned during his press talk that Cléber & Raúl will occupy the central midfield. I presume that Maxi, Simao, and Antonio will all start, after being rested mid-week.

Here’s the list of 18:

Falcón; Antonio López; Pernía; Cléber Santana; Forlán; Raúl García; Luis García; Agüero; Maxi ; Eller; Abbiati; Reyes; Miguel; Mista; Perea; Pablo; Valera; Simão.

UNAVAILABLE (INJURY): Zé Castro, Seitaridis, Leo Franco, & Jurado. Motta could have played, but Aguirre decided to leave him out so as to prevent another injury set-back. Good idea.

For their part, Koeman has included Argentine midfielder Banega to the squad list, in hopes of injecting some new blood to the squad.

I see us winning this one in a hard-fought manner. We are far from perfect, but we are playing at home with a far more confident, fairly strong squad than Valencia. It would be a great morale-booster ahead of next week’s Madrid derbi, too…


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21 Responses to “Jornada 19: Atlético de Madrid v Valencia”

  1. Cesar said

    I have no idea what a choto is, but if anyone needs hankies, it’s you!

    Good luck tomorrow! But it’s time for us to break out of this funk!!


  2. Mohammed said

    I’m hoping for a big win.

    I can’t erase the 3-1 humiliation at Mestalla (last season) out of my mind, so hopefully, it will be “payback time”.

  3. atleti said

    My prediction is 3-1 for Atleti.

    You read it here first, folks!

  4. day1star said

    Let’s hope so, we’ve shown that we’re not the pushovers we were last season, now we have to show ambition and drive and the killing instinct.

    Vamos Atletico.

    P.S. 3-0 win would be better.

  5. atleti said

    Oh yes: 3-0 is better. I was being too nice in giving them a consolation goal!

    This is the sort of game that could go one of two ways, I think: painful nil draw or high-scoring action.

  6. Ram said

    I remember Augirre mentioning that the players lose the match in the mind during last season and I have started to believe that. The team does have a good attitude this season and it shows!!!!!!!!

  7. day1star said

    Has the starting 11 been announced yet?

  8. atleti said

    Not yet. My guess is this: Abbiati; Perea; Pablo; Eller; Antonio; Maxi; Raúl; Cléber; Simao; Forlan, Agüero.

    If Maxi receives a yellow card, he won’t be able to play in next week’s derbi. Same goes for Reyes.

    I think Villa is still too injured to play for Valencia– which is great news. Joaquín is always a danger, though. Arizmendi, an ex-Atleti player, will be playing as fullback, I’ve read. How odd is that? His actual position has always been striker.

  9. day1star said

    Shame Jurado’s not fully fit prefer him to Cleber.

  10. day1star said

    I’m sure if Reyes couldn’t play next week it would be no great loss, not when you remember that he was mouthing off last time we played Real and then did sweet FA. He’s probably our worst buy followed by Cleber.

  11. atleti said

    Can’t help but feel sorry for Jurado. Made a good comeback and then bam, injured again.

  12. atleti said

    FULL-TIME::: Almería 1 Espanyol 0

    If we win, we will climb to #3!


  13. day1star said

    Shame Villareal won, they’ve overtaken us but not for long!

  14. Mohammed said

    Maaaaan!!! What a nerve wrecking game it was!!

    The second half reminded me of the old Atleti; when we used to lose it and make stupid mistakes. Thank God we were lucky enough not to concede this time.

    Congrats on the win.

    Now, we have to defeat Re@l Madrid and take back our 3 points.

    Go Atleti

  15. day1star said

    Best Player Aguero, what were the rest of the team thinking? I can’t believe some of the shoddy passing we were doing, we were good in the first half but in the second, we were dismal apart from some moments where Aguero, Forlan and Simao tried to create something.
    We played too much in our own half.
    In my humble opinion the midfield is not right, Cleber was awful kept losing the ball, should have brought on Luis Garcia in his place. If we play like this against Real we’ll lose.
    We lacked self belief, maybe the way we won this will instill some confidence into the players. I don’t know what Aguirre says to the players at half time, but whatever it is it’s not working. He needs to change it.

  16. Mohammed said

    I think Aguirre tried to play on the counter but that’s obviously not our speciality. There was only 3 players on the counter each time; Forlan, Aguero and Simao. Three players can not play a counter attack.

  17. day1star said

    Even to play counterattack you need to be able to hold onto the ball, we kept giving possession away, and the passes were way off base. The best form of defence is attack, and to keep possession of the ball.

  18. atleti said

    It wasn’t the greatest game, but at least we won.

    So many talking points, too.

    Be back in a few with a new entry!

  19. fernando said

    Al final, el At.Madrid ganó por 1-0. Gol de Agüero y mucho sufrimiento. Ya somos terceros.

    At.Madrid 3º position at Liga.

  20. Armon said

    My god our midfield needs work. Valencia (mainly joaquin) had so many long balls allowed in, which our defense is to blame in part but the fact that the midfield kept giving away the ball and not threatening on defense, thus allowing valencia’s players to have time to make accurate crosses, was disgusting. what a horrible second half and lucky win, luckily no one but joaquin seemed to want to play too hard. anyways thank god for the win, hopefully we’ll play much, much better against real madrid and motta will be fit to get rid of rubbish cleber, did you see in one of the last corners when one of our guys (pablo?) was clearing the ball and cleber was right in front of him clearing the opposite way??!

  21. atleti said

    Cleber is absolutely ridiculous. I hope that Motta returns to good form because if I have to see Cleber play one more game I think I’ll go crazy.

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