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Copa: Atlético de Madrid 0 Real Valladolid 0 (home leg)

Posted by atleti on January 10, 2008

I’ve been up since the crack of the morning. Public transportation has been annoying me all day. I have a splitting headache. And now this. A 0-0 draw against Valladolid. This leaves the final leg completely wide open now, no sense of security, at all. 

It’s frustrating, upsetting and bored me death.

“Wasteful” is probably the best word to describe this game. We had maybe 5-6 clear opportunities to put ourselves ahead, but failed to do so.

Falcón; Valera; Zé Castro (55′ Perea); Eller; Pernía; Luis García (74′ Miguel); Cléber; Jurado; Reyes; Forlán; Mista (61′ Agüero).

To make matters worse, Jurado injured himself while warming up for the game, hence Raúl García had to play in his place.

Zé Castro suffered an injury while playing and had to be subbed out in the early part of the second half.

Two stand-out performances: third-string keeper Falcón and Forlán (who really should have scored on a few clear occasions).

Poorest players on the pitch: Pernía, Reyes, Zé Castro, Eller, Valera & Cléber. Luis also let me down.

Really, there were very few positives to take from this game and I agree with many of the comments made in the previous entry.

So, what does Aguirre have to say about all of this?
“I’m happy that that the team didn’t concede a goal, but we’ll have to see what happens in the away game…We could’ve killed the game in the first half, but that’s football and sometimes the ball doesn’t want to go into the net. We faced a great team. The away leg will be attractive…”

As for the players, the ones interviewed after the game are convinced that we will proceed to the quarterfinals. I certainly hope so.

Next up: home to Valencia (Liga).

8 Responses to “Copa: Atlético de Madrid 0 Real Valladolid 0 (home leg)”

  1. Armon said

    I agree for the most party about the summary of players, especially luis/reyes/pernia being bad, but to be honest I’m beginning to think that eller is actually one of our better defenders recently. all of our defense makes risky, nerve wracking, nonsensical moves but i feel like ellers been making fewer with every game. either way, i guess i just wish that forlan didn’t have such an off night. He was flawless as far as making runs and passes and positioning but the only thing (and what an important thing it was) was his poor finishing. i’m confident that we’ll succeed to the quarter finals though. i mean if we did this well considering that we were using 2nd and 3rd string players, and they were having an off game at that, then i don’t see how we can do any worse

  2. fernando said

    El peor partido de la temporada, sobre todo, la segunda mitad. Ahora debemos ganar o empatar con goles en Pucela. Hay varios jugadores que no dan la talla. Jurado tiene mala suerte ya que cuando dispone de minutos se lesiona.

    un abrazo.

  3. Leivinha said

    The bench players did nothing to earn themselves more minutes. I never thought Reyes was this bad and even Luis Garcia dissapeared from the game after missing his chance to score in the 1st half. Now we have to keep Mista since he has surpassed the limit of 5 games and now cannot be transfered.

    I liked Falcon a lot. He should be a contender for starting keeper next year.

    It was nice to see R. Madrid finally lose after witnessing live at the Bernabeu their lucky victory over Zaragoza last Sunday night (Zaragoza dominates for 70 minutes, Casillas stops everything and then Robinho turns on his magic to create two goals). I don’t think Real Madrid would be in the Champions League zone if they didn’t have Casillas. Joder con los Mandriles.

  4. atleti said

    I can’t help but feel bad for Jurado! 100% mala suerte.

    Ya, the one bright spot about these games has definitely been Falcón. I know that Abbiati wants to renew his stay with the club, but I really think they should consider giving Falcón more opportunities.

  5. Billie said

    Lack motivation in the nonhabitual players.

  6. This was predictable playing reserves. I wait more luck in the next leg in Valladolid.
    However Atleti no arrive far in Copa del Rey since 2000.

  7. atleti said

    Agreed! Here’s hoping for success in the Copa this season…although playing these weakened sides in future games won’t help us at all.

  8. Hal said

    I just hope we won’t regret playing these substitutes instead of the regular’s…

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