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Copa: Atlético de Madrid v Real Valladolid (home leg)

Posted by atleti on January 9, 2008

Here’s the squad list for tomorrow’s (Thursday) round of 16 game against Valladolid:

Starting 11: Falcón; Valera; Zé Castro; Eller; Pernía; Luis García; Cléber; Jurado; Reyes; Forlán; Mista.

SUBS: Abbiati; Perea; Raúl García; Miguel; Agüero.

RESTED: Pablo, Antonio López, Maxi, and Simao.

STILL OUT INJURED: Motta (could be back in time for the Madrid derbi), Leo Franco, and Seitaridis.

A significantly weakened side, hmm?? I’m always a little worried when we play these second-string sides, but, at the same time, I’m feeling fairly confident that we will do enough to make to the quarterfinals. I also hope that the stadium has more people in it than the previous Copa games. Let’s show the Copa some respect!

Anyway, for Valladolid’s part, manager Mendilibar doesn’t want the team to make the same mistakes that they made in last season’s Copa. Plus, he believes the team are better defensively since their 4-3 loss at el Vicente Calderón early this season.

Excerpts from Aguirre’s Press Talk:
“It’s going to be different from the one we played against them in league. In that match we weren’t good in defense; we were solid in attack, but we finished with ten men. We have to be aware that the qualifying tie lasts 180 minutes”.

“Valladolid is an aggressive team that plays well with the ball and works hard. We know that they’ve made some changes, but not many. It’s a team that plays beautiful football.”

REMINDER: The away leg will be played Wednesday, 16-January.

It looks like Maniche is as good as gone; all reports out at the moment suggest that he’ll be loaned out to Inter Milan for the rest of the season.

We’re heavily linked with Albelda, but it’s unclear on whether he can join us in January or if Valencia will send him on loan elsewhere.

Anything missing?

17 Responses to “Copa: Atlético de Madrid v Real Valladolid (home leg)”

  1. atleti said

    It’s great that it’ll be live on TV here, but…I won’t be home then! I’ll tape it for later viewing…

  2. day1star said

    They’re showing it on sky sports here in the UK, at 7.00pm tomorrow.

  3. atleti said

    That’s great.

    I can’t imagine life without DVR…

  4. Armon said

    I thought albelda was cut from valencia’s team? Or was he just dropped from the roster but still on the team?

  5. Derek said

    Good question Armon, there was some controversy at Valencia over that. Koeman said he doesn’t need Albelda anymore at all, while Soler said he’s just training apart. Anyway, Atlético can’t sign/loan Albelda in this transfer window, because he has played more than 5 la Liga matches for Valencia, which makes him ineligible to play for any other la Liga team.

  6. day1star said

    We could sign him if Valencia give him a free transfer and then he would be eligible to play straight away, but i don’t think that Valencia will do that so it’s a pretty moot issue.

    With regards to the match today, i’d rather that Aguirre would start with Aguero, try and get a couple of goals in the first half, and then sub him out in the second half for the Valencia match along with Forlan. Since the second match is away it’s important we do really well today and keep a clean sheet at the back.

  7. Hi Atleti, i’m very disappoint. I discovered your blog for Spain and from my link others bloggers know your blog. However you never commenting in my blog.
    ¡Aupa Atleti!

  8. Hal said

    On which spanish channel (if any) will the game be broadcasted?

    By the way, i was considering buying some tickets to the Atleti vs Real M. match; do you guys happen to know when they’ll be on sale?

  9. atleti said

    Ya, what Day1star & Derek have said: the situation is a bit complicated with Albelda. If he does play for the club, it’ll be next season unless Valencia release him as a free transfer.

    Where are you, Hal? I don’t think the game will be televised on a Spanish channel in the USA. You could switch your language settings to Spanish, though. If you’re in the UK or elsewhere, there might be someone else reading the blog who knows the channel situation over there.

  10. atleti said

    I wish I knew more about where you can buy some tickets to the derbi, Hal: check the official website for details on when they’ll become available (from the looks of it, they aren’t out yet) or one of those sites that offers tickets. There’s a reputable one that escapes my mind at the moment.

    Good luck!

  11. Willen said


    not sure if anyone is going to ask that..
    however, I’ve been seeing Cléber in the Starting 11… is he playing enough for that?


  12. Hal said

    I’m fortunate enough to be in Madrid, at the time being.
    My written spanish, unfortunately, is a mess – so your blog made my day when i found it ;)

    Anyway, i checked the website and they’re still not for sale… another 3 or 4 days of waiting, i guess.


  13. atleti said

    Glad to be of some small service! Also, there are a few bloggers from and in Spain who comment on the blog who are familiar with English. Jose, Fernando, & Billie, and they’re good sources for info on that, too.

    Cléber has been filling the role of black-listed Maniche & injured Motta. He’s been OK, I suppose, but still lacks in many areas (no strong presence & doesn’t add creativity, for instance).

  14. atleti said

    Full-time: 0-0.


    I checked the score-line at the 50th minute and was hoping I’d come back to find that we have won…

    Time to go home & watch it…something tell’s me I’m not going to enjoy what I see.

  15. Armon said

    Goddammit, I wish we started w/ aguero. We had endless opportunities in the first half with incredibly poor finishing, with forlan surprisingly being greatly responsible. Atletico definitely deserved the win and yet got nothing, I hope Aguirre learns from this game, I mean even Barcelona used most of their best players for their copa game, what gives us the right to use so many second/third stringers? At least if aguero started I’m sure he wouldve scored in the first half then we could just rest him after that. so frustrating.

  16. day1star said

    This is my summing up of the game, if Aguirre had gone with my gameplan we would have won this game easy, we had loads of chances in the first half which we squandered. Reyes was crap, our midfield was playing too far back so no real support to the strikers, who wasted opportunity after opportunity anyway. The second half was really bad, Forlan was upfront on his own until Aguero came on, and then they were both upfront with no service, the midfield was practically non-existent, Pernia kept giving away silly freekicks, and the passing with the exception of Forlan and Aguero was pretty atrocious.
    Had we played without Reyes, Mista and Pernia we would have been much better off.
    Now, we have it all to do in the second leg, let’s hope Aguirre learns from his mistakes and fields a proper team next time.
    The best players for us were Forlan, Falcon and Aguero when he came on.

  17. Mohammed said

    Forlan was just unlucky today. Hence, the scoreless result.

    I really don’t know what’s wrong with Reyes. He was doing great when he was at Arsenal. Even with Re@l Madrid he wasn’t in this kind of form!!

    Cleber was just passing the time.

    Pernia, I’m really hating this guy. Slow and stupid defensively and impotent offensively.

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