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Jornada 18: Deportivo de La Coruña 0 Atlético de Madrid 3

Posted by atleti on January 6, 2008

After 18 long years, Los Colchoneros finally collect 3 points at Estadio Riazor– against a very poor, clueless Deportivo.

BRIEFLY: Our overall game was average, but the goals were of the highest quality.

Abbiati; Perea, Pablo, Eller, Antonio López; Raúl García, Jurado (73′ Luis García), Maxi, Simão (75′ Reyes); Kun Agüero (67′ Cléber) and Forlán.

39′ Forlán (great pass from the left flank by Antonio)
52′ Agüero (counter-attack goal; cool, world-class finishing by Kun)
64′ Jurado (powerful header!)

A Few Thoughts
*Great game for Antonio, in both defence & when moving forward. There’s no reason why he shouldn’t be given more playing time. Pernía is passed it.

*Surprisingly good game for Perea, who continues as right-back with Seitaridis unavailable. Very efficient and focused.

*Raúl García– always a consistently good player. He cleared a ball from the line before Kun scored our 2nd goal. That was certainly the turning point of the game.

*Jurado was average, I thought. Apart from his fantastic goal, his performance was adequate at best. Jurado & Cleber aren’t our answer to the central midfield, but they’ll have to do until Motta is fully recovered.

*Good, untroubled game for Abbiati despite one minor slip.

Why does Aguirre insist on replacing Simão with Reyes all of the time? Simão was playing well, for the most part. There was no need to take him out at all. Maxi, on the other hand, was practically non-existent for most of the game. It would’ve have been much better to remove ineffective Maxi & replace him with Luis García. Luis is deserving of much more playing time than Reyes, as far as I’m concerned.

*Cléber could have replaced Raúl instead, I thought.

*Fernando at SENTIMIENTO ATLETICO thinks that Miguel should have been included in the squad list & had a few minutes of playing time instead of Reyes. This is another good substitution option that Aguirre didn’t consider.

*The decision to sub out Kun was OK. Like I said in the previous entry, the TV commentator suggested that Kun seemed annoyed at the substitution. Not sure about that.

Anyway, there wasn’t much to the game. Depor were just awful and didn’t look like they would ever get anything out of this clash.

So, we’re back into a Champions spot, I’m happy…and that’s what matters.

Next up: at home to Valencia!

Have you guys seen them play lately? Just awful. They drew against Levante (0-0) today…the Valencia crisis continues. Now’s the time to add further salt to their wounds.

10 Responses to “Jornada 18: Deportivo de La Coruña 0 Atlético de Madrid 3”

  1. Billie said

    The next match versus Valencia is so important for us. If we will win, we will play more quiets against Madrid. Great Kun goal, he seemed Romário.

  2. fernando said

    Yo creo que Miguel De Las Cuevas debería haber jugado por REyes. Hay que darle minutos al chaval y no a un inútil como Reyes.

    Very goog match of Agüero and Forlan. They were fundamental to win the match at Coruña. Now, the At.Madrid must win to VAlladolid and Valencia. And the 19-20 january At.Madrid-R.Madrid in Vicente Calderón

    un abrazo

  3. Ram said

    Will Motta be ready for the match against valencia? We need a strong midfielder against Valencia instead of Jurado.

  4. atleti said

    Lots of important mid-season games coming up, no doubt about it.

    No word yet on Motta’s fitness.

  5. I think Jurado is better player than Motta. At least he try play good football.

    The game was quite bad. We enjoy only with Agüero $ Forlán and their goals.

  6. Armon said

    i would say jurado is definitely better than cleber but not better than motta when healthy, he’s made us play with such poise and patience

  7. atleti said

    Ya, I would definitely pick a 100% fit Motta over Jurado or Cleber.

    While he’s still out injured, I’d play Jurado more and give Miguel more playing time.

  8. atleti said

    According to AS, it’s only a matter of hours before Maniche makes the switch to Inter…

  9. Hal said

    Good result, although the match itself was insipid.
    As for Maniche, what a mess the guy made! It saddens me to see good players act like that

  10. atleti said

    Ya, definitely a great result after the previous round’s result.

    It’s a shame Maniche had to misbehave since his arrival to the club…

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