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Jornada 18: Deportivo de La Coruña v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on January 5, 2008

Alright! Liga is back from winter-break! It’s been a great few days off, but I’m glad it’s back in action.

Here’s what we know so far:

STARTING 11: Abbiati; Perea, Pablo, Eller, Antonio López; Raúl García, Cléber OR Jurado, Maxi, Simão; Kun Agüero and Forlán.

SUBS: Falcón,  Zé Castro, Valera, Luis García, Reyes, Mista.

At this point, Aguirre is undecided on whether to have Cleber or Jurado in the central midfield. Who would you choose?

Pernía is serving his suspension for this game.

Leo Franco, Seitaridis, and Motta are still unavailable due to injury, but the good news is that Motta is in the final stage of recuperation. We face Valencia at home next week and Real at home the following week as well– So, it appears as though Motta will be fit in time to play for one or both of these games. Great, great, great!

So, anyway, we face #19 Deportivo with a measily 17 points…

Here are the  results of this fixture in previous seasons:
06/07 season: 1-0 win for Depor.
05/06 season: 1-0 win for Depor.
04/05 season: 2-0 win for Depor.
03/04 season: 5-1 win for Depor.

Ouch. Not the greatest record at Estadio Riazor in recent years…

It’s not all grim, however.

Here’s Deportivo’s recent home form this season:
1-1 draw against Zaragoza.
1-2 loss against Osasuna.
0-1 loss against Racing.
1-1 draw against Mallorca
2-4  loss against Valencia.

Abysmal record! They’ve only won one time at home this season and that was in round 3 against woeful Betis.

I’m optimistic about a victory: we’ve had an opportunity to rest a few key players, particularly Kun (but that’s because he was serving a suspension midweek). Really, a draw or a loss against Depor would be a disastrous result for us.

I’ll be keeping an eye on today’s games (Espanyol v Villarreal & Mallorca v Barcelona) as those results directly affect our climb to the top.

Ah, in terms of Maniche. It looks like Inter might be keen on a loan move than a permanent one. Hm.

14 Responses to “Jornada 18: Deportivo de La Coruña v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. Yo elegiría a Jurado, sin duda ninguna. Creo que tiene mucha más clase y este año lo estaba haciendo bien. Veremos como se nos da el partido. Riazor no se nos da bien desde hace un montón de años.

    Un beso y feliz año, amigo


  2. Mohammed said

    I think Aguirre should give Motta extra time to fully recover from his recurrent injury. A month would be OK, hopefully.

    Deportivo have put a great show against Barca last year. That’s why we must not underestimate them.

  3. atleti said

    Yo elegiría el tambien– por las mismas razones. No me gusta Cleber para nada. Pura mediocridad– en ataque y en defensa.

    Jurado trabaja bien con los otros jugadores; tiene mas calidad tecnica y ofrece alternativas a la salida.

    I definitely agree Mohammed: it might be better to put off Motta’s return until he’s fully match fit. I’m probably a bit unrealistic in hoping he’d return before the Real game.

    Ya, desperate times for Depor. I don’t undestimate them, but I’ve got a good feeling of a positive result.

  4. Perhaps the best new about the match is Pernía´s ban. I think Pernía don´t deserve to be in the starting eleven nor in the substitutes. I hope Kun Agüero will score this time and of course our better striker Forlán.
    I like your blog so much, Forza Atleti!

  5. atleti said

    Thanks, man! The left-back situation is a bit complicated because both Pernía & Antonio are erratic in their own way. I think, though, Pernía makes reckless, nonsensical tackles, which concede too many free-kicks.

    It was a blessing that Kun was suspended for the Copa game because now he is well-rested & fit. I hope this is the game we finally win Depor at home, after so many seasons of losing.

    The game will be on TV here (en vivo) at 11:00am, thankfully.

    1 Real Madrid 41
    2 Barcelona 37
    3 Espanyol 36
    4 Villarreal 32
    5 Atlético 31

    The incentive is that we a win = Champions spot now that Villarr lost today.


  6. atleti said

    0-3 at the moment !! Still plenty of time left, too.

    Aupa Atleti!

  7. day1star said

    Why has Aguero been subbed? Is he injured or is it coz we’re playing midweek?

  8. atleti said

    No idea. Tactical, it seems. The commentators suggest he might have been peeved at the substitution.

    Andddd, it’s all over: 0-3! After 17 years of not winning at Riazor.

    Be back in a few!

  9. Ram said

    I dont think it is a bad idea to take him off and give others a run when the game is done and dusted.

  10. day1star said

    Has anyone got any footage of the goals?

  11. atleti said

    Check this thread, day1star.

    All great goals.

  12. atleti said

    Writing up a mini-review right now.

  13. day1star said

    Thanx Atleti, i’d already found it, nice goals and a 3-0 away win, that’s really good.

  14. This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Best wishes!
    Where are your contact details though?

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