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Copa: Atlético de Madrid 1 Granada 74 1

Posted by atleti on January 2, 2008

Lackluster, dreadfully dull draw played in a chilly and near-empty Vicente Calderón stadium. That sums it up, hmm?

Paraphrased from El Mundo daily: When given the opportunity to play from the very start, substitutes tend to play with ‘hunger’ to earn a spot in the regularly chosen 11…but that wasn’t the case this evening (Valera & Luis, for instance).

Bottom-line: A win is a win is a win and we secured a spot to the round of 16. That’s all that matters.

Falcón; Perea; Pernía; Valera; Zé Castro; Miguel (Forlán 59′); Cléber (Raúl 60′); Luis García (Simao 80′); Jurado; Reyes; Mista.

The good news is that Miguel continues to receive a decent amount of time to play in these sorts of games. Little by little he’ll regain full confidence & fitness.

’75 Mista (assist by Reyes, on the counterattack)
’92 Aranda

Next up for us: away to Deportivo (Liga) on Sunday.

6 Responses to “Copa: Atlético de Madrid 1 Granada 74 1”

  1. Billie said

    Very bad match, the stadium it was empty but we are in the next round. The one and only impotant thing.

  2. atleti said

    Ya. I’m happy for the simple fact that we are onto the next round.

  3. fernando said

    Very bad match. The better was the clasification and Miguel De Las Cuevas. I hope to win la Copa del Rey.

    un abrazo.

  4. Hi my friend. This match is typical in this sad Cup.
    In Spain the clubs don’t to attach importance to King’s Cup. First is the Champions League, second is the Liga and last is the King’s Cup.
    Regards to Un grande sin memoria

  5. Yo escribo en castellano porque mi inglés deja mucho que desear y para hacer el ridiculo me quedo en casa, esto mismo debería pensar Cleber y nos irían mejor las cosas.

  6. atleti said

    Hi, all. It seems that’s route the big leagues are taking now: putting much more emphasis on Liga & Champions/UEFA with domestic Cup competitions as lesser priority.

    Jaj! Todavia no puedo creer que el club firmó a Cleber este verano. Como dicen aquí, ‘poor scouting’.

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