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Some Good News

Posted by atleti on December 29, 2007

I read this much earlier today, but it’s worth writing about, even if only briefly because I assume everyone knows by now anyway:

The club have increased  Agüero’s release clause to €55 million. He’s been in a bit of a funky patch recently, but that still doesn’t take away from the quality striker that he has shown himself to be this season.

I had read maybe a day earlier that Juventus are set to spend  €60-65 million this summer– the increased clause alleviates some concern of losing him.

As for Kun, he had some good things to say about the improvement:
“I’m delighted with this agreement […] Atlético has great players and an international reputation, and I want to stay here for many years to help the club achieve something big.”

He’s a good kid.

Some of our players were involved in international friendlies with their hometown regions: Reyes & Jurado played for Andalucía in a 4-1 victory against Zambia. Mista & Valera played for their native Murcia against Equatorial Guinea (1-0 win).

I read a very thought-provoking blog entry yesterday, by fellow blogger “pobre atleti”. I’ll share a few of his points here. Firstly, he puts into question the length of time that our current players have been with the club: our longest-serving player is Antonio López, who has been with us for about 6 seasons, and is hardly a regular starter. Leo Franco, Pablo & Perea have been at the club for 4 seasons. We then have several players who have been here for only 2 seasons (Mista, Pernía, Jurado, Eller, Ze Castro, Seitaridis).

When he puts it that way, this certainly spells out a recipe of inconsistency, no? Consistency has always been a lingering problem for us. With so much movement in & out of the club, it’s difficult to develop a true (quality) core of regular players.  We shuffle all too frequently.

Who has left the club prematurely (for various reasons)? Torres, Arizmendi, Gabi, Manuel del Moral, et al.

“Pobre Atleti” asks, “What is it about the club that no one wants to stay…? I cannot remember the last player to retire at Atleti after spending an entire sporting career at the club.” Also asking, why did the club let go of the likes of Gabi, Gronkjaer, Kezman, Petrov, Pínola, only to replace them with players of similar quality. Well-managed clubs (take your pick) don’t act in this way– it’s counterproductive.

“Pobre Atleti” also asks the question I’ve brought up here recently (and have thought about over the years): Why has the club shelled out money for the likes of “Javi Moreno, José Mari, Mussampa, Nano, Nikolaidis, Álvaro Novo, Rodrigo Fabri, Pato Sosa, Velasco, Pernía, Eller, Cleber Santana”, et al— all players who have added little, if any, quality to the side. Simply poor decisions– average, at best.

The final, and ultimately main point of the blog entry is that it would be unwise to get rid of Maniche at this stage of the season, for financial reasons & because letting him go would require us to find an adequate (not to mention adaptable) replacement in the middle of the season in a short period of time. Highly unrealistic. It’s a valid point– one that makes me rethink my own stance on the Maniche situation.

17 Responses to “Some Good News”

  1. Ram said

    Torres, Arizmendi, Gabi, Manuel del Moral, et al. — Except Torres none were of good quality.

    Gabi, Gronkjaer, Kezman, Petrov, Pínola — Tell me how much did they do when they were here

    Javi Moreno, José Mari, Mussampa, Nano, Nikolaidis, Álvaro Novo, Rodrigo Fabri, Pato Sosa, Velasco, Pernía, Eller, Cleber Santana — Bad scouting in many cases and the anxiety of the management to get result.

  2. day1star said

    Agree, for a club of the size and stature of Atletico the scouting network is rubbish, we don’t scout upcoming players but rather depend on finding players who are close to their sell by date i.e Eller, Maniche, Costinha, Santana (by that i mean are not of in my opinion the calibre of players we should be trying to attract). We’re not looking for long term prospects but rather short term. I thought the loaning out of Braulio was a mistake as he looks like he will become a good player. For Athletico to achieve long term success there must be continuity both in management and in retaining star players. I personally would get rid of Maniche, Reyes, Santana as soon as possible and bring in youngish talented players who will stay long term, also we need to start utilising the homegrown talents that we have, they may be young, but if you give them chances in some of the not important games it will give them good experience and help them grow as players for the future.

  3. Ram said

    The dilemma always comes in whether to be patient enough or for instant success in terms of buying players from outside. The trouble the club had was to buy rubbish (atleast the players turned rubbish when they start playing for us) players instead of depending on home grown players. Apart from gabi, Torres…I cannot think of anybody who can replace any players in the present rooster. Even in Gabi’ case…since we got Santana for some money which would have been saved. Gabi nevr did any magic with us.

  4. atleti said

    When you really think about it, it was ridiculous to let go of Petrov (a supporter favourite) and bring in Reyes. Both are of fairly similar quality– I dare say, Petrov is actually better, but the club just didn’t have any faith in him after his long-term injury spell. Meanwhile he’s been great for Man City this season…Reyes not only came from Real, but has failed to live up to his own expectation.

    In retrospect, we should have settled on this for the wings: Petrov/Simao on the left & Maxi/Luis for the right. Plus, an extra winger, Jurado.

    Among others, We let go of Kezman (a favourite among many supporters), Arizmendi, & Braulio for… Mista (who we offered a 5-year contract)!– is Mista really that much better than Kezman, or Braulio or whoever? Not really. In fact, he has been fairly ineffective for quite some time and is aging. Another nonsensical decision. The Pernía signing of two years ago was another moronic decision.

    One of my big hopes is that Miguel returns to 100% match fitness, making it difficult for the club to keep Cleber beyond this season. Another big hope is that we say goodbye to Mista & offer Braulio a permanent contract with the club this summer. Will it happen? I doubt it.

    So, yes, I definitely agree that our scouting and overall management is just crap. Like you say, day1star, it’s impossible to build a team based on so many short-term solutions and expect success.

    @Ram: letting go of Gabi for a player like Cleber was definitely a waste of money since Cleber isn’t that much better than Gabi.

    The truth is, we have wasted so much money over the years due to poor decisions by sporting director(s) & president Cerezo. It’s like they enjoying shooting themselves in the foot.

  5. Ram said

    I always thought that Reyes had better talent than Petrov. Petrov is doing good this season, but I want to wait for the second season where the real test of character comes into play.

    But the other statements I do agree…especially Mista. I do remember you posting one interview where it was stated that Mista was bought in as a replacement for Torres (thinking that he would leave that season)…what a moronic thought.

  6. Dani said

    Petrov wasn’t my favorite. Simao have got more points for us and Reyes works harder than Marto.
    Kezman and Pinola are non EU players.
    Eller is Aguirre’s favorite.
    Santana is playing with more confidence and less fouls than Gabi after 2 years in the first team.
    So, I don’t think, our scouting is as bad as Ram says, especially after Jesus Gil is not involved.

  7. atleti said

    Kezman is Serbian.

    Wasn’t Eller a player that Pitarch brought in on his own without discussion from Aguirre (sort of like Cleber)?

  8. Billie said

    Sincerely, thanks to make reference to “Pobre Atleti” article in so extensive way.

    I hope that the increase Agüero’s release clause to €55 million will not be one announcement of his exit of the club. I think about Torres and I suffer.

  9. atleti said

    You’re welcome, Billie! You brought up a lot of very good points!

  10. Dani said

    “Kezman is Serbian.”
    Serbia is not a member of the EU.
    BTW Has anyone ever seen Kezman smiling?

    “Wasn’t Eller a player that Pitarch brought in on his own without discussion from Aguirre”
    Aguirre wanted left footed experienced central. Pitarch doesn’t surprises coaches as Toni did (with Nuñez).

  11. atleti said

    Right, Dani.

    Now that you mention it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Kezman smile. Maybe I don’t want to??? haha.

    I don’t want to sound so pessimistic, so I will say that I think we brought in more quality players this summer than in previous seasons. The amount of goals scored is proof of that. There’s always room for improvement in the back-line, of course.

  12. Elisa said

    Fabulous blog post. I agree that oodles of money has been mispent in the past, but I think you guys have got it right this year. CL qualification and perhaps winning the UEFA cup this year! Yes it can happen!

    I don’t know what is going on with Maniche, but he is known for being a cancer in the dressing room. He is a quality player, but at what price?

  13. atleti said

    Thanks for your kind words, Elisa; here’s hoping for some silverware this season! This drought is killing me.

    I agree: Maniche been such an important player this season, ‘but at what price?’

    Last season’s drinking & driving incident was disgraceful, but lying to club officials? That’s just wrong on so many levels. What a complicated situation!

    He can’t complain about not having time off: he hasn’t played in 2-3 weeks as punishment for his fib…

  14. atleti said

    Reading the main news sources just now:

    -Abbiati wants to add another season to his stay at the club.

    -Bianchi of Man City told La Gazzetta dello Sport that he wants to play for Atlético at some point. I doubt this move will ever happen. Either way, I haven’t been impressed with what I’ve seen from him in the Premier League…he has struggled to adapt.

  15. Ram said

    This season Augirre has got the players he wanted and got what he wished (including Riquelme saga)… it is for the coach to prove his choices.

  16. Ringo said

    I would like to play for Atletico at some point in my career.

  17. Armon said

    I’ll see you there, Ringo. How awesome would that be? god i hate reality sometimes haha

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