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Jornada 17: Atlético de Madrid v Espanyol

Posted by atleti on December 22, 2007

So, most sports papers are focusing El Clásico (Real visit Barcelona) and I can’t blame them. It’s an incredibly tight table at the moment, so both clubs want the 3 points, not to mention bragging rights. I’ll definitely be watching it as the result affects Atleti’s climb to the top.

Now, having said that, Atleti’s game against Barcelona’s crosstown neighbours is also one to watch as both clubs are eager to climb up the table as well, especially  our favourite, Atleti.

STARTING 11: Abbiati; Perea, Pablo, Eller, Pernía; Cléber, Raúl García, Maxi, Simao; Agüero and Forlán.

SUBS: Falcón; Antonio López; Luis García; Jurado; Reyes; Mista; Valera.

Jurado is fit to play again after a few weeks out with injury.

Where’s Maniche, you ask?
It’s said in the Spanish press that he is being punished by the club for faking an injury– in order to skip out on the Copa game. This hasn’t been confirmed one way or another on the official website. However, the club have officially said they are open to offers for the Portuguese midfielder in January…

If this is the case, and it seems to be so, then good riddance (if a lucrative offer was made). He has been an important player so far this season, but that sort of behaviour is unprofessional, selfish, and shows a lack of committment. Shame, really.

This isn’t the first time Maniche has been punished by the club for something similar, which resulted in exclusion from a few games (if I remember correctly).

Anyway, Moving On…Here are the basics to the game:

Espanyol 1-0 Levante
Zaragoza 3-3 Espanyol
Espanyol 1-1 Barcelona
Osasuna 1-2 Espanyol
Espanyol 2-1 Athletic

06/07: 1-2 loss
05/06: 1-1 draw
04/05: 0-0 draw
03/04: 2-0 win
02/03: 3-3 draw

NOTEWORTHY: Maxi will play against his ex-club- Espanyol were the club that gave him the opportunity to play in Europe.

The top goal-scorer of Espanyol is supporter favourite Raúl Tamudo. Other players to watch out for: his strike partner Luis García.  Another player worth mentioning is Kameni, their goalkeeper, whom I think is perhaps one of the most underrated goalkeepers.

Bottom-line: We’re confident, playing at home, and must win to keep the table tight and remain in a Champions spot.

10 Responses to “Jornada 17: Atlético de Madrid v Espanyol”

  1. Rojiblanco said

    Hi! I’m a spanish Atlético fan, so excuse me for my English.

    As spanish newspapers say, Maniche is being punished because he invented a suposed injury for don’t have to play against Granada 74 in the last “Copa del Rey” match.
    You can read here an example (I’m sorry but is in Spanish).

    Good blog. Keep on writing!

  2. atleti said

    Thanks! I wrote that entry up very quickly and didn’t fully read through the articles! I updated it.

  3. day1star said

    Shoot the ref, what a b…..d!

  4. day1star said

    1-0 brilliant freekick by Simao.

  5. day1star said

    Another crap ref, why do we always get them? Espanyol are a bunch of actors they are in the wrong profession.

  6. Mohammed said

    That stupid Pernia!! and the “cocky” Aguero cost us the game. I hope they get punished for their attitude.

  7. atleti said

    What was Kun thinking?! Ugh!

    We’re lucky the ref didn’t award them a penalty for Raul’s hand ball in the area.

    Frustrating result.

  8. atleti said

    Be back with a mini-review later tonight! Time to watch El Clásico.

    At least Villarreal dropped points at home against Recre.

    Later all!

  9. day1star said

    Firstly, aguero never hit the guy, it was a reflex action when Torrejon was holding and pulling his shirt he was trying to get him off, Torrejon should have been yellow carded for holding Aguero’s shirt and pulling him back. If you look at Pernia’s second yellow card he didn’t touch the guy, look at the replay there was very little contact certainly not a yellow card incident.

  10. Armon said

    i agree about the ref being crap and stupid espanyol being actors, but somethings been worrying me lately. Aguero’s had 5 goals in his first 6 games, but only 2 since then? I feel like our potent front 2 have gone somewhat stagnant, and I don’t know why. Lately we’ve been depending too much on simao and playing too much down the flanks instead of up the gut, I dunno maybe I’m just overanalyzing the situation, but hopefully this christmas break will get atletico back on their feet! This is going to be a very sad and lonely next few weeks haha

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