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Jornada 16: Recreativo v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on December 15, 2007

Another must-win! (Then again, aren’t all games must-wins?)

Bizarrely enough (or, maybe not), I vividly remember Atleti’s games with Recre last season. It was in the home game that Agüero punched in his infamous game winner. Later on in the season, during the away game, Recreativistas wore gloves & taunted Agüero throughout the entire 90. It ended 1-0 in favour of Recre, which was a bitter pill to take, but I suppose justice was served…

So, here’s some info provided thus far:

CHOSEN 19: Falcón;Antonio López; Pernía; Cléber; Forlán; Raúl García; Luis García; Agüero; Maxi; Eller; Abbiati; Zé Castro; Reyes; Miguel; Mista; Perea; Pablo; Valera; Simão.

I’ll post up the starting 11 once it becomes available tomorrow.

A Few Notes
*It’s great to see Miguel in the chosen 19.

*Kun had a very minor injury during training on Thursday, but has recovered in time.

STILL INJURED: Leo Franco, Seitaridis, Motta, & Jurado.

Recre’s recent Liga results at home:
Recre 2 Zaragoza 1
Recre 1 Osasuna 0
Recre 0 Racing 0
Recre 0 Mallorca 2

You have to go back to mid-October for the last time they lost at home (against Mallorca). After that, they appear to be a team that is tough to beat at home. That said, they haven’t played a strong attacking team at home yet.

Stay tuned.

12 Responses to “Jornada 16: Recreativo v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. Willen said

    I haven’t realized that this game could be tough.. I trust in our team… but not in Reyes.. =P That’s good he’s banned from this match =)

    Good game for us!

  2. Willen said

    Aupa Atléti!

  3. atleti said

    Reyes is actually available to play (but I think Aguirre will leave him on the bench)!

    I’m fairly confident of a win; I don’t think it’ll be easy, though.

    1.00pm (live) on GolTV for US viewers. Not sure if it will be available on the Internet.

  4. day1star said

    Available on TVU player and Sopcast.

  5. atleti said

    9 minutes until kick-off!

    This appears to be the starting 11:
    Abbiati; Pablo; Perea; Eller; Pernía; Raúl; Cléber; Maxi; Simao; Forlán; Agüero.

    Aupa Atleti!

  6. atleti said

    Full-time: 0-0


  7. Ram said

    still at 3..that is good.

  8. Armon said

    un fucking believable. what the hell was aguirre thinking putting reyes in and taking out aguero/simao??? reyes had a spectacular yellow card and shanked gimme goal though, so i guess it was a good sub after all…
    and the refereeing?? at least it went both ways
    i am so disappointed in reyes, pernia, and aguirre, we cant lose to these teams EVER

    aeoihr ;uriupgehrguerhg;eor

  9. atleti said

    I didn’t like the substitutions either.

  10. Mohammed said

    WHAT THE HELL!! that stupid ref!! Unbelievable !!

    Aguero was in another match with those stupid Recre supporters. I don’t know why he’s giving them so much importance and letting them affect his confidence.

    Forlan was the man of the match for me, defending and attacking at the same rate.

  11. atleti said

    Agreed; The ref was ridiculous.

  12. day1star said

    Really disappointed, the substitutions were rubbish, when you need a goal you don’t take off a striker doesn’t make sense. And Reyes disappointing as usual. Should have pulled back Aguero into midfield and brought on Mista for Cleber. That would have worked coz Aguero is adept at playing as a midfielder.
    The other thing is how can he mentally overcome the fans if he’s not allowed to play the full match, it would have done a lot for his confidence if he had stayed on.

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