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Copa: Granada 1 Atlético de Madrid 2

Posted by atleti on December 12, 2007

It wasn’t the greatest game (in that we did not establish a comfortable lead), BUT we won and had an opportunity to allow Miguel & the canteranos some playing time.

Here’s the main info: 

Falcón; Valera, Pablo, Zé Castro, Antonio López; Raúl García (Álex Quillo 85′), Cléber, Luis García, Simão (Ignacio Camacho 57′); Mista and Forlán (Miguel 45′).

UNUSED SUBS: Abbiati; Perea.

0-1 Forlán, assist by Raul (45′)- great goal!
0-2 Mista, assist by Simão (46′)
1-2 Luque (min 58)

The good news? Good display by Miguel, especially considering how long he’s been out injured! I love the fact that Aguirre subbed him in at half-time. For me, it means that he’s testing Miguel’s ability & building his match-fitness…perhaps to see if he can eventually replace rubbish Cleber in future games?

Both Álex & Camacho gave promising performances– maybe we’ll dip into the B team often this season.

Anyway, I’m happy that we won.

By the way, this is Atleti’s 5th consecutive win, in all competitions. Not bad, hm?

[Early Reminder: The 2nd leg is  on 2-January at El Vicente Calderón.]

8 Responses to “Copa: Granada 1 Atlético de Madrid 2”

  1. Willen said

    Looks like the mexican did a great job on this game. Smart subs.. preserving Forlan, Simão and Raúl Garcia..
    maybe using Antonio Lopez was unnecessary.. don’t know.. glad nothing bad happened to anyone.. =)

    Easy game at home against them.. is it next week?

  2. Ringo said

    Does the 20,000th visitor to the blog win a t-shirt?

  3. atleti said

    @Willen: I agree. I liked Aguirre’s substitution choices. I also like the fact that Maxi & Kun didn’t have to play at all.

    @RINGO: Not a bad idea! Unfortunately, WordPress can only tell me the # of hits, not the precise visitor! BOO!

  4. Ringo said

    Atleti – I was the 20,000th earlier ,honest!

    I’d like any Atletico shirt please ,as long as it’s a new one,I don’t want one of your old ones!

  5. atleti said

    That reminds me– I need to buy an away jersey soon!

  6. Armon said

    Simao had that glorious 1-2 goal w/ aguero the day that my simao away came in, i think its a sign! By the way, any updates on whether or not you were able to find a video of the copa del rey goal?

  7. atleti said

    Copa goals are here!

  8. […] Reminder: we won the away leg, 1-2. […]

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