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End-of-the-week Miscellaneousness

Posted by atleti on December 6, 2007

Current Midfielders:
Maxi; Maniche; Jurado (injured); Raúl; Luis; Cléber; Reyes; Simão; Motta; Miguel (hasn’t played in a little over a year).

Here are midfield formations that I like:
Simão-Maniche-Raúl-Maxi (or, Luis)


Simão-Motta-Raúl-Maxi (or, Luis)

Next Five Liga Fixtures:

-home to Getafe
-away to Recreativo
-home to Espanyol
-away to Deportivo
-home to Valencia

Not a bad upcoming schedule, all things considered. We should & must collect as many points as possible. Why?

If you have a look at the full Liga schedule for these rounds, there are many tough games for our top opponents to play, including ‘El Clásico’. It’s great to collect points, but it’s equally helpful when our opponents drop points… as they did in round 14. Loved that.

Benfica apparently want Zé Castro on loan. I recall Aguirre & Cerezo making it known that there are no plans to sign players– but does that include loan deals? Who knows? I simply think they mean that they will not make any permanant signings. Anyway, we’ll have to wait & see.

8 Responses to “End-of-the-week Miscellaneousness”

  1. Willen said

    hey… I didn’t get that..

    Your 2nd and 3rd midfield options are the same…… ?

    Simão-Motta-Raúl-Maxi (or, Luis)
    Simão-Motta-Raúl-Maxi (or, Luis)

  2. atleti said

    Corrected it. Thanks for spotting the redundancy!

  3. Willen said


    I liked this post.. yeah.. these 5 next games seem to be good. I’ll be crossing my finger hoping that our defense make us proud of them..
    We’re going away against Recreativo(17th) and Deportivo(18th)..
    and home against Espanyol, Valencia and Getafe..
    I believe we can win these 5 games… we can beat Getafe and Espanyol at home and Recreativo + Deportivo away..
    And the 5th game against Valencia can be the key game!
    We’re 5 points from the top…. let’s wait a little bit more.. =)

  4. Mohammed said

    I think Espanyol is the team to beat in that bunch because the’re direct oppnents. It was so hard for me to see Atletico lose to them home and away last season. I hope we win this time.

  5. atleti said

    Without a doubt! Before the Espanyol game, we should have won Getafe & Recre. Deportivo should be another 3 points. Valencia will be another tough test, like Espanyol, even though they’ve been playing terribly. Have you seen them recently? Just awful…

  6. Willen said

    Hey Atleti..
    In which channel in soapcast you watch the Atleti games?
    Thank you

  7. Willen said

    Sorry.. not games.. matches..

  8. atleti said

    If you don’t know about it already, try this site:

    Hopefully there will be a video feed available for those who can’t see it on TV.

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