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Jornada 14: Real Betis v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on December 2, 2007

The game will be live on GolTV, which means that it should be available on livefooty or Rojadirecta. 

CHOSEN 18: Antonio López; Pernía; Motta; Cléber; Forlán; Raúl García; Luis García; Agüero; Maxi; Eller; Abbiati; Zé Castro; Reyes; Maniche; Mista; Pablo; Simão; Leo Franco.

Betis have had a disastrous start to their campaign (HA HA!) and are desperate to regain ground by collecting points at home tomorrow against Atleti. Cúper has a long list of injured players (8 to be precise), which means he will have to tinker with his squad formation again.

Atleti, on the other hand, have only one position lacking a player: a true right-back. Remember: Perea & Seitaridis are out injured and Valera will be serving a suspension for receiving two yellows in our previous game. In truth, Valera played so poorly in his first game back to action, that it’s probably best that he is unavailable. In terms of the midfield, after giving such an inspiring display against Aberdeen, Motta might have a shot at occupying that central midfield spot. Who will occupy right left wing: Simão & Reyes? We’ll have to wait & see!

With the Barcelona derbi ending as a draw, this gives Atleti a great opportunity to leapfrog Espanyol to 4th place. We are currently #5 with 24 points. Valencia are #6 with 24 points as well. It’s absolutely imperative that we win tomorrow– it would be a massive disappointment to drop points against a ridiculous, woeful Betis side.

5th place: Atlético
19th place: Betis

Betis 22 wins
Atlético 15 wins
8 draws

Zaragoza (2-1) 
Osasuna (0-3)
Racing (1-1)

Almería (0-0)
Levante (0-1)
Barcelona (3-0)

Let’s add another win to our away game tally.


11 Responses to “Jornada 14: Real Betis v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. day1star said

    I hope Aguirre gets the balance right this time, we must win, hopefully Perea will be back as central defender and replace Eller, he is a lot pacier than Eller. Oh, crap he’s not fit is he, he’s not even in the squad. Well, in that case we should play Motta and Raul Garcia in the central midfield positions with the onus being on defensive so they don’t go too far forward but at the same time thread balls through to Aguero and Forlan. Maxi and Simao should be right and left wing respectively with Luis Garcia, Maniche and Reyes on the bench to come on in the second half depending on the scoreline.

  2. atleti said

    The great news is that Villarreal are losing 0-2 to Valladolid right now.

  3. atleti said

    STARTING 11: Leo Franco; Antonio López; Pablo; Eller; Pernía; Raúl García; Maniche; Maxi Rodríguez; Reyes; Agüero; Forlán

    SUBS: Abbiati; Cleber, Luis Garcia, Ze Castro; Motta; Mista; Simao.

    Eller starts…easily our weakest link in the back.

  4. Ringo said

    …and once again LiveFooty won’t work for the Atletico game ,but it worked just fine for this morning’s FA Cup game.

    Anyway ,GOOD LUCK ,not that you should need any for this game!

  5. atleti said

    0-2! Back to 4th place!

    Be back in a bit with a review of the highlights.


    Saw the game? Share thoughts!

  6. Leivinha said

    I thought our back line, our weakest link, played better not great but better (incl. Eller) against a terrible Real Betis side in a game that saw way too many deserved yellow cards.

    I thought Leo Franco, who left with a tweaked thigh muscle, was the best rojiblanco on the field making several crucial saves before being substituted for Abiatti (who also made a nice save in the few minutes he played despite coming in cold).

    Forlan is definetly the “matador” of our team and his goal on feed over the top of the defense from Aguero was first class. He also came back to help out on defense in the 2nd half.

    Reyes, although he played better hitting the post on a free kick, gets too caught up in verbal and physical scuffles with the opposition. Playing in front of his native crowd made it even worse. He even exchanged words with Forlan who was asking for the ball on a play that Reyes attempted to set-up his own shot on. He is not a good defender, coming at players from the wrong angle instead of goal side to mark them, and he isn’t making up for it by showing the offense that he demonstrated at times with R. Madrid last year coming off the bench, his body language when coming off the field when being subbed for is also very negative. Simao came in for him in the 2nd half and attacked the flank on two occassions with crosses but didn’t do a whole lot beyond that.

    It was nice to see Motta come in and feed Raul with a nice pass in to the box that created a great scoring chance plus he came back on defense to save a shot on a cross that could have been dangerous. This guy if he can stay healthy will help our club immensely in the midfield this year.

    All in all, a nice Away win which puts us in 4th place within the Champions League zone. Aupa Atleti!!!!!!

  7. fernando said

    Enf of the match:

    BETIS 0



  8. fernando said

    Enf of the match:

    BETIS 0



  9. day1star said

    I thought our defense played better today, the only player who was still off was Eller, but we don’t exactly have many options, Pablo has got a suspension in the next game will be interesting to see who comes in for him. Can’t understand why Reyes started he is such a selfish player, Simao should have started, and why does Aguero keep getting subbed off when he is one of our best offensive players? I thought in the second half we let them come back into the game and brought pressure on ourselves.

  10. Mohammed said

    Motta saved us with a great clearance when the score was 1-0. I think Motta is proving to be of great importance to our defensive line.

  11. atleti said

    All very good points & thoughts on the game!

    I agree, day1: I would have chosen Simao over Reyes.

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