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UEFA: Atlético de Madrid v Aberdeen FC

Posted by atleti on November 28, 2007

Jornada 3 of the Group Stage is tomorrow!

Some excerpts from Aguirre’s recent press talk:
“We’re going to come out to win & go for the three points against Aberdeen. We can’t let points get away from us against Aberdeen, especially at home. We hope to play a good game, but the most important thing is the result.”

“We have to look for a balance, we’re designed to attack & that’s unquestionable. The number of goals that the team is giving up isn’t normal, but we’ve also been attacking a lot. We have to learn to manage the rhythm of the match & regulate the number of goals.”

“Jurado, Perea & Seitaridis, who are still injured, will miss it, Valera can’t play in the UEFA Cup and Miguel still isn’t quite ready.”

“I have 19 players available & I’ll choose eleven of them to start on Thursday. It’s true that I have a problem at right-back. Everyone trained as equals today and I’ll decide on the team on match-day. Whoever plays will do so well.”

I think it’s safe to say that Luis Garcia, Motta, Antonio Lopez and (maybe) Mista will be in the starting 11. I’ll post the official starting 11 tomorrow, in this entry, to confirm.

In terms of Aberdeen, Aguirre says they are a ‘very direct’ team that are ‘dangerous on set pieces’. Their main striker is Lee Miller. In truth, I expect ‘the Dons’ to play a defensive game & count-attack when the opportunity avails itself.

Here are their recent 5 results:
Celtic 3-0 Aberdeen
Hearts 4-1 Aberdeen
Aberdeen 1-1 Locomotiv Moscow (UEFA)
Aberdeen 2-0 Dundee Utd
Aberdeen 4-1 Inverness

I get the sense that they tend to struggle when they play away games.

In any case, Aguirre also made it clear that he hopes we do not concede sloppy goals and try to keep a clean-sheet.

It’s interesting to note that President Cerezo has taken a slightly different viewpoint:
“It’s great to come here and to always see goals and more goals […] If our rivals score 10 against us, there is no problem as long as we score 11.”

Cruyffian philosophy, hm?!

As for me, I’m confident of a win. Here’s hoping for another high-scoring game.


Time to watch a bit of Champions League action now!

10 Responses to “UEFA: Atlético de Madrid v Aberdeen FC”

  1. Armon said

    hopefully the 7+ goals scored in this game will all be by atletico! it worries me that cerezo acts this way, i fear that he might be stingy thiscoming transfer window, which can possibly end up ruining all the potential we have right now (mainly by possibly having aguero get fed up and leave). any updates on biglia or heitanga?

  2. atleti said

    No updates on any of the rumours, unfortunately!

    I predict Atleti 5-1 Aberdeen! Haha.

  3. atleti said

    GK: Falcón, Abbiati,
    Defence: Antonio López, Pernía, Motta, Eller, Zé Castro, Pablo.
    Midfield: Cléber, Raúl, Luis, Maxi, Reyes, Maniche, Simao.
    Strikers: Forlán, Agüero, Mista

    As expected. Slim options in the back, but I think we’ll be fine.

  4. Luiz Pereir said

    I get embarrassed by some of the comments that Cerezo makes. Sometimes I wish he’d just shut-up! Maybe we can enlist King Juan Carlos to tell him this as he did with Hugo Chavez. Actually, being the madridista that he is, he wouldn’t care. His son Felipe (colchonero de corazon) might be a better candidate for this task.

    Anyhow, does anybody know the URL to listen to the spanish radio transmission of the game today?

  5. Armon said

    I’ve tried every sopcast/media player link I could find and they are all offline/don’t work. Anyone else have any luck watching the game online? PLEASE tell me, I can only take espn’s stattracker for so long!

  6. atleti said


    It’s not just you, Armon: the sopcast feed on livefooty is offline. It wasn’t very smooth when it was working.

    I’m at work, but I’ve had an opportunity to watch a bit. I have one quick observation to make– great game for MOTTA so far!


  7. gf said

    2-0 on an OG. It’d be nice to get a goal in the run of play but I’ll take it. 57% of the possession so far so clearly Aberdeen has been playing defensively.

  8. Mohammed said

    Motta was exceptional in this game. I hope that he continues with this great form. Simao was like a bee creating so many chances, not to mention scoring from the FK.

  9. day1star said

    I watched the game and this is my take on it. We started off well created a lot of chances and then we went through the middle part of the first half giving the ball away and inviting pressure on ourselves, our defence again looked shaky at times, but we had luck on our side and did well. Then the last 10 minutes we played very well and started to pile on the pressure and eventually Aguero won us a penalty which Forlan did a great job of converting. There was another incident where Aguero was brought down in the box, which should have been a penalty earlier on but was not given.
    The second half Aguero was replaced by Simao who was very busy from the outset, great freekick went in off the post then hit the goalkeepers back and into the net. Motta had a pretty good game. Pernia and Antonio Lopez also did well but Eller was not good kept giving the ball away and conceding freekicks.
    But when all is said and done we won the match and that is the most important thing.

  10. atleti said

    I’m still at work, but it’s great to read that we won, 2-0.

    Be back much, much later tonight.


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