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rambling (on our defence circus)

Posted by atleti on November 27, 2007

In my Atleti v Valladolid entry, I said that perhaps we should consider sacking Aguirre. I felt at the time that the result could have gone either way. We could’ve lost it (like we did against Sevilla) OR it could’ve ended as a draw (which probably would have been a fair result, but that’s football for you; unpredictable).

Was I being too harsh on Aguirre in suggesting he should be sacked? Is it fair to blame him for our defensive blunders? Did he have a say in the mediocre defenders we’ve brought in (rubbish Eller, for instance)? 

Ultimately, he has to make do with the defenders we got. I certainly hope we keep the winning momentum going until the winter break. At that point, I hope that changes in the back-line are made in January (at least two– a centreback & fullback), although Cerezo has said that we will be inactive in the transfer window.

Day1star (comment contributor to the blog) made an interesting point: he said that we simply lack a ‘leader’ in defence. In other words,  a strong, commanding presence in the back-line.

I couldn’t agree more– one strong centre-back can make a dramatic difference. It would certainly give me peace of mind!

I’m THRILLED that we are playing attacking football this season (as long as we score one more goal than our opponent, I’ll be happy), but it would be nice to have some security in the back-line, you know?

(If you have an opinion on Aguirre’s tactics & predicament, I’d love to read it.)

(Reminder: Aberdeen this Thursday!)

6 Responses to “rambling (on our defence circus)”

  1. Leivinha said

    What was the sequence of substitutions last Sunday? When did Aguirre take out Ze Castro in favor of Forlan and when did he bring on Eller? It seems odd to me that he would take out a center fullback and then put another one in later but I am not sure if this was a result of Valera getting sent off.

  2. atleti said

    He took Ze Castro out (who was having an awful game) & replaced him with Forlan.

    Valera was sent off after that substitution.

    It wasn’t until much, much later on that he brought in Eller.

    Raul Garcia (truly a complete footballer) dropped back into a more defensive role.

  3. atleti said

    Addendum: it was both suicidal & brave (I suppose you can say) of Aguirre to take out a defender for a striker.

    At the time of the Ze Castro-Forlan transfer, I was very surprised; it seemed risky (all or nothing mentality). I think we were very fortunate to have maintained 3-3 with only 10 men.

    So glad that last-minute goal was scored!

  4. day1star said

    I think we could actually play 3 2 3 2, 3 at the back with 2 dm’s in front, with 3 am’s in front and two forwards, may suit the way we play more. But would need another dm and a very good central defender.

  5. day1star said

    By the way, for anyone in the UK, the Atletico v Aberdeen match is being shown live on BBCi.

  6. atleti said

    I can see that formation working for us.

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