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Jornada 13: Atlético de Madrid 4 Real Valladolid 3 (Déjà Vu)

Posted by atleti on November 25, 2007

Lady Luck gifts Atleti a lifeline.

Yes, it was another tale of two Atléticos: suicidal defending & potent attacking. We were very fortunate to have the result go our way in the dying minutes.  As AS puts it, we continue to play ‘Russian Roulette’.  How zany did we play, you ask? At one point, Pablo pushed forward while Kun dropped back to defend. Truly a comedy of errors.

TWO MAIN TALKING POINTS (the same concerns)
*Defence continues to embarass us. We MUST bring at least TWO solid defenders in January as it is clear our current defenders simply lack quality & experience. They aren’t improving at all. AT ALL! We will not succeed in UEFA if we are loose in the back.  

*Is it time for Aguirre to leave? In my opinion, yes. He has no idea when it comes to tactics & overall organisation and has lost control of the situation. You can’t convince me otherwise.

Of course, I am HAPPY that we collected the three points, but we continue to display atrocious form in the back-line. I only hope that we secure more victories before the winter break.

Unfortunately, the game wasn’t available for viewing in the US, so I had to listen to Internet radio & live-text on El Mundo.

For those of you who don’t live in Spain, here are the main highlights:

2′ GOAL MANICHE (1-0), thanks to an excellent combination with Agüero.

17′ Disastrous defending; Leo Franco made an important save.

17′ Horrific tackle by Valera– yellow card for him.

25′ Awful free kick taken by Reyes. He’s always whining about his lack of playing time, but he disappoints when he is on the pitch.

30′ Butelle (Valladolid GK) halts an attack by Raúl & Agüero.

40′ GOAL VICTOR VALLADOLID (1-1); Maxi lost possession, Valladolid counter-attack & take advantage of our poor defending.


47′ GOAL Sisi VALLADOLID (1-2); Sisi is gifted the ball by rubbish Ze Castro

49′ GOAL MAXI (2-2): good work of Maxi, poor defending by Valladolid

52′ Valladolid nearly scored another goal because of a superb play by Victor.

54′ GOAL Llorente VALLADOLID (2-3); Leo Franco was poorly positioned to make a save.

56′ GOAL MAXI (3-3): miscommunication between Valladolid defenders allowed Maxi to find an equaliser.

57′ Valladolid nearly score on the counter-attack; Leo Franco made a save which led to a corner.

58′ Forlán in. Zé Castro out. Striker in for a defender, hm? Suicidal tactics by Aguirre.

65′ Butelle (Valladolid GK) saves a tremendous, individual effort at goal by Kun.

70′ Jurado in. Reyes out. Winger for Winger.

72′ Valera sent off. A fitting end to a disastrous day for Valera. Truly showed that he’s not ready to be included in the starting 11. After his sending off, we were basically playing with 2 or 3 in the back.

76′ Butelle once again comes to Valladolid’s rescue by saving Maniche’s effort.

83′ Pablo decided to leave his role as defender and act as striker. El Mundo’s live-text humourously wrote, “He has such a bad time in defence that he wants to be a forward.”

85′ Simao out. Eller in. An attempt to reorganise the defence….

90′ Kun has a shot at goal blocked.

90+1′ OWN GOAL BY PEDRO LOPEZ (4-3) Pedro Lopez ran into the box in hopes of clearing out the ball, but ended up scoring a perfect header into his own goal mouth.

90+4′ The mayhem ends.

Atleti me matas y me devuelves a la vida.


12 Responses to “Jornada 13: Atlético de Madrid 4 Real Valladolid 3 (Déjà Vu)”

  1. Ringo said

    What do you make of Maniche?

    I always thought there was more to him than he showed at Chelsea.

  2. atleti said

    Decent player. Since we lack a true playmaker, Aguirre plays him as the main central midfielder (‘organiser’ ). It’s a difficult role to fill. Sometimes he’s spot-on, other times not so much.

    I get the impression that he had a fairly strong performance today (all things considered)- perhaps one of the better players on the pitch tonight.

  3. Armon said

    how funny is it that simply being an atletico fan provides more of a rush than things like skydiving!

  4. atleti said

    It’s true.

    It’s like a rollercoaster that doesn’t stop. Highs, lows. Sometimes fun, other times I just want to puke!

  5. I don’t think is the moment for Aguirre to leave. Perhaps, at the end of season the president Cerezo can bring other coach, but not in the middle of season.

    In the 2nd half, Atleti attack, attack, until score the fourth goal, luckily.

    Sorry, if my English isn’t very good.


  6. day1star said

    I think God must have been smiling down at us for us to win this match yesterday, coz from what i am reading our defence was horrific, Aguirre must find a balance coz at the moment we tip one way and then the other. Aguirre says we don’t need any other players, i have to disagree, we must get 1 experienced central defender and 1 left sided otherwise never mind Europe we won’t even finish in the top six.

  7. Mohammed said

    By the way, this is not the first time that Valladolid lose the game in the dying minutes. In fact they lost most of their games in this fashion.

  8. atleti said

    @ atletista sin solución:
    Your English is very good! You make a very good point. It might be a bad idea if we sack Aguirre so soon. I think that, at the very least, they need to sign defenders. The ones we currently have are just woeful.

    @ Day1star:
    I hope that Aguirre’s interview on not signing new players is just a PR decision– in that he doesn’t want to cause any further unrest among the already troubled defenders.

    You’re right. They’ve been incredibly unlucky this season. They should’ve won Valencia & Real Mandril earlier in the season. They went up 2 goals against Mallorca only to lose 2-4!

  9. Mohammed said

    Pablo, Perea, Ze Castro are all above average defenders, they shouldn’t make these many primitive mistakes. I think there’s a confidence crisis in our defensive department because Aguirre chenged this line so many times, and I don’t blame him because our defenders (esp. Perea) are injury prone.

    Anyway, our defence is no match to our midfield nor our attack. we need defenders that can keep up with the other players in the team.

  10. atleti said

    Actually, I think they’re all sub-standard. They’re far too unreliable & making too many costly errors!

    I’d sooner include my grandmother in the starting 11!

  11. day1star said

    The problem isn’t individual defenders it’s the collective, there isn’t a really experienced leader among them (like a Puyol figure) to give them confidence, so they make silly and sadly costly mistakes when they come under pressure.

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