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One More Hodgepodge

Posted by atleti on November 21, 2007

Thankfully, Liga returns this weekend!! :)

International Break…almost over!
Pablo & Pernia played 90 minutes for Spain (against Northern Ireland), sealing top spot in their EURO group.

Maniche played 90 minutes for Portugal while Simao remained benched– Portugal qualify for EURO, too.

On Tuesday, Maxi played about 15 minutes for Argentina while Kun didnt play at all. Unfortunately, Argentina’s winning streak came to end as they lost to Colombia. I won’t elaborate on the loss, except, well, these things happen. Upwards & onwards, Albicelestes!

 In terms of Atleti, Kun and Maxi won’t be physically exhausted since they didn’t play much. I suspect they will be given some time to rest when they return to Spain (due to the time difference).


Injury News
AS suggests that Forlán & Jurado are nearing the end of their injury spells. They may or may not be fit for Sunday’s game, though.

Seitaridis out….Valera in…
With Seitaridis recuperating from surgery (not to mention Perea also nursing an injury), it looks like Valera will be included in this Sunday’s starting 11 against Valladolid.

“I’ve really been looking forward to this moment, even though it’s due to a teammate’s injury. We hope that everything goes well, that we win and that we continue with our good streak”

“I feel really good. My knee is responding perfectly to all the work. I’m lacking rhythm, but I hope to get there little-by-little.”

It’s good to read that last bit– that he’s realistic in that he lacks ‘rhythm’ with the team. Let’s hope for a smooth return to football for Valera.


Just a few things that caught my eye these past few days.

The club are keen on renewing Maxi‘s contract (& clause) with his agency IMG since clubs (namely Inter) might be interested in his services. It’s said that he has been a mentor & good friend to Kun since the little Argentine’s arrival to Spain last season. The club are also keen on increasing Kun’s clause as well. I think this is more fact than rumour. 

I hope everyone has enjoyed in some way, shape, or form, their international holiday break!

9 Responses to “One More Hodgepodge”

  1. Armon said

    Aside for cheering my lovely Spain, I’ve been in getting anxious without my atleti, lets hope for a spectacular weekend for los colchoneros!

  2. atleti said

    I hope Spain don’t let you down! Who do you think will take over now that Aragonés won’t renew his contract?

  3. Ringo said

    From The Knowledge ,in The Guardian ,


    “Can someone please tell me why the Atlético Madrid club crest contains what looks like a bear trying to get jiggy with a cherry tree?” wonders Steve Guy.

    Well Steve, you have obviously never been to Puerta Del Sol square in Madrid, because you would have seen the 20-tonne statue known as El Oso y el Madroño, a life-size model of a bear doing nothing more than sniffing a Madroño tree.

    The story goes that the word Madroño sounds like Madrid, so the tree was adopted as a symbol of the city. Bears used to be common around Madrid, so the two items were thrown together and they now appear on the city’s taxis, buildings and man-hole covers. Atlético added the bear and tree to their badge at some point between 1903 and 1919, and the seven stars on the club crest represent the autonomous region of Madrid (or Big Bear constellation

  4. atleti said

    Thanks for sharing that bit of info- It’s great to read that someone in England had a query about the club!

    The Guardian provided an informative response.

  5. Armon said

    I have no idea who would coach us next, then again I must admit that I don’t follow coaches enough to know who woul be a good replacement. You guys have anyone in mind, and for what reasons?

  6. atleti said

    I’m not sure…

    Anyone else have a good laugh at England’s expense? ;)

  7. Ringo said

    …and just when I was starting to like you and your team.

  8. atleti said

    There, there. No need to get huffy! ;)

  9. Leivinha said

    Some ideas on possible replacements for Luis Aragones: Quique Sanchez Flores, Rafa Benitez, Vicente Del Bosque, Gus Hiddink (I like this option, he coached in Spain for several years so knows the players well and has done well in World Cup competition with smaller national teams), Bora Milutinovic, Bruce Arena, (just kidding on these last two), Mourinho (this would be interesting!!!), Juergen Klinsman, Jose Pekerman…..

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