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Midweek Hodgepodge

Posted by atleti on November 13, 2007

First: I forgot to doublecheck this page for comments— apologies to Leivinha & Armon for missing out on comments made a few weeks ago. 


Moving on:
It’s that time again: EURO ’08 and South American World Cup Qualifiers.

International Duty
Kun & Maxi.
Portugal: Simao & Maniche.
Colombia: Perea.
Greece: Seitaridis
Spain: Pablo & Pernia
Spain U-21: Jurado.

Leo Franco has been given permission to go home (Argentina) during this time.

Forlán and Raúl García can use this much-needed time off to recuperate from their respective injuries, which is good.


REMINDER: Our next three fixtures:
25-November: home to Real Valladolid

[UEFA] 29-November: home to Aberdeen FC

[LIGA] 2-December: away to Real Betis


Fernando at SENTIMIENTO ATLETICO wrote a great entry today in which he asks, “What’s happening with Simao & Reyes?” As he puts it, like Forlán and Luis, both wingers arrived as top prospects to the club, but have yet to truly prove their ‘worth’. Indeed, Simao was considered the best player in the Portuguese Superliga last season; he cost us about €25 million– We have seen glimpses of his brilliance, but he has also played games where he has been rather quiet (practically nonexistent).

In terms of Reyes, he’s– more often than not– in the news for whining & complaining, but not for his performances. He hasn’t scored a goal yet for us, which is discouraging.

At the end of the day, I have to agree with the overall assessment made on the blog. In the pre-season, I had fairly high expectations for both players (especially Simao). I expected both wingers to play a much more active role in our game against Almeria–especially since Forlan was unavailable. Instead, they struggled to find their rhythm and were ultimately subbed out.

Hopefully, they will improve & contribute more to our campaign in upcoming games.

7 Responses to “Midweek Hodgepodge”

  1. Armon said

    simao i felt the same way about and i still think he’ll live up to if not exceed expectations. as far as reyes is concerned, i remember wishing we worked harder at getting quaresma instead of him, i feel like he can provide more attacking opportunities than reyes ever could. recently i read an article (I think in AS but I’m not sure) that said atletico is still very much after quaresma. This is so bittersweet to me, being as how I wanted him very much but now I feel approaching him is utterly useless for our team, unless we gave up reyes or something but even so, the defense is far too shaky to overlook…

    Anyways, we’ll need the best of our players in the next few weeks, because it’s gonna be a surprisingly difficult next few weeks considering how low our opponents are on the table

  2. day1star said

    Hey guys cheer up, nothing is ever that bleak. I was reading an article on which had me in stitches. Apparently at the end of the Almeria match, Aguero was heard to have said ‘how could we lose two points against this team’, by the Almeria players, who were very upset and went up to him to remonstrate. And then he said ‘Ortiz, who is Ortiz?’.
    I just find that so funny, i can picture him doing that!
    Don’t worry Atleti we’ll be fine, we just need to find a balance, currently we are tipping first one way then the other.
    With regards to Simao i’m sure once he’s settled more he’ll be fine. Reyes, i reserve judgement on, as i wasn’t happy when we bought him coz he’s not consistent, but we’ll see.

  3. atleti said

    I agree: I think Simao will get better with time. I’ve notice that he works well when particular players on the pitch with him– Forlan, Aguero, Luis.

    I still maintain the faith that we will finish in the top 5. We’re going through a hiccup, right now.

    Upwards & onwards!!

  4. atleti said

    Speaking Quaresma…I just read today that Cerezo is still open to the possibility of signing Quaresma.

    Also, more important: Ajax have apparently rejected an offer the club made for centre-back Heitinga.

  5. ~lara said

    I read that too and also that Cerezo is interested in Mourinho. Interesting times if that one happens. I think they can still achieve top 5 but they definitely have to do something with the defence. There is no way they can leave it as is and keep their chances alive.

  6. ~lara said

    Day1star, I can picture him saying those things as well. LOL. I hope he knows he was asking the question that all the fans were asking as well.

  7. atleti said


    AS has an article on our alleged ’08/09 project’:

    Goalkeeper, centre-back, fullback, and a central midfielder.

    Still very much Rumours at this point (& based on if we qualify for Europe, of course):

    *Reina is our main objective. Would Benitez let him go? I don’t think so. We’ll have to wait & see.

    *Piqué or Márquez as centre-back & Heitinga— they will listen to offers for Pablo & Perea.

    *Quaresma. Again…

    *Mancini- but he’s not a main priority.

    *Van der Vaart, Deco, Poulsen also appeal to the club, apparently.

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