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Jornada 11: Atlético de Madrid v Villarreal

Posted by atleti on November 2, 2007

Friday’s Training Session Notes
Kun, Pablo, and Forlán worked with the physical therapist in the gymnasium. Meanwhile, Mista and Motta participated in individualised sessions in the gym, which included some work with the ball. So, a bit of good news: they’re making some progress.

In terms of Sunday, it’s still unclear (at least at this very moment that I write this) on whether KUN will be available– the official squad list has yet to be released. Nevertheless, it looks like there is a strong possibility of a MaxiLuis García front-line. AS is good to point out that even though it’s an atypical strike force for us, Maxi & Luis are still more than capable of playing as in that role when needed.

Meanwhile, Pablo injured himself in the training session before the game against Sevilla, so we might see PereaZé Castro in back again. In terms of the midfield (as expected), Simao would occupy the left wing while Reyes takes charge of the right. And, of course, they’re more than capable of switching sides and such as they both work well on both sides.

{UPDATE, 3-November} Squad List:
2 Seitaridis.
4 Pernía.
3 Antonio López.
6 Cléber Santana.
8 Raúl García.
9 Luis García.
10 Agüero. (fit enough to be included, but we’ll have to see if he starts)
11 Maxi Rodríguez.
12 Eller.
13 Abbiati.
14 Zé Castro.
15 Jurado.
17 Reyes.
18 Maniche.
21 Perea.
22 Pablo Ibáñez. (recovered from his injury)
23 Valera.
24 Simão.
25 Leo Franco.

{UPDATE, 4-November} STARTING 11: Leo Franco; Seitaridis; Perea; Pablo; Pernía; Raúl García; Maniche; Reyes; Simao; Maxi; Agüero


29 Responses to “Jornada 11: Atlético de Madrid v Villarreal”

  1. Ram said

    Too important a match where we cannot afford to miss the regular forwards. But with Forlan completly ruled out we need Aguero very abdly for this match. I really facny his chances against Cygan and Fuentes.

  2. Ram said

    La Liga | Matchday 11th | Sun, 4th Nov 07, 17:00 | Estadio Vicente Calderón

    Atl Madrid
    Pos: 4th. P: 10. W: 6. D: 2. L: 2. Goals scored: 20. Goals conceded: 10. Points: 20. Top Scorer: Agüero 6 goals

    Pos: 3rd. P: 10. W: 7. D: 0. L: 3. Goals scored: 18. Goals conceded: 13. Points: 21. Top Scorer: Rossi 6 goals

    Starting XI
    25 L Franco [8 matches, 7 goals conceded]
    _2 Seitaridis [8 matches]
    21 Perea [8 matches]
    22 Pablo [9 matches]
    _4 Pernía [8 matches, 1 goal]
    _9 L García [3 (5) matches, 1 goal]
    _8 R García [10 matches, 2 goals]
    18 Maniche [10 matches]
    17 Reyes [4 (5) matches]
    11 Maxi [7 (3) matches, 3 goals]
    10 Agüero [10 matches, 6 goals]

    Subs 13 Abbiati 3 A López 6 Santana 12 Eller 14 Zé Castro 15 Jurado 23 Valera 24 Simão

  3. atleti said

    The official starting 11 hasn’t been released yet, unfortunately!

  4. atleti said

    THANK GOODNESS RE*L LOST TONIGHT! We must win tomorrow to capitalise on the points they dropped!

  5. Ringo said

    If you don`t want Shauny ,you can have Malouda!

  6. Armon said


  7. atleti said

    Malouda is a good player (I don’t think he made the right choice in moving to Chelsea)! That said, I’d still rather have Simao than Malouda any day!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow! Vamos!!!

  8. day1star said

    Has the team been announced yet? Is Aguero playing? Who is showing the match?

  9. Ram said

    Villarreal will start with:


    Ángel – Fuentes – Cygan – Capdevila

    Senna – Bruno

    Cani— — — Pires

    Tomasson – Rossi

    …according to Marca

  10. atleti said

    The starting 11 hasn’t been made official yet.

    It’s live on TV in the US, so it might be available on livefooty or rojadirecta.

  11. atleti said

    Here’s Villarreal’s OFFICIAL starting 11:
    Viera; Fuentes; Godín; Capdevila; Ángel; Bruno; Senna; Cani; Pires; Rossi; Guille Franco

  12. Ringo said


  13. atleti said


  14. atleti said


    Insurance goals needed.

  15. Ram said

    2-2 now

  16. atleti said

    AWFUL DEFENDING for both goals.

    I’ve taken quite a few notes in the 1st half; will share in new entry.

  17. day1star said

    Shoot the defenders, what idiots! We did so well to get 2-0 up only for the defence to think we’d won the game and become complacent. They need a good kick up the backside, you can’t afford to stop concentrating for even a second until the 90 minutes are up.

  18. atleti said

    Point blank miss by Pablo in the final minutes of the 1st half. The pass by Kun was perfect.

    I can see this ending 4-2, if we keep it very tight in the back.

  19. Ram said

    penalty miss by Maxi??

  20. kun! 3-2!

  21. Ringo said

    I think Kun would look good in a blue shirt!

  22. Ringo said


    Would someone torpedo those damn submarines.

  23. atleti said

    Fucking unbelievable. This is bullshit.

  24. Ringo said

    Sorry atleti.
    They look great going forward but their defending is piss poor ,and I’m not impressed with the goalkeeper.

    First time I’ve seen AM this season ,but it won’t be the last.

  25. day1star said

    Our defence is absolutely crap. Perea rubbish. Pernia kept giving the ball away. We lost a game which we should have won. On the fourth goal where were our defenders, poor Leo had no defence. If we want to win in Europe, if we want to finish in a top four position, then we really need to strengthen our defense dramatically.

  26. atleti said

    Best Attack + Worst Defence = Atleti !!

    Leo Franco (GK), Perea, Pernia– LEAVE, LEAVE, LEAVE. They ruined our 2-0 lead.

    More venting in new entry.

  27. day1star said

    We need two defensive midfielders to play in front of our new defence. It’s no good scoring lots of goals if you’re leaking bucketfuls of goals at the other end. Get rid of Eller and Santana and bring in Biglia and an experienced defender, our defenders are young and make too many mistakes, with the exception of Pernia who is old but still makes
    too many mistakes.

  28. Mohammed said

    I really can’t find a word to describe how bad and stupid is our defence, just unbelievable.

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