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Injury News Ahead of Jornada 11

Posted by atleti on November 1, 2007

The worst news I’ve read in a long time.

Forlán, our in-form centre-forward, will be out for 2-3 weeks. He’s set to miss our home game against Villarreal, away game to Almeria and, possibly, our home game against Valladolid.

Hopefully, he’ll be back by the 29th of November, for the 2nd UEFA game against Aberdeen.

The only other centre-forward is Mista, but he’s been out with injury for weeks now and probably won’t even be available this Sunday. In truth, would we even want him to play? The Murciano is rubbish and ineffective.

It would be far better to play Maxi just behind Kun as a support striker, no? That would mean including Simao in the starting 11.

15 Responses to “Injury News Ahead of Jornada 11”

  1. Armon said

    i definitely would relish the chance to have simao, reyes, luis garcia, and maxi playing together so that would be cool but i’m afraid of how putting kun up alone will do. I feel like in the future he would be fine in the position but he’s still young and i feel that having a second forward up top would provide him with many more opportunities. he’s just too young to make his opportunities for himself, i guess we’ll have to wait and see, we’re on such a nice run i cant handle it if we get into a cold streak due to this injury!

  2. atleti said

    FORLAN’s presence will be missed, but I think we’ll be fine until he returns. I don’t think Kun will be entirely alone up front- he roams that front line and creates opportunities if he has someone to play off of– like Maxi, Simao. Luis & Maxi are great combo that work well together, too. Still, we really need a 3rd striker.

    Forgot to mention, KUN is also a slight injury doubt for Sunday. Let’s hope it’s just something that’ll go away with some rest before Sunday.

  3. day1star said

    Either one of Luis Garcia or Reyes could start up front with Aguero leaving Maxi in the midfield. Or alternatively, Maxi could play up front with Luis Garcia taking his place and Simao on the left hand side or Reyes. Raul Garcia and Jurado in the midfield or Maniche.

  4. day1star said

    I don’t think that it will be too much of a problem, but let’s hope Villareal think otherwise, that will be to our advantage. As long as Aguero is fit we should be ok.

  5. atleti said

    It helps that a lot of our wingers (if not all of them) are also partly known for their striking abilities.

  6. Mohammed said

    I think it’s “a must win game”. We are better than Villareal. We have better players almost in every position. I hope we don’t get overconfident and give them time and space to play their game.

    Anyway, I think we have the advantage in matters of tactics, crowd and turf. All that gives the team no excuse to not win this one.

  7. atleti said

    Villarreal are a tough test- they aren’t #3 for nothing. That said, we haven’t lost at home to them in 5 years. 1 draw and 4 wins. Not bad at all.

    A win would actually make us overnight title contenders!

  8. Leivinha said

    Aguirre plays exclusively with two defensive midfielders and he considers those to be Maniche, Raul Garcia, Kleber Santana and Motta when he returns from injury.

    His other two attacking midfielder spots are up for grabs week on week between Reyes, Maxi, Simao, Luis Garcia and Jurado.

    I don’t see him bringing any of the latter group in to the former group unless he chooses to play more of a “diamond” formation which he won’t do. He is married to the double defensive midfielder formation.

    Maxi will play at the top with Aguero this weekend for sure. The midfield will be Luis Garcia and ???? as the other starter. From the last game, I would say that Simao & Jurado have the edge over Reyes for minutes.

  9. Leivinha said

    Just read that Maxi and Luis Garcia will start at forward for Aleti. Reyes and Simao at the attacking midfielder spots.

    Villareal will be a very difficult game but we are up to the challenge!

    Aleeeeeeeeeeeettiiiiiiiiiiii. Bien conio Bien!!!!!

  10. Armon said

    how funny that on AS pernia thinks the defense is good

  11. atleti said

    Damn. I haven’t been able to check the news at work today!! Good to be home, finally.

    Pernia thinks the defence is good? Oh man, is he in deny or what!

  12. Mohammed said

    I think Pernia wants to support Ze Castro with that comment because he made two fatal mistakes in the last game that could’ve cost us 3 very important points.

  13. Ram said

    The comments made by Pernia is the usual PR stuff that all players do. You cannot expect him to say “Ze Castro is bad. He plays bad and looks like a sissy”.

    I dont think Mista is such a bad player. He is happy to sit on bench and can provide good cover to the forwards. if there is a good service I can atleast by luck he can score.

  14. atleti said

    Yes, I know, Ram, I was being sarcastic!

  15. atleti said

    The Mista situation is frustrating. One one hand, it’s important to have a 3rd striker to give rest to the top choices. On the other hand, when he has played, he practically disappears on the pitch. Now, he’s recovering from an injury he picked up and is completely unavailable.

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