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Jornada 10: Atlético de Madrid v Sevilla

Posted by atleti on October 30, 2007

According to the official website, Aguirre won’t provide the squad list for the game until the day of the game (Wednesday). I’ll post it up once it becomes available, of course.

Some worrying news is that Pablo picked up a slight muscular injury– there is a very strong possibility he won’t be fit enough for tomorrow. Speaking of Pablo, I’ve never been completely confident of his defending abilities. He’s not a ‘top quality’ centre-back, by any stretch of the imagination— the word ‘reliable’ can’t be used to describe him either. I simply see him as an ‘adequate’ one- at least when compared to our other choices.

If he’s unavailable (which I think will be the case), I think this will be our defence:

Pernía–Perea–Zé Castro–Seitaridis

Our defence will need be completely focused & at their best against a Sevilla side coming off of a 3-0 victory over Valencia, with new manager Manolo Jiménez. They will no doubt be hoping to collect another 3 points to make up for their  surprisingly sluggish start to the season. Yes, they’ve lost Juande Ramos, but they still maintain the services of Navas, Fabiano, Renato, Alves, & Adriano– all dangerous in attack. Fabiano, in particular, is one to look out for as he falls quite easily at the slightest touch. As for Kanoute, he was not included in their squad list due to illness.

Here’s the squad list:
2 Seitaridis
3 Antonio López.
4 Pernía.
6 Cléber Santana.
7 Forlán.
8 Raúl García.
9 Luis García.
10 Agüero.
11 Maxi Rodríguez.
12 Fabiano Eller.
13 Abbiati.
14 Zé Castro.
15 Jurado.
17 Reyes.
18 Maniche.
21 Perea.
24 Simão.
25 Leo Franco.


06/07: ATM 2-1 Sevilla
05/06: ATM 0-1 Sevilla
04/05: ATM 3-0 Sevilla
03/04: ATM 2-1 Sevilla
02/03: ATM 1-1 Sevilla

Here’s hoping we pick up another 3 points– a win that would bring us closer to Champions League football for 08/09.


11 Responses to “Jornada 10: Atlético de Madrid v Sevilla”

  1. atleti said

    2-1 so far– I’m going home now to see the 6.00pm showing on GolTV!

  2. day1star said

    2-2 Ze Castro scored an own goal. Our defence needs to get their heads in gear. I hope Aguirre sorts their heads out. We’re giving away freekicks in dangerous areas. Why did Forlan go off?

  3. atleti said

    2-2?! I’m sick to my stomach. I’m taping it while I watch it now. That way I can see it again.

    There’s still time for another goal.


  4. atleti said

    No idea on Forlan- we should know soon enough.

  5. atleti said



  6. atleti said

    4-3 FT

    Lots of suffering, but that’s why we’re Atleti…in the end, though, we prevailed!

    Be back in a few hours (my time) with a wrap-up!


  7. day1star said

    We went to sleep after the fourth goal again and conceded straight away. Anyway, thank god we won, we’re up into fourth. Next up Villareal.

  8. Mohammed said

    Congrats to all Atleti fans.

    By the way, Forlan was substituted because of injury.

  9. Armon said

    thoughts on game:
    – how predictable was sevilla’s 3rd goal?! i knew after having a nice comfortable lead we’d find some way to make the game unnecessarily tense
    – it shouldve been 4 1, that own goal was ridiculous and made me sick to my stomach and that last goal was just total lack of concentration
    – im definitely saying a bold statement when i say this, but aside from those 2 HORENDOUS, goal conceding mistakes, i was actually impressed with the solidity of the defense and their ability to stop most of sevilla’s attack. i liked seitaridis’s defense and perea’s especially, and i also liked pernia’s solid passing, though overall he was pretty ordinary, and as far as ze castro, im not going to say anything, because i think eventually he’ll actually be a pretty decent player
    – maxi: i love you
    – to dani alves, if i ever see you anywhere, i will have no problem going to jail for life for chopping off your arms and legs you dirty, dirty player

    as far as attack, our goals were all absolutely phenominal and a joy to watch happen, but overall the attack was pretty mild, which was to be expected when forlan left and we have no solid 3rd striker

    all in all, definitely an entertaining game to watch, lets keep climbing in la liga baby!!! woooooooooooo atletiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

  10. atleti said

    Thanks for your views on the game, Armon! I’ll keep them in mind when I do my write-up!

    Alves is a piece of garbage.

  11. […] here are two entries on our 4-3 win against Sevilla at home in round 10: here and here. A glorious yet peculiar game that ended in a last-gasp win for […]

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