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UEFA: Locomotiv Moscow 3 Atlético de Madrid 3

Posted by atleti on October 25, 2007

Kun, Kun, Kun!

Brief wrap-up of the game since it was been discussed quite a bit in the previous entry (check comments). 

TACTICS: Christian Abbiati; Antonio López; Pablo Ibáñez; Eller; Pernía; Cléber (65′ Maxi); Raúl García; Jurado (75′ Maniche); Simão (69′ Luis García ); Forlán; Agüero

16′ Agüero (assist by Jurado)
27′ Bilyaletdinov
47′ Forlan
61′ Odemwingie
64′ Odemwingie
85′ Agüero


It’s disappointing that our defence was atrocious and cost us the win, but the important thing is that we left Russia (never an easy place to play) with something– a crucial point. 

 Positive news: Our two strikers– Kun and Forlán— scored the goals, something we desperately lacked last season.

Other positives? Jurado had a very good 1st half, which included a shot at goal that hit the woodwork. In the 2nd half, he disappeared for moments at a time, so it was a good decision to sub him out and put Maniche in his place. Also: another solid display by Raul, truly one of my favourite players this season- always focused & composed.

I thought the substitutions (Maxi, Luis García and Maniche) were spot-on; note that Aguirre did not remove players that were doing well.  They reinforced our attack– to make sure we didn’t leave empty-handed. Our defending was atrocious, but since we had no defensive options on the bench (Seitaridis, Perea, Ze Castro, & Motta out injured and Valera unavailable), Aguirre had no choice but to leave the back four for the entire 90.

As mentioned for the umpteenth time, horrific defending; soft goals conceded. I think I speak for all supporters when I say we need to desperately revamp the defence in January. Why on earth do we have Brasilian Eller occupying a crucial foreign player spot when he’s absolute rubbish? We need to offload him in January! He lacks pace & concentration. I saw most of the 1st half and was extremely disappointed with Pablo, Antonio, & Pernia (to a lesser extent, which says A LOT, as Armon points out in the entry below). Judging by descriptive accounts of the game on other blogs, it didn’t get better in the 2nd half.

I hate to end on a negative note, so I will say once again, all things considered, it’s not a bad result. Thank goodness that we have a great attack and equalised.  KUN KUN KUN!


9 Responses to “UEFA: Locomotiv Moscow 3 Atlético de Madrid 3”

  1. atleti said

    ADDENDUM: AGUIRRE: “A couple of defensive uncertainties have cost us a valuable win…To score so many in the first game is not too bad, but to concede three is.”

    Completely agreement– it’s terrible conceding soft goals. We need to pick up wins in our next three games.

  2. Linda said

    Aguero has got some form at the moment, hasn’t he?

    What puzzles me (and probably infuriates you guys) is that Atletico have had those defensive problems for a while now, and yet any opportunities to fix things has come and gone without any action.

  3. atleti said

    Oh, management never learns from past mistakes. It still boggles my mind that we didn’t splurge on a top defender during the summer. I think they figured it would be OK to overlook it since we had a fairly good defensive record last season. Were they ever wrong! If it were up to me, I’d get rid of all of them. I was hoping Motta would help resolve the situation a bit, but he’s, well, injured!

    In January, we need to bring in at least one top centre-back, a top left-back, and Biglia. Who should be shown the door: Eller, Cleber, Pernia/Antonio. ‘Top’ as in proven talent.

    There’s a blogger in Spain who has a great title for her entry on this game: “Lo mejor del Atleti 3 — Lo peor del Atleti 3”
    “The best of Atleti 3 — The worst of Atleti 3”

  4. Armon said

    The worst part of this all is I recall a time this summer when we made some good moves but were waiting for defensive adjustments, and Aguirre was quoted in an interview saying ‘im happy with our team right now’ and something about the defense being fine. At least now he admits that they cost us the game! Don’t worry though, Atleti faithful, I’m confident that as long as we play up to our potential, we’ll be fine, and maybe we will finish top 4 in la liga. I might go so far as to say top 3.

  5. Mohammed said

    Just to add to what Armon have said; Aguirre has changed his mentality and is beginning to figure out the problems in our team. I remember him [before our win against Racing 4-0] saying that the team needs to be more compact, which I thought it was our main problem as a team since last season. Admitting that we have a problem in the defensive line is a good step from Aguirre. Hopefully, he will solve it.

    Also, I agree 100% that we really need at least on top defender to add to our defence. Pablo and Perea are injured for most of the time, and Eller and Ze Castro are not as effective. Antonio Lopez hasn’t improved at all and I think he should be sold to any other team.

  6. atleti said

    Yes, exactly! Now that he has openly admitted it, he and the board will have to do something about it in January.

  7. day1star said

    I think that Demichelis would be a very good buy for us, very solid defender and also has great prescence. I don’t know about you guys but he looks pretty solid to me and well experienced. I think he also has a european passport.

  8. Linda said

    I think Garay would be a very good purchase. Racing are opening flogging him (albeit to Real, who have no shortage of centerbacks) after all.

  9. atleti said

    Ironic! I JUST mentioned Garay in the above entry! I like him. Good, young player.

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