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UEFA: Locomotiv Moscow v Atlético de Madrid

Posted by atleti on October 24, 2007

CONFIRMED STARTING 11:  Abbiati; Antonio López, Pablo, Eller, Pernía; Cléber Santana, Raúl García, Jurado, Simao; Agüero and Forlán.

SUBS: Leo Franco, Maniche, Maxi, Luis, Simao, Batres, Quillo

Raul, Pablo, and Pernia are my only concerns (particularly Raul), in terms of exhaustion & injury. If we find ourselves in a favourable position at HT, it would be a good idea to sub Raul out so that he is fit (and not overexhausted) for this weekend.

REFEREE: Englishman Mark Clattenburg. He is actually suspended for one week in the English Premier League because of poor officiating in the Merseyside derby (Everton v Liverpool). Yikes- I hope that he has a good game tomorrow!

Some of Aguirre’s Pre-game thoughts (who has watched video of Locomotiv’s previous 4 games):
…We want to win our home games and we don’t want to lose our away games. At the same time, we aren’t interested in playing for a draw. We came here to win, that’s the most important thing[…] We love that we’re playing in the UEFA and we hope to follow the ‘same line’ as other Spanish clubs, like Espanyol and Sevilla.

Maniche’s Pre-game thoughts (reminder: Maniche has played in Russia):
Lokomotiv are one of the great clubs in Russia. It will be a complicated game because they’re a club that are strong at home[…] If it’s very cold that night, they will have the advantage, but we are in very good form[…]It’s important that we begin UEFA with a win. We are certain we can win[…] I want to win this game.

I think it’ll be a tough test for us, but I’m confident of a positive result.


Remember when I mentioned that the club might be interested in Lucas Biglia? The rumour has resurfaced again. AS has now suggested that Atleti might send Cleber (non-Euro passport player and very low in the pecking order) on loan and sign the 22 year old central midfielder (excellent field vision & very good passing skills). The article points out that he might also (understandably) catch the eye of the likes of Inter or Barça. I think he’d relish the thought of reuniting with ex-teammate Agüero though. Let’s see what happens in the coming months, of course!

15 Responses to “UEFA: Locomotiv Moscow v Atlético de Madrid”

  1. ~lara said

    Ho ho! Clattenburg had better behave himself tomorrow. I watched the derby and he’s lucky the Everton manager didn’t throttle him. The calls (and lack of) were terrible.

    What time is the game tomorrow?

  2. atleti said

    It’s 8ish-pm Moscow time, but that is about 1ish-pm East Coast time in the US, I think.

  3. day1star said

    I hope we get Biglia he’s quite highly rated. But more than that i think we need to sign a couple of defenders coz that is where our weakpoint lies.

  4. day1star said

    Good luck to Atletico for 2morrow, though i don’t think they’ll need it coz Lokomotiv Moscow haven’t been playing well in their domestic season, but UEFA games are different coz teams seem to raise their games in european competitions, but i still think we should win this game with relative ease. Just hope i can find a link for this game.

  5. atleti said

    Completely in agreement, day1star. We need Biglia and at least 1 new defender in the winter (& to let go of Cleber).

    There’s no reason why we shouldn’t win Locomotiv: we have quality players are in good goal-scoring form.


  6. […] UEFA: Locomotiv Moscow v Atlético de MadridCONFIRMED STARTING 11: Abbiati; Antonio López, Pablo, Eller, Pernía; Cléber Santana, Raúl García, Jurado, Simao; Agüero and Forlán. SUBS: Leo Franco, Maniche, Maxi, Luis, Simao, Batres, Quillo. Raul, Pablo, and Pernia are my only … […]

  7. atleti said

    GOOD NEWS: The game is available on livefooty!

  8. Armon said

    I love Aguero.
    Thoughts on the game:
    1st half was embarrassing, the defense was so bad that our respectable midfielders and forwards had to help them out, basically taking them out of the game. Moscow’s plays were all the same: run line and then cross it in backwards, and yet our defense would always swarm leaving people open
    2nd half was also embarrassing defensively, though not as bad. That corner was absolutely dreadful, and though our defenders should’ve stopped it instead of standing around, letting that Moscow player kick the rebound, miss, then head in his own rebound. However, with that said, I still think Abbiati should’ve made the save, as dreadful as the defense was. At least in the second half we were making far more plays offensively, and consistently giving scares, but now more than ever it’s evident to me that we need better defenders if we have any hopes of winning trophies. The fact that I thought Pernia was the best of the four is horrible, considering he didn’t play particularly well either.

    Luckily Aguero saved the day for us, here’s to hoping he won’t ever get swooped up by a huge powerhouse and will stay with Atletico forever!

  9. atleti said



    Thank goodness we leave Moscow with that crucial point though.

  10. Mohammed said

    Disapointing result, yet acceptable
    I thought we could win this game. We are better than Lokomotiv in every line, why should we not win this one?!

  11. atleti said

    Thanks for your input! I’ll be back later tonight (NY Time) with a post-game entry. Stuck at work at the moment.

  12. atleti said

    Substandard defending– I saw most of the 1st half.

  13. day1star said

    Our defending left a lot to be desired, the second goal by Lokomotiv Moscow looked like when the ball was played the player was offside. The third goal was absolutely rubbish defending in the box. I think Luis Garcia and Maxi should have been brought on earlier. Our passing from midfield was terrible we kept giving the ball away.
    I was praying so hard in the last ten minutes please god help us, don’t let us lose this match, even a draw will do. And a few minutes later we equalised. Thank God.
    I missed the first 30 minutes of the match, but from what i could see in both halves we started off well and then they came at us and we sort of started to panic. This will not do, we must be mentally stronger. Only when Maxi and Luis Garcia came on did we look slightly better.
    I’m sorry i said this would be an easy game, obviously it was not. It’s always difficult to play in other countries in front of hostile crowds.
    Thank God also for Aguero.

  14. ~lara said

    Ugh. I was stuck in meetings and couldn’t even follow livetext on this one. But from what you guys are saying it sounds like it was a bit scary with defense behing our Achilles heel once again. What happened? Did they lose focus? Become unglued and panicked? I’m a little worried because I thought this one was a definite win. Well thank heavens for El Kun!!

  15. day1star said

    Let me put it this way our defense on the third goal were atrocious, it was like they were sleeping, Odemwingie was allowed a free header and he put it away. On the second goal they should have closed him down and not let him get the shot off.
    At the same time you have to give credit to Loko, they kept hitting us with pace and our back four couldn’t handle it. The midfielders were having to come back and defend, and it unsettled them too and our passing went to pot.
    Like i said b4 thank God for Aguero.

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