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Jornada 8: Atlético de Madrid 4 Real Zaragoza 0

Posted by atleti on October 21, 2007

Atlético light up el Vicente Calderón with a goalfest!
[Great photo, no?]

I followed the game via live text on El Mundo and Internet radio because it was unavailable on TV. Even though I didn’t watch it with my own eyes, it was a very exciting game to follow. We came back from international break with passion & hunger to return to our high goal-scoring winning form. On that note, that is one of the many differences from 06/07 to this season: this season, we have goal-scorers and contributors throughout the field.

Stand Out Performances (in no particular order): Luis, Raul, Forlan, Perea (I hope he didn’t pick up a severe injury), Pernia, Kun (unfortunate not to have scored), Maxi (excellent to hear him involved in attacks & scoring goals!)

Leo Franco; Perea (70′ Valera); Pablo; Antonio López; Zé Castro; Maniche (76′ Cleber); Raúl García; Maxi; Luis García; Agüero; Forlán (65′ Jurado)

10′ Luis García (assist by Forlan)
33′ Forlán (assist by Maxi) goolazzoo
63′ Maxi (penalty)
90’Maxi (assist by Luis, but a tremendous effort by Cleber that led to the goal)


Brief 1st Half Notes
*Tremendous display by Luis. Based on it, there is absolutely no reason why he should be benched in future Liga games. He was far more effective & potent in attacks than Simao(who was benched after suffering a bit of an injury during international duty) and especially Reyes.

*There were quite a few impressive strings of attacks involving Forlán and Kun. Once we settled down, we looked comfortable & threatening in attack, hence the two goals scored in the 1st half; the 2nd one was an absolute golazo by Forlán.

*Leo Franco made two clear saves to keep us ahead before HT.

Brief 2nd Half Notes
*Good 2nd half appearances by Cleber & Valera (it was great to hear Valera back in action; confidence booster after such a long spell out; he even made a few runs forward)

*We enjoyed quite a few moments of brilliant attacks and should have been 0-5

*[Curiosity: many supporters were chanting Luis Aragonés name in the stadium (Atleti legend).]

OVERALL, Zaragoza didn’t play as poorly as the scoreline might suggest: they had their share of possession, created some strings of passes, & threatened at goal quite a few times. They simply could not make the most out of those opportunities. We, on the other hand, put away our chances– and quite well, too!

Today is a day we should all be happy because we were against a great rival and what we saw was a great Atleti win and play beautiful football.

The team is working very well and it shows that we have improved. What I really like is that the team have shown that the result at the Camp Nou was an accident. We’ve created a great form of play. At the same time,  we are realistic in the fact that we are in 6th place. In addition, there many tired players- it was noticeable. [We had commitment, however.] This makes me optimistic when thinking about the three competitions that we will be playing this season (Liga, Copa, and UEFA).

NEXT UP… away to Locomotiv Moscow on Thursday (UEFA) and away to woeful Levante on the weekend!


3 Responses to “Jornada 8: Atlético de Madrid 4 Real Zaragoza 0”

  1. ~lara said

    An excellent result! It’s great to see Maxi come back from internationals with a bit more fire. Hopefully he’s inspired to improve his form now. Sounds like a great game – I certainly enjoyed the clips of the goals! I hope Aguirre likes what he sees with Luis and gives him a place in the starting 11. Great to see Valera back as well!

    I really don’t think what happened at Camp Nou was “an accident” but it’s great to see they can come right back from a game like that and have a convincing win. These next two games should be good ones for us. :)

  2. atleti said

    Yeah, I don’t think it was an ‘accident’ either!

    Let the good times keep on coming…

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