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International Break Wrap-Up

Posted by atleti on October 17, 2007

Finally! Liga returns this weekend! More on the next Jornada soon, but for now here’s some wrap-up:

*Maniche played 59 minutes for Portugal against Kazakhstan while Simao remained sidelined with an injury. Here’s hoping he is fully fit for Sunday.

*Seitaridis played a full 90 for Greece in their EURO qualifier against arch rival Turkey. Ah, I found out why Seitaridis didn’t play in Greece’s game against Bosnia: he was serving a suspension.

*Pablo and Pernia played a full 90 for Spain in a truly meaningless friendly against Finland. Ridiculous. What a terrible time to schedule a friendly.

*As mentioned in the comment section below, Maxi and Kun didn’t play at all for Argentina’s World Cup qualifier against Venezuela.

*Forlan played the full 90 for Uruguay in a frustrating away loss to Paraguay– World Cup qualifier.

Injury News
was fit enough to be included in the most recent training session. Hopefully he’ll be fully fit to play this Sunday- a few reports suggest he will be, which is good.

Mista and Miguel trained in a specialised session separate from the group.

Motta was the only player that didn’t train at all.

AS claims that we’re keeping our eyes on Anderlecht’s 22 year old Argentine midfielder, Lucas Biglia. He played alongside Messi during the 2005 World Youth Championship & played with Agüero in Argentine club Independiente. He says he’s ‘happy’ in Belgium, but wouldn’t rule out a move to another league. I confess I don’t know anything about the player, but at this point it’s still very much a rumour. AS basically claim he could be a possible solution to our lack of a playmaker and that– while unconfirmed– Atleti are keeping tabs on him. The article also brings into question, very briefly, the future of Cleber (he hasn’t debuted in Liga at all, which says a lot) and the future of Motta (who only signed a 1 year deal with the club). Both are central midfielders who haven’t played important roles in our campaign thus far.

6 Responses to “International Break Wrap-Up”

  1. ~lara said

    After watching Roman’s form in the Argentina games, I wish they had found a way to make that deal work, but it seems certain it won’t materialize any time soon. I don’t know much about Biglia but I seem to remember he was highly regarded when he played in the U-20s (and maybe even when he played in the U-17s). I wonder if they’ve seriously considered someone like Ever Banega. He’s fantastic.

  2. atleti said

    It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming transfer window, that’s for sure!

  3. Linda said

    I thought Biglia was better than Gago in the U20s, but he’s more of a holding midfielder than a creative player – at least, he was back then. If he hasn’t gone backwards then this would be a great pickup for Atletico.

  4. atleti said

    I can’t find any site that states whether or not Biglia holds a EURO passport– either way, it might mean the end of Cleber in January (which is fine by me). As far as Motta is concerned, he needs to remain injury-free or else the club won’t view him as a contributor to our campaigns! It’s a shame, really, because I think, when fit, Motta could be an excellent player for us.

  5. Linda said

    Motta can be a fine player when fit. The problem, as you guys are unfortunately finding out, is that most of the time he’s not.

  6. […] Remember when I mentioned that the club might be interested in Lucas Biglia? The rumour has resurfaced again. AS has now suggested that Atleti might send Cleber (non-Euro passport player) on loan and sign the 22 year old central midfielder (excellent field vision & very good passing skills). The article points out that he might also (understandably) catch the eye of the likes of Inter or Barça. I think he’d relish the thought of reuniting with ex-teammate Agüero. […]

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