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Luis Talks to the Press, Upcoming Fixtures & Whatnot

Posted by atleti on October 16, 2007

We have some incredibly important games in the remaining weeks of October:

*home to Zaragoza
*away to Levante
*home to Sevilla

*away to Locomotiv Moscow

Luis García once again said that the club will take each game at a time and that the team are focused after the defeat in the Camp Nou. After that sort of loss, it’s important, as Luis says, to return back to winning ways. Remember: prior to that loss, we won five consecutive games in all competitions. Judging by the our  upcoming fixtures, we have another opportunity to return to another consecutive run of wins. It’s not IMPOSSIBLE.

Luis didn’t elaborate much on Reyes’ substitution tantrum, but he did say that Reyes spoke to the rest of the team about the incident, perhaps apologising, I imagine. Luis also mentioned during his press talk that it’s important to have ‘good harmony’ in the locker room.

On our upcoming fixture against Zaragoza, Luis said they are a good team with lots of talent– and he considers them one of Atleti’s top rivals for a top spot. Unlike Zaragoza, Atleti have quite a few players fulfilling international duty. As Luis put it, we only have 2 days to train as a full squad.

Most of our players should be back from injury in time for this Sunday (Reminder: Leo Franco, Ze Castro, Valera, and possibly Perea). The good news is that MISTA is also back from injury. I don’t like the Murcian striker and had hoped he would have left in the summer, but he is important in terms of being a sub striker for Liga and UEFA.

Other good club news: Kun didn’t play long for Argentina against Chile and he isn’t in the starting 11 against Venezuela at the moment, so that means he won’t be too exhausted to play against Zaragoza.

Maxi isn’t starting against Venezuela– I’m not sure why. Does anyone know? Is it because of his form or is COCO Basile simply rotating the squad?


In other news, Real Murcia are demanding €1 million from newly fit Juan Valera in regards to the contract he had with the club before his exit to Atletico in 2005. More on that if it becomes complicated.

6 Responses to “Luis Talks to the Press, Upcoming Fixtures & Whatnot”

  1. Elisa said

    Hi I love you blog and would love to have you as a guest, on a roundtable or interview on our La Liga Talk podcast in the future. Let me know.


  2. Linda said

    Re Maxi, I think it’s because he wasn’t feeling great, and the turnaround time is ridiculously short between the two games, so Coco didn’t want to risk him.

  3. Linda said

    Oh dear:

    Um, maybe it wasn’t just fatigue, after all.

  4. atleti said

    Maybe I’ll consider that, Elisa– for the fun of it.

    re Maxi: Unsurprising! I was hoping he’d show signs of improvement with the NT. I suppose Coco isn’t convinced that he is playing well enough for a starting 11 spot– based on the friendly against Australia and the qualifier against Chile. This must be truly discouraging for him.

  5. ~lara said

    This is too bad about Maxi. I was hoping he would have a couple of good games and come back with some more confidence. Was Kun even on the bench for the Venezuela game? It didn’t sound like it.

    I think they can return to form – the loss to Barca is just one loss – as long as they can stay focused. I would dearly love to see Luis start a game though.

  6. atleti said

    I think Maxi and Kun were both unused subs against Venezuela.

    Luis might have an opportunity to play this Sunday because Simao is injured, it seems. I’ll double-check–

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