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14-October Interview of GARCÍA PITARCH

Posted by atleti on October 15, 2007

Here’s an eye-opening interview of Garcia Pitarch, sporting director. Some of the phrasing is difficult to translate to English, but I tried my best.

INTERVIEWER: The name Riquelme [looms constantly…]…
Reply: The [expectation is normal]. There are, of course, external factors: the media, who give their opinion. And fans believe them, but that’s not how it is. Reality is another factor. With everything that surrounded him…I see that it was the best decision [to not go through with the transfer]. I’m glad that we did not sign him.

MY THOUGHTS: He’s glad we didn’t sign Riquelme?! So, he must obviously be happy we signed mediocre Eller and Cleber instead? RIDICULOUS.

INTERVIEWER: Each poor result will be a reminder of the transfer.
Reply: It’s all because of the Copa America. If not, there would be no case for Riquelme, and no expectations.

MY THOUGHTS: Here he claims that had it not been for Riquelme’s splendid display in the Copa America, there wouldn’t be a fuss or demand for him to join Atleti. This seems a bit bizarre. Yes, Riquelme had a fantastic Copa America, but he’s still one of the greatest footballers in the world. Granted, he is temperamental, which can be a deterrent, but to say that the attention over him was simply and only because of this summer’s Copa America is ludricous.

INTERVIEWER: But there is [still] debate [on it.]
Reply: No, that’s football. Had it not been Riquelme, it would have been Torres. This time around it was Riquelme; in Athletic Bilbao it was with Ezquerro and with Madrid it was with Kaka.

INTERVIEWER: Do you understand the idiosyncrasies of Atleti?
Reply: Valencia have a similar situation. But there is something that makes [Atleti] special. It’s that mystique of pessimism[…] I do not believe in it[…]

INTERVIEWER: Pablo continues to play; Jurado came from arch rivals [Real Madrid]; Reyes…
Reply: If the club decides to count on a footballer, it will do so [without the interference of the media, which is fleeting and not permanent]. It was a sporting decision and, every passing day, it’s clear that the club made the right decision. Pablo has returned to his best form, Jurado is important in the squad, and the supporters already see Reyes as indispensible[…]

INTERVIEWER: What do you know about the [extortion] of the ultras to the players in exchange for applause?
Reply: Nothing. Our work is subjected to social pressure, which fanatical groups are apart of. I do not know of any extortion. The only opinions I read are in blogs [and writings]…If that’s it, then there isn’t a problem.

INTERVIEWER: How did you feel when Torres announced his departure?
Reply: [We suspected it.] In fact, the previous season we signed Mista because we thought he might have left after the EURO games then. We had signed Forlan before his official exit.

MY THOUGHTS: Wait, WHAT? Another ridiculous decision. They extended Mista’s contract because they viewed him as a possible replacement for Torres when they thought he might leave?! Sad, truly sad. Lamentable.

INTERVIEWER: Were there bids for other players?
Reply: For Pablo, Seitaridis, Pernia, Maniche, Mista, and Maxi. But we counted on these players. With those with only one year left to their contracts, I suggested a transfer. That happened with Galletti, Petrov, and Luccin…

MY THOUGHTS: Among others, I still think it was a poor decision to keep Mista and let Atleti youngster Braulio go out on loan to Getafe.

INTERVIEWER: Will the club [prevent a departure of Agüero]?
Reply: Kun has an important clause in his contract. The market is [troubled] and there are few talented youngsters. If the club keep him, good; if not, the clause is high– and if [clubs] want him, it would be good business.

MY THOUGHTS: So, they’re basically willing to sell our top player for the right price. Depressing and appalling. Yes, I’m aware that it will always be difficult for us to hold on to our best players, but, even so, the club are ready to sell out for a pretty penny.

INTERVIEWER: So, who signs then: Gil, Cerezo, you, or Quilón?
Reply: […the President, the general director, the coach, and myself…]

9 Responses to “14-October Interview of GARCÍA PITARCH”

  1. Mohammed said

    A very disturbing interview! I can’t believe that this is the mentality of our sporting director! Then again, i think it’s OK if he gets things done.

  2. atleti said

    Yeah, it’s shocking! He can’t possibly think this will go over well– and if he does, then he truly is brain dead.

  3. day1star said

    That was a disgraceful interview, no wonder we can’t win anything.

  4. atleti said

    If we won things, I don’t think many of us would complain. It’s the fact that they continue to make these absurd, counter-productive decisions that set us back, which is frustrating. Plus, we’re knee deep in debt. I don’t think we’d ever be the subject of a takeover that would get rid of this rubbish management.

    I seriously hope that this season we at least some silverware. It’s been a decade, for goodness sake.

  5. Linda said

    What disturbs me about that is the comments regarding Aguero.

  6. atleti said

    Oh I agree, those are, by far, the worst comments! On one hand, he is saying that there are so few talented youngsters, on the other hand he’s saying, ‘well, despite that, we’d get rid of him in a heartbeat for the right amount!’

  7. ~lara said

    What an appalling interview!

    “If the club keep him, good; if not, the clause is high– and if [clubs] want him, it would be good business.” –> Wow, how discouraging that this is the mindset. Is this supposed to garner support for the club??? What about the players? How could you want to give your all for a club that thinks about you like this? Ugh.

    And here I thought they were interested in developing some of these young players so they can become great leaders for the team (not to mention win us some titles!). Silly me.

  8. atleti said

    New season, same crap, as usual!

  9. Jane Reyes said

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