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Jornada 7: The Reyes Substitution

Posted by atleti on October 8, 2007

Just a bit of sour news on Jornada 7 before moving on to the UEFA group stage draw tomorrow (Tuesday). 

In the 54th minute, Jose Antonio Reyes was substituted out and replaced by Maxi. Reyes didn’t agree with the decision and footage reveals him saying a few times “Me cago en su puta madre”, kicking a water bottle, and taking off his shirt angrily.

Aguirre‘s response to his actions: “Here there is authority and it must be respected.”

As a minor side note, when interviewed, Eller had this to say on the situation: “I didn’t see it, but [Aguirre] spoke to him. It’s a reaction that I would never do. This cannot happen because that attitude can be viewed as a lack of respect to other players who are on the bench.”

Was it necessary to substitute Reyes out at all? I’m not so sure. Was his reaction justified? Absolutely not. I understand the frustration, but this is unacceptable behaviour from a professional footballer.

UPDATE (10-October):
Reyes’ press talk in response to the outburst at Barcelona:
“You have to respect and abide by the manager’s decisions. The only thing that a player wants is to help his team and that’s why it makes you mad when they substitute you, but those are things that happen. I’ll repeat that any player gets worked up upon being taken off, but we all make up part of a squad and we know that the team is the most important thing. The same as how you don’t ask for explanations when the coach sends you on, you don’t do it, either, when he leaves you out or sends someone else on in your place.”

Reyes’ response to Eller’s press talk:
“Eller is exaggerating the truth I have talked to my teammates and they all agreed with me and they said that they are annoyed when they come off too…Not long ago Maxi did the same thing and he said the same thing.”

Aguero slightly touched on the issue during his own press talk: “Being substituted always bothers me, but it is something that can happen…”

I still stand by my original thought: Reyes’ behaviour was childish and completely unprofessional.

2 Responses to “Jornada 7: The Reyes Substitution”

  1. ~lara said

    I didn’t think Reyes was having a bad game but maybe Aguirre was just looking to shake up the energy a little and Maxi did get a shot in. His reaction was very unprofessional though, it doesn’t matter how frustrated he was. I wonder if his reaction was at being taken out of the game or at being taken out for Maxi? I hope it’s not the latter but Maxi hasn’t yet provided the leadership they need on the pitch and he’s been almost invisible when he’s on. I just have to wonder if some of the players are frustrated with that as well.

  2. atleti said

    Reyes mentioned in earlier interview that he was ‘surprised’ that he has not been receiving more playing time. I think the tantrum stems from that. I don’t think it has to do with Maxi specifically, but I can see how Maxi can take offence to those actions. Luckily, Maxi is with the Argentina squad at the moment, so he’s too busy to read into the situation further.

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