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Jornada 7: Post-Game Interviews

Posted by atleti on October 7, 2007

Some excerpts from Aguirre’s:

[Barcelona] deserved to win. We controlled the ball, we started very well, but it was not meant to be.

On Abbiati’s blunders:
Those are accidents of the game. We’re all responsible. I’m the first. It wasn’t the determining factor, there were more factors that led to the defeat. His error did halt the ‘euphoria’, but we never looked to score a goal (equaliser) and create opportunities.

We created chances today without scoring, but we fell into that sin of going for the match from behind. We gave up two goals really early, and from 0-0 in the 14th minute to 2-0 in the 18th isn’t easy to take, and even less against Barça. They were superior. We tried to attack and we had good chances, but there’s nothing else to say, we have to turn the page and recompose ourselves.

On the international break.
It comes at a good time. The players need to cool down a bit and will go to their respective countries. Those that remain here [will take it easy.]

Abbiati embarassed Atleti, the supporters, and himself after those awful mistakes. I’m still astonished by it all, to be honest. Before that game, I trusted his goalkeeping abilities- he always came off as confident and solid (just read previous entries!). The commentator on GolTV went a so far as to say that even Milan will be disappointed and equally surprised at his 1st half display- since he is on loan from them.

In any case the Italian has apologised to his teammates:
I want to recognise my errors.  At Half-time, I asked for forgiveness from my teammates. I have no problem in [recognising] my mistakes. Until the 15th minute, the team had controlled the game.

I will re-watch the game to see what happened in that play. As far as the defeat…there’s plenty of time left in the season and we can still have a good campaign.

Luis Garcia reiterated the same thoughts as Aguirre and Abbiati: that we played well in the opening minutes, that one cannot allow Barcelona to play their game; that it not easy to play in Camp Nou; and that we should continue to on the route that we were on before the loss.


[In case you missed it, read post-match discussion in the below entry.]

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