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Duty Calls! International Duty, that is.

Posted by atleti on October 7, 2007

[EURO and World Cup Qualifier games = 13th & 17th.]

SPAIN (EURO): Pernía and Pablo.

U21 SPAIN: Raul and Jurado.

URUGUAY (World Cup Qualifiers): Forlan.

GREECE (EURO): Seitaridis.

ARGENTINA (World Cup Qualifiers): Maxi and Kun.

PORTUGAL (EURO): Simao and Maniche

The international break comes at a good time. For one, Motta, Leo Franco, and possibly Mista should be available by Jornada 8. Ze Castro might need at least 2-3 weeks out with his current injury (sprain in his ankle). No word on Perea returning any time soon. Same with Miguel. I have a feeling we could be seeing Valera back in action after the international break- hopefully by the end of October.

2 Responses to “Duty Calls! International Duty, that is.”

  1. day1star said

    I was reading Cruyff’s analysis of yesterday’s game, he said that we lacked belief and confidence, and i totally agree with him. Whenever the opposition scores first it affects your mental take on the game, but the great teams are those who don’t let it affect their game. Atletico reminded me of Argentina in the Copa America final, as soon as the first goal went in they lost the plot. I think the players need to realise it’s a 90 minute match, you have to play and give it everything for the whole 90 minutes no matter what the opposition does. I’ve seen teams comeback from 3-0 down so it can be done, but you have to believe in yourselves and have faith in your ability and the abilities of your teammates. Let’s hope that Atletico wake up and realise the only team which can defeat us is ourselves.

  2. atleti said

    Yes, in agreement. They allowed that 1st goal to affect the rest of the game. It was demoralising, I’m sure, but their confidence dropped significantly. It was almost as if they resigned themselves to losing right then and there, waving a white flag. They lack a fight-back mentality.

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