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Jornada 7: Barcelona v Atlético Madrid

Posted by atleti on October 5, 2007

I’m not one to write detailed previews, but I like to make exceptions for certain fixtures, such as the Madrid derbi and games against Barcelona (a derbi in its own way). Since our return to top flight football, we have been a sort of bogey team for Barcelona, frustrating them at home and even winning at Camp Nou twice. The difference this season than previous ones is that we no longer have Torres. El Niño had an impressive goal-scoring record against Barcelona– some truly memorable goals, it must be said.

Do we have what it takes to frustrate them with our new squad? I think so. Now, don’t get me wrong, despite our current winning streak and our good record at Camp Nou, this is still a very complicated fixture: Barcelona are a powerhouse and their record speaks for itself. That said, I respect Barcelona, but I do not fear them.

Their injury list, at the moment, is long and composed of key players: Eto’o, Zambrotta, Yaya Toure, Marquez, Edmilson, et al. Despite the rearranging  Rijkaard will have to do (eg Puyol & Milito paired up in the back), I think this is an opportunity for los rojiblancos to exploit these defensive absenses. We’ve been looking incredibly threatening attack-wise, creating opportunities & scoring a variety of impressive goals, from long-range gooolazos to short-distance shots & headers.

Our main concern should be our defensive performance. Although we have an impeccable record of clean sheets entering this Jornada, defence is always an area that I’ve felt we need to beef up. For this game especially, it’s incredibly important that the back-line remain focused & aware of their surroundings. Messi, Henry, and Ronaldinho will always pose a threat.

It’s unclear who Aguirre will choose at this point. Normally, he would use Pablo-Perea. With Perea out, Aguirre has two options: Ze Castro and Eller, both of whom have their weaknesses and strengths. In terms of left-backs, I expect Aguirre to choose Pernia over Antonio Lopez. As far as right-back position is occurred, Seitaridis is fit, so I don’t doubt he’ll be chosen. Although Leo Franco is deemed fit for the game, I hope that Aguirre chooses Abbiati.

Luis Garcia
and Simao are prepared to face their ex-club and what a fantastic time to be facing them! Luis Garcia is in fantastic form and Simao, with each performance, continues to show signs of incredible technical ability & creativity. He still hasn’t shown us all that he has to offer– as I mentioned before, he still needs to find his ‘niche’. This is the sort of fixture I expect both players to go above & beyond, to prove how far they’ve come since their days at Camp Nou.

Messi v Aguero (or, Messi < Aguero?)
Good friends. Both tied for Pichichi at the moment. It adds another interesting angle to this fixture. KUN KUN KUN!

I expect him to remain benched for this game. From what I’ve seen, he still hasn’t given Aguirre any reason to include him in the starting 11. I hope that his appearances as sub improve so that he can regain his top spot. That position will be handed to Reyes.

Maniche was rested in mid-week and will return to play alongside the always impressive Raul Garcia— a proven key player in midfield who isn’t afraid of taking a shot at goal from long distance.

Abbiati; Seitaridis; Pablo; Zé Castro; Pernía; Maniche; Raúl García; Simao; Reyes; Agüero; Forlán

SUBS: Falcón; Eller Antonio López; Cléber; Luis García; Maxi; Jurado

“It would be a lie if I said we [don’t enter this game in good form], but they are also strong. Barcelona have demonstrated, in the Champions League as well as Liga, that it’s very difficult to win at Camp Nou. Hopefully it’ll be a good game; one that will give the people something to celebrate…

In closing, here are some excerpts from Luis’ recent interview.

On the possibility of a rojiblanco victory:
“I think it’s going to be an interesting game[…] I’m confident that my club will win. Barcelona are a complicated club and we should not make any mistakes and remain concentrated in not conceding any goal.

On Barcelona:
“They have a great squad, with plenty of talent and any player can complicate [the game for us.] [We must] be wary of all the players. Ronaldinho is a great player…

In terms of us, he said that we are working well as a team and that we are creating many goal-scoring opportunities. Evidence: In our last 5 games, we have scored 17 goals, thanks to Kun, Forlan, Raul Garcia, et al.



22 Responses to “Jornada 7: Barcelona v Atlético Madrid”

  1. Mohammed said

    Thanks for the preview

    I have to say I’m a bit worried about this game, I hope we show enough courage and talent to win this one. In the end, winning against big teams is the way to get trophies.

  2. atleti said

    I agree– getting a result from this game (whether it be a win or draw) would be an incredible boost to our hopes of finishing in the top 4. I think many critics will expect Barcelona to win this, but I’d argue that we have what it takes to frustrate them.

    Here’s hoping for the best result possible!

  3. Linda said

    The news on Kun’s fitness is worrying – is he going to be fit?

  4. atleti said

    Yes, he’s officially fit! He is included in the squad list.

  5. day1star said

    I can’t wait til 2morrow. We must hustle them at all times and hit them fast on the break. More importantly we must come out of the blocks fast and not let them settle. Disrupt their flow and we can win. We are lucky in a way becoz Ronaldinho is playing, he’s not in great form and he slows their game down, they play much better without him. Kun came off the bench to equalize in the last Camp Nou encounter, let’s see what happens when he starts. I’m pretty sure he will score.

  6. atleti said

    That’s a good point, Day. Ronaldinho has just recently been playing again. I think Messi will cause our defence a lot of trouble with his pace, but here’s hoping Kun will do the same to them.

    We have to disrupt their flow & play our game. Easier said than done, of course, but NOT impossible.

    cheers all & FORZA ATLETI

  7. day1star said

    Hi atleti, do you know what station the match is being shown on?

  8. atleti said

    I will be watching it live on GolTV over here.

    If it’s unavailable in your area, try

    It appears it will be available on that site.

    Good luck!

  9. atleti said

    Pablo-Ze Castro in the back; let’s see how they hold up. I imagine Aguirre chose Ze Castro because he has more pace than Eller.

  10. day1star said

    Abbiati, what a pleb! And what sort of defending are we doing? We’re giving them too much time on the ball. Can’t afford to let Messi make passes. We have to get back into the game.

  11. day1star said

    I would take off Maniche and bring on Luis Garcia from the start of the second half.

  12. atleti said


    There’s still time to get back into it. Probably Luis Garcia for Reyes?

    The commentators are so ridiculously bias for Barcelona.

  13. day1star said

    I think Maxi for Reyes would be better.

  14. atleti said

    2nd half has started.

  15. day1star said

    Midfield better with Maxi playing now, but the lack of service to the forwards is not good. We keep giving the ball away, this is not good, lucky we haven’t conceded anymore.

  16. atleti said

    Abbiati cost us the game.

  17. atleti said

    Like a dagger to the heart, 3-0.

  18. day1star said

    My thoughts on this game, our defence isn’t worth a penny, our midfield pretty inept at playing keep ball. Our forwards got virtually no service. And Barcelona played pretty well.
    To win these type of games you have to play a tight counterattacking game, we were leaking all over the place. Abbiati was slightly better in the second half.
    I think Abbiati’s mistake in the first half cost us this game, it sort of threw us mentally.

  19. Mohammed said

    I agree 100%. Abbiati blew our chances of even getting a draw out of this game. We were doing great until that free goal by Mr. Abbiati.

    Anyway, Barca were 3 times better than us, and that’s a fact. Now we should pick ourselves up and open a new page.

  20. argjir said

    ey ze castro shum i fort je

  21. argjir said

    ze castro je lojtar shum i mir dhe per ata tkom ble ne barcelon se kom pas nevoj per ksi mesfushori si ti qi lun shum hapt je shum i i :P:P

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