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UEFA: Kayseri Erciyesspor v Atlético Madrid

Posted by atleti on October 2, 2007

[As a reminder, we won the home leg 4-0.]

[REMINDER: 4-October is the 2nd leg]

Antonio López.
Cléber Santana.
Raúl García.
Luis García.
Maxi Rodríguez.
Fabiano Eller.
Zé Castro.
Pablo Ibáñez.

Motta, Perea, Leo Franco, Mista, Valera and Miguel will stay in Madrid due to injuries.

CONFIRMED STARTING 11:  Abbiati; Antonio López, Zé Castro, Eller, Pernía; Luis García, Cléber Santana, Raúl García, Jurado; Agüero y Maxi.

SUBS: Falcón; Pablo; Seitaridis; Maniche; Reyes; Forlán; Simão

We need our top players rested, injury-free, and prepared for Barcelona.


22 Responses to “UEFA: Kayseri Erciyesspor v Atlético Madrid”

  1. Isaiah said

    I never wish injuries on other teams, so I won’t start now, but your comment sorta made me cringe there, just a little. After all, we have compiled quite a set of injuries lately.

    What do you think of your chances at the Camp Nou with a full squad? I can easily imagine a draw at this point, but it depends a lot on whether Milito is healthy or if we have to start Thuram and Puyol together. Despite our high-powered offense, Atleti hasn’t been very porous defensively so I can’t imagine that we’ll net more than 2 on you, right?

  2. Linda said

    I was going to start missing Motta, but then I realized that he’s injured and can’t even play for Atletico. Poor guy really is made of glass.

    Hopefully Milito will be fit, otherwise we’re going to have problems against Forlan, Aguero and co.

  3. atleti said

    There’s nothing wrong with hoping they return back from Turkey uninjured!

    re What do you think of your chances at the Camp Nou with a full squad?::: I was going to write about that on Thursday night (after the UEFA 2nd leg), but I’ll answer a bit of it now. I do fancy our chances a bit. I don’t think this will be a walk in the park, of course, and this could very well be a tight game (as you say), but we have been looking quite threatening at goal and many of Barcelona’s key injuries are in defence. It’s key for Atleti to remain focused. More on that tomorrow, though.

  4. atleti said

    Too bad for Motta– should be back by the end of October, hopefully. I’m sure he’s upset that he’s out injured for this game. Hopefully, he’ll be fit when we host Barça.

  5. day1star said

    Hi Atleti, I hope we do well both tomorrow and on Sunday. Mundo Deportivo had a video clip of Aguero in that radio interview that he did, could you tell me why he was crying, please.

  6. atleti said

    Hi Day1star, thanks for your comment & bringing that clip to my attention.

    The person talking on the radio interview was Kun’s father. He was saying how the family miss him and follow his progress via the Internet radio from Argentina, but that they hope to see him play in person soon.

    He’s still a young guy and it must be very tough being so far away from his family & friends (His father says he’s very close to the family) I hope they have an opportunity to see him soon.


  7. Armon said

    Do I dare ask if this uefa cup match is televised or can be found on sopcast or something?

  8. Ram said

    better would be if Kun’ parents move to Madrid

  9. day1star said

    Thanks Atleti, i thought it was something like that, but i assumed that his immediate family had moved to Spain with him. I hope it doesn’t affect his game, he’s in superb form.

  10. atleti said

    Armon, it appears that livefooty will have links to the game. Hopefully, one of them will work–

    Ram, I don’t know if that’s possible for them, but it would be very comforting if he had at least one relative with him in Madrid. Perhaps he won’t see them until the winter break. I imagine they’ll try to visit before May.

  11. atleti said

    Also, fantastic news: Sunday’s game will be televised! I just read an article on it.

  12. atleti said

    You’re welcome, day1star!

  13. Armon said

    haha I’m sure it’s only televised because it’s barcelona but I’ll just pretend that they’re finally showing Atletico some respect

  14. Willen said

    I didn’k know the game againt Barcelona is going to be Sunday.. niiiiiice! ESPN should show it here in Brazil..

    about that UEFA game.. I think Aguero ahouldn’t be one of the Starting 11.. I don’t think it worths. 4×0 in the first game. Let him as a sub.. That’s what I think.. =P

    Go Atleti! =P

  15. atleti said

    0-4 Atleti right now against the Turks. Group stage, here we come! :)

    I was glad to see kun subbed out at the start of half-time.

  16. atleti said

    Be back later tonight (NY time) with an entry on the game.


  17. ~lara said

    0-5 … is that right?!! :) :) :) Wow, I can only read the match cast but it sounds like some nice goals. Excellent result! I can’t wait to hear more about the game.

    Haha! Very happy that we’ll be able to see Sunday’s match! Should be a fun one.

    “haha I’m sure it’s only televised because it’s barcelona but I’ll just pretend that they’re finally showing Atletico some respect” – – LOL, Armon. I’ll pretend too. ;)

  18. day1star said

    Great result, good first half by Aguero and Luis Garcia, but am a bit worried by Maxi’s form, he missed an absolute sitter, i think he’s lacking confidence, hopefully the penalty he scored in the second half will have given him a lift.
    Here we come, Barcelona next up, should be a good match, we just need to hold our nerves.

  19. atleti said

    I agree, day: Maxi was almost non-existent and that miss was just awful! Very disappointing.

    I have faith in a positive result & I feel fairly good about Sunday.

    About 40 minutes left at work.

  20. Linda said

    Maxi is in my La Liga fantasy team, so his lack of form is very worrying for me indeed. (So is Aguero, but he’s been delivering handsomely, so I have no complaints.)

    The latest on our side: Puyol and Milito will both be fit, knock on wood.

  21. atleti said

    Noooooooooooooooooooooo! ; )

    I have Kun (with Kerzhakov) as a striker, too! My other Atleti player is Simao.

    My lowest scoring player, overall, is Zaragoza’s Sergio…

  22. Linda said

    I decided to not have any Barca or Real players in my team just for fun (well, that and they’re bloody expensive). My biggest problem so far is that having put Guardado in my team because he’s listed as a defender, Depor then went and started conceding silly amounts of goals every game.

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