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Cerezo Interview

Posted by atleti on October 2, 2007

Enrique Cerezo, club President, spoke to the press yesterday. Here are a few excerpts (questions he was asked & his answers):

Is this the Atlético of your dreams?
“It’s not easy to make a good team. It takes time and we have changed quite a bit over the last few years. It appears that we finally have a team that is capable of aspiring for everything. It has taken a lot of time to form a group like this one: 6 years- since we returned to the top flight.”

I remember that in past seasons you have said that Atlético had a team that could aspire for it all. At times it sounded like something utopic, although it makes sense because you are, afterall, president. Now comment on the subject seriously…
“We have a very good squad and we can win anything with it. Of course, the players have much more confidence now. They all attack, they all defend. [Aguirre is working well to get the most out of all the players. This Atlético is serious.”

When you say that this Atlético aspires for it all, do you also mean La Liga?
“When I say that we aspire for it all, I mean it all…At this moment, however, we are thinking about winning our UEFA game against the Turkish club and the game against Barcelona.”

Can Atlético win Barcelona?
“We are going there to win- as we have always done in the past. The only difference is that this time around we have a strong guarantee of it.”

Will you go to the game against Barcelona?
“Yes, I have every intention to go. I go to many games throughout the year and one of those is always to Barcelona. It’s a wonderful stadium and it has great supporters. And we have a good relationship with the Barcelona management.”

What’s the difference from last season and this season for kun?
“A footballer as young as he was at the time needs time to adapt. The schedules, the climate, the country…it’s not simple. I believe that now he’s accustomed to Madrid and our country. He’s happy.”

Other things mentioned: he had nothing but kind words to Aguirre and wishes Torres the best in England.

Rotations, Rotations, Rotations: If you’ve noticed, Maniche & Pablo have been the only players to play every minute of Liga so far.

AND, IN CLOSING…A LITTLE HUMOUR…While being interviewed by PUNTO RADIO, Aguero spoke a bit about his friendship with fellow countryman Messi.
“Messi-Aguero is the perfect pairing…Of course I’d love that – but only if he came to Atleti!”

3 Responses to “Cerezo Interview”

  1. Linda said

    Speaking of Aguero and Messi, I’d love to see them play as a partnership for Argentina. I have a hunch it might work better than Tevez-Messi. What do you think?

  2. atleti said

    It’s a good point– I don’t understand why Messi-Aguero hasn’t been tried in the national side (unless I’m mistaken- were they ever on the same U-20 side together?). I think it would be fantastic, dynamic, and far more effective than Tevez-Messi.

    I get the sense Basile simply sees Aguero as a perfect substitute for Messi and not as a strike partner.

  3. Linda said

    Aguero was subbed on in the U20 WC final of 2005 and was Messi’s strike partner for a little while in that game, winning the penalty that Messi converted to win the trophy. They had a great understanding.

    You may be right about Basile, but that would be such a waste. Aguero’s on such good form, too.

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