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Jornada 5: Athletic Bilbao v Atlético Madrid

Posted by atleti on September 25, 2007

It’s tomorrow, 20.00 local time. 

CHOSEN SQUAD:  Seitaridis; Antonio López; Pernía; Cléber Santana; Forlán; Raúl García; Luis García; Agüero; Maxi; Abbiati; Zé Castro; Reyes; Maniche; Mista; Perea; Pablo Ibáñez; Simão; Leo Franco.

UPDATE (forgot to mention this): Note that Ze Castro was chosen over Eller. I can’t help but wonder if the Brasilian will be shown the door in January. His poor performances outweigh his good performances– most of his troubles on the pitch have been due to lack of pace. He also, crucially, occupies an extracommunitarian spot. Stay tuned for that.

Given Maxi’s mediocre form, this is Aguirre’s starting 11:

————–Leo Franco————-


–Simao–Raul Garcia–Maniche–Reyes


SUBS: Abbiati; Antonio Lopez; Cleber, Ze Castro; Luis Garcia; Maxi; Mista

If we win, we’ll be even on points with Barcelona (moving up to 5th place), thanks to Espanyol beating Sevilla  today, 2-3.


[We must keep an eye out for Susaeta, a very talented Athletic player this season.]

[TRIVIA: Aguero scored his first goal as a rojiblanco in this fixture last season.]

26 Responses to “Jornada 5: Athletic Bilbao v Atlético Madrid”

  1. Armon said

    Where can I watch the game?? This is sooo frustrating but I have goltv and I don’t think it’s showing so I went on to see if its broadcast online and it didnt turn anything up? Thanks so much, viva los rojiblancos!

  2. atleti said

    Unfortunately, this won’t be on TV at least. I was hoping for a delayed viewing, at the very least.

    It’s not listed on livefooty or Rojadirecta either. I think this is going to be another ‘PPV’ game only available in Spain for people with a certain cable package. BLEAH!

    It’ll be another game I follow via radio.

  3. atleti said

    To make matters worse, it doesn’t look like Sunday’s home game against Osasuna will be on GolTV. At least at this point– hopefully that’ll change.

  4. Mohammed said

    This is becoming very annoying, until now, I could only watch one game (Murcia vs. Atletico) and we sucked.

    Anyway, Bilbao have many important players injured (same as Racing). This should take some of the pressure off our team.

  5. atleti said

    It’s annoying the hell out of me. Supporters outside of Spain get the short end of the stick with TV rights. It also doesn’t help if our games coicide with Barcelona or Re-l.

  6. Mohammed said

    If R–L and Barca play in the Z division of Liga (theoritically speaking), they would still show their games over ours. This is life for you. :(

  7. lara said

    Ugh! This really is so annoying. :( If we send unhappy emails to GolTV will it make any difference? (I’m thinking probably not.) Too bad Atletico doesn’t have streaming video like some of the Prem clubs. I’d pay for that!

    Well, just a few more minutes to go. I hope their overall playing improves. It would be great to get some confidence and consistency at this point. Here’s hoping for a glorious win!

  8. lara said

    Hey Atleti, looks like Aguirre heard you. The starting 11 matches what you’ve got above! Looks good to me and I’m glad he’s not starting with Maxi today. Let’s see what happens…

  9. atleti said

    Good to know he reads the blog, ;)…

  10. atleti said


  11. lara said

    Just love him! El grande Kun!!!!!

  12. atleti said

    I will return in half an hour or so and hope to see more goals for us scored!

  13. lara said

    See you soon Atleti! Um, I wonder if I’m seeing this right … ? The little thingy I’ve got up to keep track of the game just shows me the score and the minutes and right now it’s saying that they’re still playing at 45 + 11!! Really, so much extra time??

  14. lara said

    Never mind, the timer fixed itself and now I know it’s the 2nd half. But still only 1 goal.

  15. atleti said

    Still 0-1?!?! Ugh.

    I see that Athletic had a gol RIGHTLY disallowed.

  16. atleti said

    The live text tells me that Athletic has the bulk of possession, but they aren’t looking particularly threatening in attack.

  17. atleti said

    Luis is on for Reyes right now. Here’s hoping we score an extra goal just to be on the safe side. I don’t think I can stomach a draw at this point.

    It’s good to see Aguirre make an attacking change than a defensive one.

  18. lara said

    I hope the change wakes them up a bit. We need another goal. There are a lot of yellow cards in this game.

    WOOT!! Forlan!!!

  19. atleti said

    YES! Lights out in San Mames :)

  20. lara said


    Almost there …

  21. atleti said

    5 minutes of extra time!

    Leo is injured, but we’ve used up all of our substitutions.

  22. atleti said

    FT!! 0-2.

  23. lara said

    An excellent result. Not to be greedy, but we need more of this! :)

  24. Mohammed said

    Great result. Now, we must keep our rythem and improve.

  25. atleti said

    Agreed! Excellent win, but there’s always room for improvement!

  26. […] NB: We’ve played them already (0-2 victory); Refresh your memory on that game here and here. […]

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