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Jornada 5: Quick Reminder

Posted by atleti on September 23, 2007

Last season, Liga was the last European league to end, or at least it seemed that way. 07/08 is different:  tighter and more weekday games.

Jornada 5 is a weekday fixture, away to Athletic Bilbao, currently sharing the same amount of points as us (5 pts).  Last season, we beat them 1-4 (of course, now they have a new defence with the additions of del Horno & Aitor Ocio).

Stay tuned.

4 Responses to “Jornada 5: Quick Reminder”

  1. Mohammed said

    From watching Bilbao’s game vs. Zaragoza I’ve seen that Caparros (coach of Athletic) has given the team a new image, they are fighting more for the ball now and have more confidence in themselves. This makes me worry really because I find our team struggling against teams that play that kind of football.

    I hope that we win this one by any means possible to put the team on the winning track.

  2. Linda said

    I think Athletic are beatable for you guys. By the way, congratulations on the great wins this past week.

  3. Ram said

    I can say that their defence is playing bit more confident than last year.

  4. atleti said

    We have to watch our backs when we’re up there; Athletic will try every trick in the book to get free kicks their way.

    We have superior attacking options compared to their’s.

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